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{books} From the End of Heaven (The Great and Terrible, #5) Author Chris Stewart –

This is my least favorite of the series I m entertained by the general story but the author s writing weaknesses this far into the series are driving me crazy He is good at building suspense, creating despicable bad guys and escalating drama but in those moments he sometimes gets caught up in telling unnecessary details that bog down momentum and I find myself mouthing, Blah, blah, blah Another weakness is to repeatedly exaggerate similar spiritual events, but with different characters, to get his point across Too often do his characters miraculously find what they need, receive deliverance from evil and the Spirit verbally tell them what to do If I found myself in similar circumstances I would certainly hope to hear the Spirit loud and clear I believe in miracles to be sure Just not at every turn of a character s dilemma Plus, I feel real life is about feeling the Spirit s guidance rather than Him actually instructing us with each step we make I can suspend disbelief only so far without feeling like the story is getting too fake Hopefully the last book will redeem the series I ve liked it thus far. I m LOVING this series It s one one those stories where you can sit back and say, Whoa, this could totally happen, it IS happening all around us It has completely changed my outlook on the Last Days and preparing for the Second Coming of the Savior We all know it s going to get really bad before it gets better and Chris Stewart has woven a wonderfully complex story portraying the Great and the Terrible I discovered something about this series with this book it wasn t meant to be read aloud I have listened to the audio CD of the first 4 books, and unfortunately, this allowed the mediocre reader to emphasize the cliche phrases of Mr Stewart she pressed her lips together , he compressed his lips, she bit her lip what s with the lip fetish over and over again All of these books have been obtained for me by my lovely local library from the Salt Lake Library system, but an error was made with the last two volumes, and they came in print Eager to finish, I dove right in, and discovered that the book is very readable, and very exciting, when read this way, because you skip over all the nonsensical emotional inconsistencies and expressions and get right to the fairly good plot So if you re going to read this, read it in print It read very quickly, about 5 6 hours worth, which is much, much faster than the grueling CD s I m kind of looking forward to the last in the series, No 6. If I were the type of person to get freaked out about the future, this book would really get to me Oh, wait I AM that type of person And so I m determined to get those water barrels filled TODAY, and finish my food storage inventory And possibly buy a gun Or three.This book continues the Great and Terrible saga, and things are coming to a head Battle lines have been drawn Food is scarce, water is scarcer, the government is in shambles, and people are showing their true natures, for better or for worse My main complaint about this book is that it leaves us hanging, again And since it s a pretty recent release, it will be awhile before we get the next installment In the meantime, I m going to stick my head in the sand, well surrounded by canned veggies And I m just kidding about the guns Mostly. Yea I finally got to read book 5 of this series I love this author and this series He certainly leaves the door wide open for book 6 at the end of the book Sigh I guess I ll start anticiptaing it s release already. So far my favorite from this series has been the first book, however I have enjoyed them all very much More than the actual storyline, what I find most interesting are the events that take place and the overall reactions by the people who are not key figures The writing isn t wonderful and some of the conversations seem a little bland but it is still a compelling story I hear there is only one book after this I can t imagine how it will wrap up that soon Wow This is not an outrageous unbelievable end of the world book, but one that can be truly realistic and applicable for want is going on around us in these latter days The first part of this book is good, but the last part is such an exciting page turner It has well thought out unexpected and inter related events with the characters from his first 4 books in this exciting series In addition, I love how it weaves in gospel related themes characters scriptures that relate to the the world as it may be prior to the 2nd coming It is also cleanly written so you don t have to cringe at the unexpected vulgarity that unfortunately is found in many books Highly recommend this series to all couldn t put the book down Very exciting As Millions Of Americans Face The Prospect Of Imminent Starvation, Chaos And Violence Rule The Angry Streets For Some, All Hope Is Lost As They Struggle In A World Suddenly Turned On Its Head But For Those Who Keep Their Faith, Hope Is Still Alive While Sara Brighton Helps A Shadow Government Rise To Power, Sam And Bono Are Sent On The Most Dangerous Military Mission Of Their Lives Azadeh Agrees To Guide Them Through The Mountains Of Iran And Pakistan As They Seek For The Key That Could Save The World Struggling Against Overwhelming Odds, They Realize The Most Important Lesson Of Their Time Faith Is The Only Thing That Matters As The Final Day Draws Near Loved this series