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➵ Hannah Waters and the Daughter of Johann Sebastian Bach Download ➾ Author Barbara Kathleen Nickel –

This book was really great I found it interesting because the author is a friend of my aunt s It was a MYRCA book a few years back. Quick Review Protagonists Supporting Cast Diversity Writing Worldbuilding Plot A nice little book about two young musicians, whose arcs are about self confidence This book is heavy on music, and the music aspect is very well written Nickel must either be a musician or a very thorough researcher Hannah and Catharina s music problems and obstacles are so real, and I like the fact that, even in the climax scenes, neither performance is perfect The way both girls handle their struggles at the end of the book is different from the way the do at the start, showing how far they ve come I also love the inclusion of fiddle, which is as fun as Hannah s POV presents it Fun fact this was my first exposure to the Bach Double, now one of my favourite concertos Though the characters are young grade school age, if I remember correctly I d totally recommend this book, especially to a musician. An Unforgettable Tale Of Two Lonely Girls, Born Centuries Apart, Who Change Each Other S LivesWinner Of The Sheila A Egoff Children S Literature Prize Governor General S Literary Award Nominee A CLA Honour Book Of The Year For ChildrenCatharina Bach Sings Only For Her Mother She Is Too Frightened Of Her Famous Father To Even Speak, Let Alone Sing Three Centuries Later, In Modern Day Saskatchewan, Hannah Waters Struggles To Play Bach S Concerto For Two Violins, One She Was Supposed To Have Played With Her Mother In This Deeply Moving Novel, Hannah And Catharina Will Find And Help Each Other Discover The Music Within And The Courage To Express It Amazing, really draws you into the story Good for violin players like ME It also made me thankful that I didn t have terrible memories about that piece, and I could enjoy it. Hannah has recently moved to Saskatchewan from Toronto after the death of her violinist mother and is the odd girl at her new school because she s from the big city, plays violin, father doesn t drive, and all the other reasons kids might have to exclude her Catharina, only daughter and eldest child of J.S Bach, is virtually mute and virtually ignored by her famous father But both girls lives revolve around Bach s composition of the Concerto for Two Violins in D and the power of the music and a particular violin connect their lives over the three hundred years separating them and provide the support they both need. This is a MUST read for Suzuki violinists I read this back when I was in Suzuki volume 5 for violin around the same time when Hannah, the main character, was also in the same level as me IT WAS SOOOOOOOO COOL This was like, the most perfect book for me at the time, and it really inspired me to be a better violinist.I really, really loved the plot There s two stories in this book, one follows the events of Catharina in the 1700s, BACH S DAUGHTER and the other, Hannah, in today s period This book made me cry, laugh, and most of all, INSPIRRRRRED MEHHHH I m really glad I came across this very special gem I SHALL READ IT AGAIN I get all hyper just thinking about this awesome story. I really enjoyed this book I think the author did a nice job understanding the emotions of the teo girls This book also had special meaning for me, as I just played the Bach Double, the music featured in the ook, at my own recital I am also interested in writing fictional stories abut composer s lives, and this was a fine example f that. My daughter absolutely loved this book, as well as Nickel s other book about Mozart s sister I can see why she enjoyed it, but found some of the dialogue stilted and scenes unbelievable, especially the spontaneous hoedown at a 6th grade assembly. I absolutely LOVED this book Thank you Barbara Kathleen Nickel for coming up with this story I m also thankful and SO glad my cousin recommended it for me This book, to me needed a review, so here is mineThis book is for music lovers people who play, would like to play, or just like the violin and J.S Bach and his Concerto for Two Violins or just any music lover, really , history lovers, and people who like both the past and the present with real and fictional events in books If you don t like any of those things in books, too bad, because this is a really great book Maybe, though you could try it, or at least read my review and see if its a book you think you might be interested in I think we can all relate to this book in one way or other, it has many realatable struggles that the characters go through and the characters personalities are relatable too I fell in love with the characters, right away To me they were very unique and unlike any characters I have read about before in books I absolutely LOVE, LOVE reading, so I have read about a lot of characters They share the same struggles as the characters I have read about before, but their personalitiesI don t even know how to describe them, really I just hope my review is good enough that you will read this book and find out for yourself or have read the book, and hopefully, somewhat agree with me Okay I will try to write what their personalities are like as best as I can I m going to do it in point form because it is the easiest for me Here I goCatharina Self conscious and can t talk to people very well, except her Mama Examples she can t even really say the word Papa to her own Papa, without running away let alone a whole sentence, and she cant yell at her brothers only this soft voice comes out She has,I picture a beautiful but shy and soft voice, that her Papa and brothers and Mama, don t really noticeHannah Loves to speak her mind and stand up for herself, that might not always work to her advantage, but still can get a little tongue tied and nervous too She s not a goody little two shoes to her parents, by that I mean she argues with them and talks back to them Is not happy with her new life and gets frustrated about it and the violin, very easily These are the sort of struggles both Hannah and Catharina faced in the book point form Both of them feel lonely and unappreciated, and get somewhat bullied by others Have lost someone close to them that they love Are about to give up on something that they love because they are too afraid and do not believe in themselves, enough See relatable struggles and personalities,right Just like the synopsis says An unforgettable tale of two lonely girls, born centuries apart, who change each other s livesHannah and Catharina will find and help each other discover the music within and the courage to express it PlusI want to say magic or fate If you read it or have read it, you will understand Or maybe I m just wrong to say the magic and fate part in the first place Oh, wellI want to re read this book, again right noweven though I just finished reading it, haha I have to give it back to my cousin, though because I borrowed it from her, I don t want to say goodbye to it thoughor maybeyes I will ask her if I can keep it so I can re read it over and over Yes, that is how much I LOVED this book I wonder what my cousin will say when I ask her if I can keep this book A beautiful story, just read it.