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Kids Will Love This Simple, Rhyming Step Reader About All Kinds Of Trucks A Brother And Sister Discover All Kinds Of Trucks As They Travel Through Their Own Neighborhood, Drive On A Highway, And Visit A County Fair Young Vehicle Enthusiasts Will Take Pride In Cruising Through The Simple, Rhyming Text Bright, Bouncy Art Will Help Them Along The Reading JourneyStep Readers Feature Big Type And Easy Words For Children Who Know The Alphabet And Are Eager To Begin Reading Rhyme And Rhythmic Text Paired Picture Clues Help Children Decode The Story

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    In this Neo led piece, the topic is trucks of all kinds Big, little, fast, slow and even some of the food variety to offer tasty treats Trucks are full of colours, wheel sizes, and can zoom around on various terrains Above all, a book about trucks that is full of rhyming phrases makes for a wonderful book, as Neo slides his finger under the words A wonderful way to end a day, as Neo took the lead and showed me just how well he is doing with his reading Kudos to you, Mr Neo

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    Synopsis Kids will love this simple, rhyming Step 1 reader about all kinds of trucks A brother and sister discover all kinds of trucks as they travel through their own neighborhood, drive on a highway, and visit a county fair Young vehicle enthusiasts will take pride in cruising through the simple, rhyming text Bright, bouncy art will help them along the reading journey Step 1 Readers feature big type and easy words for children who know the alphabet and are eager to begin reading Rhyme and rhythmic text paired picture clues help children decode the story My Review Munchkin picked this book out during one of our holiday bookstore runs, while he did enjoy this book it hasn t kept him coming back to it, mainly because we have so many truck books This is a great level one book though with lots of simple words and sentences and a lot of repetition to help grasp those new words Would also be a great one to read before or during a road trip to help keep the kids entertained by looking for the trucks in the book.

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    Rhyming text and colorful images of trucks of all types, sizes, and colors are sure to make this short book appeal to youngsters just learning to read Clearly, there are a lot of trucks out there on the highways and even in the neighborhood of the boy and girl featured here Not only do the youngsters play with their own toy trucks, but they get to see trucks in action in the mud and in the snow I sort of wondered, though, how they could manage to find so many trucks in such different settings and seasons, but I suppose that readers are expected to assume the trucks are part of the youngsters play and imagination Part of the Step into Reading series, this book will encourage repeated readings and assist students in becoming fluent as they read.

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    This Step Into Reading offering is a good choice for readers who are just starting out It is a Step One which means that it is geared to preschoolers and Kindergarteners to help establish a foundation for reading Each page has super short rhyming phrases of six words or less This particular story should please children who love trucks Each page features two kids, a girl and boy, who encounter all kinds of trucks starting with, Red truck Green truck Great big wheels truck The children and trucks are appealing, and the story offers an enjoyable introduction to learning to read.

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    Kiddo liked this one, but not enough to read it a second time It was a good, solid level 1 reader, but there s no AR level assigned as of this review Personally, I thought eh illustrations were not as clear as I would have liked, as they didn t help guide the reader But that s a minor issue Overall, it was a good little book.

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    Random house step into reading step 1, which translates to a pre level 1 Few words, repetitive and rhyming and picture clues NO vocab lists Watch out for these words right, upside down, and around.

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    Great, easy to read book with big print and nice pictures My toddler enjoys it.

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    Good rhyme pattern, engaging pictures, colorful Kids could easily associate pictures with words Concepts include size, color, opposites, comparing, and counting to four.

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    Another great book to teach your little one words And a great book all about trucks

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    Read with grandma and Papa via FaceTime for nighttime storytime