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Earl Emerson bestselling author of Vertical Burn turns up the heat with this dynamic fact based depiction of the world of firefighting In a frantic race against time one man must unlock the secret to his own potential demise and that of his entire department—as they venture INTO THE INFERNO In the freezing heart of the Pacific Northwest winter a group of firefighters from North Bend Fire and Rescue responds to a freeway accident Two trucks have collided on the icy pavement One of the trucks was transporting livestock; the other carried within its cargo an unmarked innocuous looking container Now the highway is chaos with irate drivers volunteer fire crews and hundreds of escaped chickens The trucks are cleared the highway reopens and another day ends But the repercussions of the crash are enormous For six months later the firefighters who were at the scene begin to mysteriously succumb to unexplained accidents and ailments Jim Swope wakes up with the first strange symptom—a symptom of an unknown disease that renders its victims brain dead within a week Now he has only seven days to determine how he and his fellow firefighters have been poisoned—and to discover an antidote if one exists If he doesn’t these will be the last seven days of his lifeIn a red hot pursuit to the end Earl Emerson puts real life heroes up against seemingly insurmountable odds Intense in the third degree Into the Inferno is a brilliant melding of fact and thriller Prepare yourself for the sweltering heat of wickedly good suspense

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    Emerson is one of my favorite authors but this book misses the mark It treats a very serious subject firefighters exposed to deadly substances in a flippant and jocular fashion It doesn't work at all Not recommended

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    If a writer is doing his job he’ll research his topic before writing You can always tell the good ones because they never get the little details wrong Then you have writers like Earl Emerson Emerson knows his subjects in this case firefighters because he himself is a member of the Seattle Fire Department He knows what it is like to walk into a burning building He doesn’t need to talk to an expert because he lives this every day Emerson is also a very talented writer Emerson has already created two different series in his almost twenty years of writing professionally One features private detective Thomas Black and the other firemansheriff Mac Fontana In this work he creates yet another character much different perhaps much flawed than either of his better known creations Jim Swope is a single father of two young daughters He’s also one of a small number of full time paid members of a mostly volunteer fire department in the Pacific Northwest While he likes to think of himself as a decent man he is also battling elements of his past His mother abandoned him to a religious zealot of a father who forced the young Jim into the streets to proselytize Running away to join the Army Swope placed both emotional and physical distance between himself and his father Now the old man spends his last years near comatose in a nearby nursing home rarely if ever visited by his only son Swope awakens one morning to find the back of his hands covered in a waxy coating He has the first sign of the “syndrome” and has a week until he will surely be no better than his father How did this happen and can it be stopped? Beginning the story almost at the last part of the tale Emerson takes us back to where it started or at least where Jim enters the picture Emerson is able to engage the reader almost immediately throwing us right into the middle of a situation that moves at a rapid pace but never confuses or loses you along the way Able to write quiet scenes of a father spending what may be his last hours with his daughters Emerson can also write horrific scenes of fire and their aftermath As Jim looks into his ‘condition’ as well as the fate of several of his fellow firefighters he discovers that there are people who will not only try to prevent him from discovering the cause but are than happy to end his life and those of his family to keep their secrets Swope discovers that he can’t even trust those he has considered his friends as well as finding that those he trusts the least may end up being his only salvation Jim finds that he and his co workers are not the first to have suffered and that forces are working to keep that fact a secret no matter how many lives may be ruined or ended When your life is nearing its end we discover just what it is that is most important Jim discovers that even than his own life he fears for that of his two daughters Emerson fills his tale with a large cast of interesting if not always likeable characters As the story progresses we begin to find that many of these folks are not who they appeared to be at first Even Swope is unsure of who he can trust as he tries to unravel the riddle of his last days

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    Gripping roller coaster ride of a story with twists and turns as a man tries to solve a mystery of why firefighters are dying of a syndrome no one knows about He finds himself as the next victim with only a few days to figure it out while a sinister entity tries to eliminate all the evidence and get rid of anyone asking questions Truly a complex and involved mystery with a unique viewpoint highly recommend

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    This is a fast moving firefighter book with a twist that may not be as rare as we would like to think When a firefighter pulls open the door to a burning house car or barn they have no way of knowing they aren't walking into a hell hole of a some psycho's chemistry lab gone awry What happens when this is a chemical so deadly and secret that it gets you killed to even know about it or try to investigate the deaths it causes? An ordinary winter pileup in the Pacific Northwest is sorted out by responding firefighters It's only in the ensuing weeks and months that these same firefighters begin succumbing to a ten day illness Invariably they descend into a vegetative state Jim Swope picks up on the symptoms of his fellow firefighters as they either die by suicide or are interned into institutions When Swope comes down with symptoms he doesn't go down easily As the symptoms creep through his body time is running short With Doctor Stepanie Riggs he finds a lead in the case sending him on a race for life knowing that in ten days he will be just one mental case or dead As he closes in the holders of the secret attempt to frame and then eliminate him and his family in accidents which will be ascribed to his mental incompetence Author Earl Emerson has done a superb job of showing us the hazards of the firefighter's job He has a great scenario for a story which is not far from reality His descriptions of how easy it is for us to gloss over symptoms or ascribe deaths to normal causes or suicide when no discernable symptoms of illness exist is scary How easy it is for the big money the big corporation the big government to cover up the big secret is also an eye opener Enjoy reading this It's a quickie but very thoughtful and worth while

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    Easily the weakest effort by Earl Emerson He clearly knows his stuff about fires and fire fighting this effort involves trying to sort out a syndrome affecting people exposed to a substance at a fireaccident scene Unfortunately the book is continuously bogged down in self recriminations self pity and amateur psychoanalysis which is used to fill out a very thin plot line In addition to all this delaying and obfuscation the non fire related technical discussions are either very weak or ridiculously explained Emerson is way out of his depth for much of this book I really enjoyed his Thomas Black and Mac Fontana series; I hope his later books get back on track

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    JIm Swope is the acting Captain of a small mainly volunteer fire department in a small town in the Pacific Northwest The deparment starts losing members in a variety of ways Swope realizes it all stems from one fire they fought together Great characters a little slow to get rolling but once it does a very engaging read

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    Earl Emerson’s InfernoI greatly enjoyed this book as I do all of Emerson’s Not great literature but a fun fast paced ride Something is killing the firefighters of North Bend but what is it? Our protagonist searches for the answers before his own time runs out Read and enjoy

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    A 2003 non series novel by Earl Emerson known for his Mac Fontana and Thomas Black series After 1998 he stopped writing fiction series and produced 6 non series firefighting thrillers between 2002 and 2008 In 2009 he published Cape Disappointment a return to his Thomas Black series his last book to date His book jacket blurbs list him as a Lieutenant with the Seattle Fire DepartmentFirefighting Thriller Three firefighters were already dead or brain dead when Stan Beebe told Lt Jim Swope he was at the end of a 7 day syndrome and then was killed in a car crash Swope realizes he has the syndrome and Stephanie Riggs reveals her sister Jim's ex girlfriend is brain dead Jim and Stephanie try to find the common cause and solution for the epidemic

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    Into the Inferno far exceeded my expectations This is not a simple slow novel about firefighters Rather it is a novel in which the characters have psychological depth they are easy to connect with the plot is intelligent and the narrative is incredibly gripping The way the narrator describes his context and the premise of the narrative were both well chosen and communicated The surprises abound in the novel Jim thinking his kids died when the house burnt down is particularly memorable The ending was neat as the author made it satisfying without making it seem cheesy or superficial

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    Plot is contrived unscientific and at times just plain cringe worthy but the thing that makes you keep reading is the voice of the protagonist Whether you want to or not this author ends up making you understand the inner thoughts of a clueless nice guy who is also white working class and a single father If you've ever dated a guy of that description and were disappointed this novel might in fact help you understand the bigger context he might be working withinNot gonna lie very religious readers might want to steer clear Oddly enough non believers might actually come closer to understanding the lingering effects of youthful religious indoctrination