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Caught In The Crossfire Of An Interstellar War, Our Earth Was Bombed To Flinders And Then Repaired The Mysterious Alien Benefactors Who Healed The Planet Also Offered Uplift To Our Dolphins And Gorillas The Dolphins Turned Them Down The Gorillas Said Yes As A Result, We Re Now Sharing Our World With Language Using, Tool Making Simians Tensions Are Inevitable, In Both Directions, But It S Gradually Working OutDecades Later, Teenage Cadet Robin Plotnik Has Been Assigned To Fist Of Earth, A Defense Station High Above Earth, Keeping Watch Against Further Attacks By The Interstellar Horde Robin S A Spacecraft Mechanic In Training, Apprenticed To Chief Mac Gimbensky, A Cranky But Basically Benign Gorilla With Issues Of His Own Fist Of Earth Is A Challenging Place To Grow Up Robin And Mac Maintain Fighter Craft For The All Woman Barbarian Squadron , Which Constantly Competes For Prestige With The Other Squadrons Based On Fist Of Earth Robin S Trying To Romance A Young Librarian, And He S Far From Sure He Knows What He S Doing Most Of All, He S Constantly Struggling To Figure Out His Moody, Mercurial BossThen He And His Best Friend Become Entangled In A Burgeoning Scandal Over Betting On The Squadrons Standings And Just When Things Look Like They Ve Hit Rock Bottom, The Worst Thing Imaginable Arrives At Fist Of Earthan Efficiency Expert From Earth, Determined To Reorganize Robin S Hard Won Life, And The Whole Squadron System, Out Of ExistenceFresh And Engaging, Crammed With Likeable Characters And Science Fictional Inventiveness, Grease Monkey Is Like A Classic Heinlein Juvenile In Sequential Art ModeIntroduction By Kurt Busiek, Author Of Astro City

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    I read this the summer my oldest daughter was born I was a lazy bum and had summers off at the writing center I don t remember a lot about this book, but I remember enjoying it.

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    This humorous science fiction book describes everyday life on a space station which is inhabited by a mix of humans and intelligent gorillas The story is told in a series of very short chapters which illustrate the experiences of a young mechanic living on the space station I couldn t identify with any of the characters and consequently found the book surprisingly dull.

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    Very much enjoyable.Unique sci fi idea Solid characters Decent art Great detail A sense of place and presence Funny in parts Great stories with something to say And an end with great tension and a nice resolution.Be sure to check out the continuing story online

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    Grease Monkey is a black and white science fiction graphic novel about a space station in a future where an awful lot of humans have been exterminated by aliens Benevolent aliens came along and helpfully lifted gorillas up to the level of humans, so that the world wouldn t be too underpopulated to survive Now, the gorillas and humans who populate the space station are in constant preparation, just in case the bad aliens come back The book follows Robin Plotnik, a new cadet, as he assists Mac Gimbensky, the gorilla on the cover who happens to be the mechanic for the best squadron of fighter pilots on the station, the all female Barbarians.That s all just the set up, though What you get when you read this is the experience of living on that space station, with those people It s not a sweeping space military war epic It s not a how disturbing could I possibly make these aliens story, or an in the future we all have weird sex every second of every day story It s not a realistic story wherein unlikeable people make stupid mistakes and just live with it It s about real people having normal everyday problems, and TOTALLY COMING OUT ON TOP It s awesome Like I said, it s not a sweeping epic It s written in vignettes, for the most part, and that s where the day in the life feel comes from It s lots of days in their lives, and their lives are way funnier and awesome than mine It s a rich, complete story, it tries to make you think, and it s intense sometimes, but it s not trying to shock you or impress you with how trendy it is You can read it in tiny little sips, one vignette at a time, and enjoy it, but it s the kind of book you just WANT to read, because when you re reading it, you re happy.Since it s a graphic novel, a word on the art Fantastic Very clean and crisp and fun to look at, a pleasure to look at There s no trouble telling which characters are which or what s going on in the panel, and a big spread will take your breath away It really will.

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    Tim Eldred, Grease Monkey Tor, 2006 After fourteen years and a number of deals that fell through, Tor has finally brought the first collection of Tim Eldred s legendary underground comic Grease Monkey to light, and we at Goat Central are pleased indeed For those of you unaware of it, this is a sci fi comic about a big space station 60% of Earth s population was destroyed during an alien invasion a benevolent alien race came afterwards to help humanity out of the mess it had been thrown into, and part of that was imparting gorillas with human intelligence So now gorillas and humans live and work alongside one another The series focuses on the relationship between Robin Plotnik, a mechanic second class, and his boss, Mac Gimbensky human and gorilla, respectively , the mechanics for the Barbarian Squadron, one of Earth s first lines of defense if the aggressive aliens come back As is to be expected with a comic written over a fourteen year period, yeah, it s episodic, but that doesn t make it any less fun to read Eldred s got some interesting ideas, but he lets them flow through the story instead of sitting us down and telling us about them At times, in fact, he slips some in while having characters trying to sit each other down and say the exact opposite, which is great Eldred never lets any social consciousness and it is writ large in the liner notes if you don t pick up on it get in the way of telling a good story, and that, ultimately, is what any piece of writing should do Recommended.

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    Grease MonkeyBy Tanner C I never like comic books until I read Grease Monkey This book is magnificent and has great humor in it I read the first one out of 3 and i am about to start the second book This book is a big book with short stories in it about the main character Mac and Robin Instead of calling it chapters they call it episodes This book has a lot of humor and I give this a thumbs up The problem about the book is the pictures of black and white I know people don t care about the picture color but I love when I see what colors they are wearing To me a book needs to have pictures that pop and say WOW The characters in the book are great because the writer made them with great personalities The main character Mac is a monkey mechanic that has a rookie come in from the planet earth The rookie s name is Robin and he had last pick on the mechanic and Got mac They control the fighter group called the barbarians This fighter group are all females The author Tim eldred Shows how the world will look in the future The problem about the book is that when it goes to another episodes it doesn t tell us the ending of the last episode I hope they fix that problem in book 2 Member to praise Grease Monkey.

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    This was a great graphic novel It s a sci fi story set on a space station, which is a training school for pilots and squadrons The earth was attacked by some kind of alien species no one really knows who or why and what remains of humankind has received aid from other benevolent aliens Since there were so few humans left, another earth species was allowed to choose to be augmented in order to assist them in preparing to defeat the bad aliens should they ever return or should their point of origin be determined The dolphins declined, and the gorillas accepted The premise is rather Ender s Game, but there are all sorts of interesting relationships between the gorillas and the humans This is mostly the story of Robin Plotnik, who starts out the story as a new recruit He s a mechanic and he s working under a gorilla, Chief Gimbensky, whom everyone calls Mac Mac s unpredictable and he s allowed a certain amount of mythology to grow up around him people say that he ate his last assistant Seems like this could be a nice long running series as not much has happened yet Very relationship based Mac and Robin work for the Barbarians, a squadron of women hand picked by Barbara their leader that s been undefeated for a long time now.

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    Earth has been reduced to rubble by alien forces Another alien race, the Benefactors, healing planet Earth, raise gorillas up to human intelligence Decades later, teenage cadet Robin Plotnik, assigned to a defense space station above earth, works as a spacecraft mechanic under the supervision of a gorilla named Chief Mac Gimbensky Between maintaining fighter craft for an all woman squadron, to romancing a young librarian, to a scandal over betting on the squadron s test flights, Robin is growing up on a space station where gorillas and humans coexist Things are about to get interesting I had no preconceived notions or any idea what was in store for me I thoroughly enjoyed this book The young man of Robin with his struggles of fitting in, friendship and love were all so universal Add the fact that gorillas are now on equal terms with humans and it was totally engaging I highly recommend this graphic novel In 2007, Grease Monkey won the BBYA ALA Best Books for Young Adults

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    This graphic novel is actually a series of comic book sized stories that build chapter by chapter into a fully realized novel An interesting science fiction variation on the typical coming of age story, the graphic novel focuses on teenage Robin, a literal space cadet aboard an enormous flagship base to multiple air squadrons Robin is assigned as a trainee mechanic under Mac, a sentient gorilla Together they maintain the aircraft of Barbarian Squadron, a team of very liberated women pilots who compete against the men s teams The novel challenges reluctant readers, who must use higher level inferences to get some of the humor and cleverness of the plot The only truly objectionable material to me was the PC digs at religion in anepisode toward the end of the book which needn t have been written in at all The reference is than irreverence to me it borders on sacrilege The rest of the novel is positive and fun to read.

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    The first 24 collected issues of a comic book about a mechanic trainee and his gorilla boss, on a space station It s nearly as absurd as it sounds, while still being very good indeed The comedy level is high yes, there are banana jokes but there s also some fairly serious topics addressed, generally successfully This particular edition is in black and white, with some decent half tones, although parts of it have been colored in the past you can see examples on the web site I was fairly taken with this book, though I ve certainly read better It s not a standout in any individual area, necessarily, but it s a good graphic novel, a good space opera, and a good coming of age story to get two of those together is rare enough, but three is nearly unheard of, and mostly makes up for the fact that none of the three parts are, on their own, exceptional.