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{Audible} Jesus One Hundred Years Before ChristAuthor Alvar Ellegard –

It Is Commonly Believed That The Story Of Jesus As Told In The Gospels Contains Elements Of Fiction And Myth, But In This Ground Breaking And Controversial Book, Alvar Ellegard Argues That Even Those Ideas Agreed To Be The Basic Facts About The Life Of Jesus Are Fictional Jesus Was Not Born In The Time Of Augustus Caesar BC AD He Was Not Baptized By John He Was Not Sentenced To Death By Pilate And He Never Roamed Palestine As A Wandering Preacher And Miracle Worker In Fact, None Of Jesus Supposed Contemporaries Ever Saw Him In The Flesh But Only Through Visions, As The Christ Raised By God To Heaven This Closely Researched And Argued Study Takes The Reader Through The Earliest Christian Writings, Including Paul S Letters And Various Other Biblical And Non Biblical Texts, And Presents The Provocative Argument That Not One Of These Writers Had Ever Met Jesus Or Refer To Anyone Who Had Indeed, Ellegard Postulates, Even The Earliest Christians Describe Jesus As A Great Jewish Prophet And Teacher, Who Had Already Become A Figure Of Mythology Not A Contemporary Crucified Before Their Eyes, But A Historical Figure, On A Par With The Old Testament Prophets Readers Will Surely Be Fascinated By This Purely Historical, Non Theological Approach To Christianity S Origins Deserves A Serious Look Not Just For Its Ingenuity But Also For The Questions It Raises The Cleveland Plain Dealer The Reading Is Close, Full Of References In The Main Text As Well As In Endnotesanyone Interested In The Argument Will Easily Grasp And Just As Easily Devour It Booklist

10 thoughts on “Jesus One Hundred Years Before Christ

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    fascinating, but its conclusions seem rather unlikely not only because most scholars of early christianity reject the hypothesis

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    This book wasfair I think my view stems from the professor s approach He is a historian one of the reasons I snatched it up , but his presentation is muddled He jumps from subject to subject with no real prepaved path He continuously refers to later chapters up to a dozen per page , which becomes annoying His facts are very historically solid though, and thus he book is of great value The problem is definitely in the presentation