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Brace Yourself For A Thrilling High Seas Adventure And Dare To Set Sail For The Isle Of Fire A Great Explosion Rocked The Crowded Harbor Flaming Debris Screamed Into The Sky And Then Rained Down Into The Burning Water Below The Ferocious Blaze Engulfed Ship After Ship Expanding The Circle Of Destruction In Mere Heartbeats The Fire Rain Had Been Unleashed As Cat S Memory Returns, He Realizes That He Has Lived Two Very Different Lives One As The Son Of The Ruthless Bartholomew Thorne The Other As The Recipient Of Friendship And Kindness From Declan Ross And The Crew Of The Robert Bruce Now Cat Must Choose Whether To Return To The Ways Of His Notorious Father And Join The Evil Merchant, Or Defy The Merchant And Risk His Life To Save His Friends The Best Selling Isle Of Swords Adventure Continues In Isle Of Fire As Ancient Mariners Rise From Legend And Cut An All Too Real Swath Of Destruction Across The Atlantic The Newly Formed Wolf Fleet Scours The Caribbean, Hunting The Pirates They Once Called Comrades And In The Pitiless Winds Of A Monstrous Hurricane, Whole Fleets Will Be Blasted Apart And Devoured

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    Ping Every time one of the wr words came up, I was pinged wright out of the story Wrung for rung and wretch for retch Once or twice wouldn t have matter but, after that, it forced me to be conscious of the story telling rather than the story for significant lengths of time.Ok, the good parts an epic cast of characters, each following their own thread of events, before the final tying up of all the lines Locations shimmy from one chapter to the next the Caribbean, England, Sweden island names come and go It s a rich, spicy mix perhaps overspiced for someone coming late to the series like me No time to get used to the vast array of exotic characters I hadn t read the first book Still I enjoyed the story immensely but felt there were way too many entangled plotlines in play 1a Commodore Blake and his wife Dolphin return to England where, to Blake s surprise, he is accused of treachery and has to defend his actions to King George I 1b Orphaned Nathaniel Hopper stows away on the Commodore s ship 2a Cat has amnesia and his patchy memory is slowly returning He is desperately fearful he has the monstrous character of his pirate father, Bartholomew Thorne 2b Cat is offered command of a ship by certain warrior monks who want him to help them track down the Merchant , a purveyor of evil, who passes on a dark, corrupt trade from one generation to the next via a chosen apprentice 2c Cat s choice of quarter master is Anne Ross, daughter of Declan Ross, a pirate turned pirate hunter 3 Declan Ross has gone off to get rid of a notorious killer, Edward Bellamy, a terrorist pirate who always leaves one sole survivor to tell the tale of his atrocities 4 Bartholomew Thorne is believed to have died in a tsunami by many residents of the Caribbean it s not in his vile nature, after all, to spare the islands from his acts of terror for over a year However, the truth is he s gone to Sweden, to the island of Gotland, where a hidden army of Raukar old style Vikings with new style weapons are just waiting for the right leader to be awakened Bartholomew Gunnarson Thorne claims direct pure blood descent from Eirik the Red but he s going to have to fight in the Bearpit and kill a massive opponent to win control of this ancient line of warriors so he can turn England into the Isle of Fire Father Brun, Hrothgar, Lady Fleur, Brother Dmitir, Edward Teach, Slash Montant, Captain Lachance, Cutlass Jack and Scully to name but a few of the secondary characters are each vividly portrayed There are no walk on cardboard roles here Some characters last only a paragraph but each lives with undeniable intensity.Despite the necessarily slow pace of the story which drops one thread only to pick up another it is an absorbing read.A map of the Caribbean, with detail of relevant islands English landmarks and Swedish locations would have enhanced the book greatly.

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    The continuing adventures of Cat, Anne, the crew of the Robert Bruce and the friends they ve picked up along the way as they attempt to thwart the machinations of Thorne, who is not only not dead Man Really Don t you know nobody likes a villain that won t die Or a zombie but has a vicious plan to revenge himself on those who he feels have wronged him the worst Surprisingly, this is only kind of our main crew, and goes deeper into Thorne s backstory with England herself being his main target However, in his current state at the beginning of the story, there is no way this will happen, but it just so happens there is a deeper evil, known as The Merchant who enjoys making wars and chaos happen and who has plans for the devious pirate captain that involves destroying some of his own enemies, the Brethren

    Going into this book I felt rather lost it has been awhile since I finished Isle of Swords, which I remembered liking, but not a lot of the plot or characters, so trying to remember who everyone was even with the cast list at the beginning and how they related to each other took a couple chapters That is not usually a good sign, but Mr Batson quickly drew me into the plot just in time for me to have a two month gap when I had no time to read So re picking up the book, halfway through, I was again hesitant, but like the first time, the story and characters quickly drew me back in.

    Now typical to adventure stories, there are a lot of captures, chases, overpowered bad guys with unstoppable tech abilities, which I usually find very frustrating, but Mr Batson manages to balance these well with humor, skills from the good guys and narrow escapes so I never had to think Not again Can you possibly manage to not stumble into one of the bad guys traps once Not that they don t get in tricky spots a lot , but it s handled better than most stories Probably my biggest problem is how fast people get places which, Mr Batson does have them mention Wow, that voyage sure took time , but it is obvious he didn t want to slow down the pace of the story for multiple Atlantic crossings.

    Content notes Characters are mentioned cursing or swearing, but it isn t written out A kiss, and some contemplations of marriage, but it stays clean There is a LOT of violence in this story Mr Batson isn t afraid to kill characters to show the situation is serious and he has two bad guys who are psychopaths and enjoy mauling and murdering people Though locations of injuries and blood pools happen frequently, the injuries are generally not graphic in detail than that The Merchant has gotten a hold of napalm, so massive destruction happens with innocents obviously dying, and though damage to buildings is mentioned, the peoples sufferings and death are not detailed.

    Added note If you have rabid fans of Pirates of the Caribbean or Tanith Lee s Piratica, they will probably eat up both this book and Isle of Swords.

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    Hi, all Wayne Thomas Batson here I wanted to thank all of you who put Isle of Fire on your ToBeRead list I m honored to be worth your time Isle of Fire will release the first week of September It is available for preorder on as well In fact, if you preorder it on and email me to tell me you have ordered it, I ll send you a signed and personalized bookplate sticker for your new me at batguy21784 yahoo.comHere s the official Isle of Fire blurb A great explosion rocked the crowded harbor Flaming debris screamed into the sky and then rained down into the burning water below The ferocious blaze engulfed ship after ship expanding the circle of destruction in mere heartbeats The fire rain had been unleashed As Cat s memory returns, he realizes that he has lived two very different lives One as the son of the ruthless Bartholomew Thorne the other as the recipient of friendship and kindness from Declan Ross and the crew of the Robert Bruce Now Cat must choose whether to return to the ways of his notorious father and join the evil Merchant, or defy the Merchant and risk his life to save his friends.The best selling Isle of Swords adventure continues in Isle of Fire as ancient mariners rise from legend and cut an all too real swath of destruction across the Atlantic The newly formed Wolf Fleet scours the Caribbean, hunting the pirates they once called comrades And in the pitiless winds of a monstrous hurricane, whole fleets will be blasted apart and devoured.Also, come visit me at to find out about a very cool contest and many incredible announcements Wayne Thomas Batson

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    This another one for the just okay pile It was nice to see the familiar characters and it was also good to see that they gave Dolphin or an active role though I was disappointed that they never really addressed her parentage as much as I thought they would It s a pretty major development that didn t get enough focus I also liked the addition of Hopper who was different but likable and full of spunk Overall, this sequel was a little bit bland compared to the original and forced me to suspend my belief than normal But it was still worth a read and fun filled largely because this genre is pretty small.

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    I really liked this book because it is an excellent story about how a small group of people joined together to defeat a common enemy It goes into detail about the different scenes and all the action that went on in this book I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good pirate story My favorite character was Commodore Brandon Blake.

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    This is a sequel to Isle of Swords and follows the adventures of pirate hunters Cat, Anne, Declan Ross, and their respective crews It takes place in the late 1600s early 1700s both King George I and William Teach are referenced in the novel I had read this novel first, not knowing it was a sequel it stands well enough on its own merits, but reading the first novel does help fill in the backstory of comments made in this novel It moves at a good clip, overall It has plenty of twists and turns in the narrative I felt there was enough for the series to have gone on for one or two books or, this book could have been divided in two to make two stories It had decent character development in both primary and secondary characters It is funny, but parts of it reminded me of some of Clive Cussler s earlier works involving past historical events and blending some kind of technological revolution or discovery This book focuses exclusively on the period in which it was written it just reminded me of some aspects of Cussler s stories.I think its biggest weakness was that there seemed to be two separate stories going on in the book The narrative keeps bouncing back and forth between the two narratives, and the author is able to tie it all together in the end I just felt like he could easily have told two completely separate stories and expanded on each of them instead of blending them together into one book view spoiler The mystery of the Merchant and trying to stop his reign of terror could easily have taken up an entire novel by itself The secret sect of Vikings that worshiped Tyr and their improved version of Greek fire was a great idea I could easily see that as also being a separate story unto itself They were both great ideas, and I felt they were kind of short changed by combining them into one novel hide spoiler

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    Isle of Swords and its sequel, Isle of Fire, are separate books, but I ll be reviewing them together because reasons It works because I have pretty much the same feelings about both of them Just so you know, this review contains minorish spoilers though I hesitate to call them spoilers because the reveals are completely predictable and I had it all figured out right away.A few years back, I read this author s The Door Within and the rest of the trilogy I remember enjoying it, so I wanted to give this a try And anyway, Christian pirates I wanted to see how that would work Ultimately, the not really but kind of Christian pirates annoyed me much less than the fully Christian characters of Other Books I Will Not Name I like how the author showed that being Christian isn t about being perfect all the time Christians make mistakes, too, and Batson doesn t shy away from that I still have some problems with the series, though One major one is its lack of originality Similarities between Isle of Swords and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies 1 Young man is the son of a notorious pirate and is rescued by a girl2 Spirited girl hangs out with pirates all the time3 Young man and girl get married4 Good pirates vs bad pirates5 British officers are generally idiots unless they come in handy6 Drawn out sea battles in which many things blow up7 Said sea battles often involve good pirates fighting both the British Navy and the bad pirates at the same time8 Crew members with deformities, included a messed up eye and the messed up eye guy is basically comic relief 9 Crew with no regard whatsoever for their personal safety10 MILL WHEELS somebody correct me if I m wrong, but I m pretty sure there was at least a minor escapade in Isle of Swords Fire involving a mill wheel 11 There s some sort of awesome treasure on a sketchy magical island12 The Big Bad Pirate is out to geteverybody13 Borderline magical things happen14 Monkeys play a role15 The girl s dad is overprotective16 Pirates set ships and towns and everything else on fire17 Storms at sea during the most dramatic moments18 Sea monsters

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    Good ending I enjoyed this book Nicely written and wraps things up nicely

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    I liked this book a lot I didn t like it as much as the first, but it was still great

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