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DESTRUCTIONThe Year of Souls begins with an earthuake—an alarming rumble from deep within the earth—and it’s only the first of greater dangers to come The Range caldera is preparing to erupt Ana knows that as Soul Night approaches everything near Heart will be at riskFLIGHTAna’s exile is frightening but it may also be fortuitous especially if she can convince her friends to flee Heart and Range with her They’ll go north seeking answers and allies to stop Janan’s ascension And with any luck the newsouls will be safe from harm’s reachCHOICEThe oldsouls might have forgotten the choice they made to give themselves limitless lifetimes but Ana knows the true cost of reincarnation What she doesn’t know is whether she’ll have the chance to finish this one sweet life with Sam especially if she returns to Heart to stop Janan once and for allWith gorgeous romance and thrilling action the final book in the Incarnate trilogy offers a brilliant conclusion to the compelling uestions of this fascinating world where one new girl is the key to the lives of millions

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    The book the ARC incarnation anyway is 418 pages It has 33 chapters around 91000 wordsIt had 15 drafts major enough to get archived in my folder including one complete rewrite and a 10000 word false start Only three scenes survived the rewrite On page 332 Sam and Ana discuss wishing they could do something they can't but did in a previous draft When I was writing the last 10000 words of this book I made my headphones play loud music in my ears something I almost never do and snarl sobbed at my husband for asking if I wanted lunch Now he just tiptoes around me when I'm finishing a bookUpdate Look what arrived

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    My review for Incarnate here and Asunder hereThis book's cover is my favorite out of all three Thank God this series is over I'm so happy I will no longer have to read about Ana's whiny crap and this boring as shit book NO THIS SERIES IS OVER WHY WHY WHY THAT ENDING IS BEAUTIFUL AND I STILL NEED ANSWERS yUP Sunny is as confused as everSo I can't really say what this book is about without spoiling the entire trilogy for you guys so let's just talk about all the horrible things about this book because there's nothing else to say I couldn't find a response that wasn't selfish or whiny ●That is literally what Ana said And that should basically sum up her character ●There is no world building I still have no idea about Heart and Range ●I still don't know where the dragons sylph and phoenix's come from●Boring as fuck●Whiny annoyng and stupid character's●No explanation for that ending●Did I mention boring as fuck? Why do I like this kind of shit?

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    I've been waiting for a year to read Infinite by Jodi Meadows the last installment of the Incarnate trilogy I wasn't disappointed I received this ARC from Harper Publishers in exchange for an honest review I award this book 45 starsInfinite by Jodi Meadows takes off where Asunder left us We are taken right to the action with Ana and Sam as they frantically try to figure out how to prevent Janan for ascending Ultimately a small group of them have to leave Heart to try to figure out their ultimate plan Will Ana sacrifice her chance for love and happiness for the greater good of all souls alike?I don't want to say too much in the synopsis because this final installment is chock full of really great reveals that all of us have been wondering for ages Let's just say that every character you've loved in this series gets their due Ana really comes into her own Sam continues to be one of the most loveable characters in YA and other side characters come in different forms which really enhances the world building I really felt the book came into it's own around page 100 It was good up to then don't get me wrong but after that point it became increasingly difficult to put it down I loved how we got to learn about dragons sylphs and phoenixes There is one particular reveal that I loved because I never suspected there was to it But Meadows never forgot and it's pretty amazingI really liked the ending but it almost seemed too perfect That said it was really satisfying and beautifully written so I just went with it If a writer can get my doubting self to just disappear that's pretty awesomeIn a world chock full of ending YA trilogies this one stands out It started strong and ended stronger with a great middle installment so as a whole it was really great This is hard to do I feel like several trilogies have failed on one book or another or disappointed me in some way The Incarnate trilogy didn't and I'm thrilled to add it to my very short list of must read trilogiesOverall a fantastic and worthy ending to the Incarnate trilogy with great characters prose and plot twists Everyone needs to get their hands on this book as soon as it comes out

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    These have got to be the most gorgeous covers ever

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    It's been years since I read the first two books and I finally got around to finishing this seriesEven though it has been years since I read the second book I found it really easy to slip back into the beautiful creative world that Jodi Meadows has created I love her writing style and her characters and I can't wait to read her other books

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    This book has to be my least favourite one in the series It was just kind of boring There was way too much talking ane explaining and less well action They just kept repeating everything The few action scenes were good but I got so bored with book that I lost interest Yet I kept reaeing because I wanted to see how it all endedThe ending was actually nice I liked it But it wasn't really surprisingAll in all this was a good series even though this book was a little disappointing But I would definitely recommend it to others

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    Really satisfying ending Most of my uestions were answered but I still am curious about the Cataclysm thing

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    It's 1 am and I've finallyyyy finished thisI am so in love with this whole series Such great booksI love how in this book we see and understand the role music has and how big of a part it has in this series There's so much action and craziness in this last book I was always on my toesI am however upset about the ending le sighAlthough the ending was great and beautiful and just what I would have hoped for for the characters I guess I was just really hoping for a BANG Hence 45Overall lovely ending to a series ANA AND SAM FOR LIFE

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    first read 2014 • July 27 July 29I'm completely in awe with these books second time reading them and I still love them just as much as the first time the story it's completely captivating and original the characters have such interesting backgrounds that I wish we learned about them and all these mythical creatures that appeared throughout the books dragons sylph rocs phoenixes it was fantastic also the ending wrecked me I just bursts into tears I do wish we got after the conclusion but it's no biggie I'm satisfied

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    I received this book for free through Goodreads First ReadsMY REVIEWI had some issues with this book mainly in the first half but the ending was perfect for the series Oh to review this without giving major spoilers I will tryTHINGS I DIDN’T LIKEThe first part It just seemed so aimless Like they were making up as they went Which is fine for the characters But it also sorta felt like he author didn’t know where they were going and that’s not coolThe letter So at one point Ana left Boyfriend and some other characters in the middle of the night to go on a Super Secret Mission And she left a letter And that letter was just so weird It made me feel weird reading it Like why would you say these things LIKE THAT? It was just weird And pretentious She Signed it Ana who Has Life Yes with the caps and yes like there she thought there was another Ana around that they would possibly confuse her with And can we talk about the double meaning? the first line of the letter is Please don't follow me Then she goes on to use the next TWO paragraphs BEEEGGGGING Sam to follow her I just why would you write the letter like that? If it were I I would far succinct and you know NOT beg Boyfriend to come after me Cuz that didn't work out at allThe history As it turns out there was nuclear fallout or something and humans hid underground for hundreds of years and when they came out again dragons and phoenixes had spontaneously EVOLVED I don’t know about you but I was perfectly happy thinking this was jus a fantasy world Now in fact I have MORE uestions Namely why would creatures from human mythology evolve instead of completely new creatures?The latter part Where everything came to fruition but it was so weird and confusing I felt like I was watching a bad Syfy original Which even I know they are cheesy and senseless and bad I like them anyway which explains why this part is also in the list of bits I likedCris I said in my review of book two I hoped some significance would be given to the weirdness that was Cris was Sam None was givenStef I also asked for Stef to become cool again And well she sorta did a little towards the beginning ugh Not enoughExplanation? What the hell happened to the other voice in the temple? That was NEVER explained I WANTED to know I’m still confusedThe tone This book tried to be completely serious without any of those humorous tropes from the first two books It was like watching a toddler try to catwalk except it wasn’t cute it just looked sorta weird and it didn’t really workThe deaths Yes people died in this book No I’m not upset BECAUSE they died I’m upset because I DIDN’T CARE when they were dying I SHOULD care But I didn’t that is an issue Now I might have cared if I had binged this series read the first two back to back and then jumped into this one but if I HAVE to do that than there is a failure on the author’s part Most people don’t have the time or the drive to reread the whole series for when the final installment comes out If the author CAN NOT make you care about what is happening to THIS character in THIS moment that’s a bad sign view spoileralso none of those deaths even mattered in the end anyway and when I realized tat they were all being reincarnated one last time just for shits and giggles I was just like ‘Really? THIS could have been your trump card if I’d cared when they died” hide spoiler