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After Years Of Homeschooling, Maggie Is Starting High School It S Pretty TerrifyingMaggie S Big Brothers Are There To Watch Her Back, But Ever Since Mom Left It Just Hasn T Been The Same Besides Her Brothers, Maggie S Never Had Any Real Friends Before Lucy And Alistair Don T Have Lots Of Friends Either But They Eat Lunch With Her At School And Bring Her Along On Their Small Town AdventuresMissing Mothersdistant Brothershigh Schoolnew Friends It S A Lot To Deal With But There S Just One ThingGGIE IS HAUNTED

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    It s easy to lose your soul in high school A coming of age tale with a spooky twist Maggie McKay is starting her first day of high school after being homeschooled by her mother for years.It s time for Maggie to face the outside world, all on her own And maybe make a new friend or two one who isn t one of her brothers.This story is truly and exceptionally great I honestly wasn t expecting it to affect me so deeply.I could really really relate to Maggie during that nerve wracking first day Everything she was feeling was exactly what I went through and it even brought me memories of my first day which I can t quite decide if that s a good thing or not I hate first days.Simply put, Friend With Boys is a perfect growing up story with incredible family relationships and friendships.There was this one perfect part in the story that put into exact words how I feel about this graphic novel I felt like it was made just for me.This story is definitely going to stay with me for a long time.4.5 stars Note I m an Affiliate If you re interested in buying Friends With Boys, just click on the image below to go through my link I ll make a small commission Support creators you love Buy a Coffee for nat bookspoils with

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    Come meet the gang This here s the happy family.This here s Maggie, our dearest heroine.Then we have Lloyd and Zander aka the twins They have a major love hate thing going on.And the overly talented Daniel He s actually a zombie hunter But don t tell anyone And last but not least, the coolest people around the block My newest BFF, Lucy.And her brother and my newest crush Alistair.And let s not forget the persistent stalker ghost who keeps on popping up in the strangest places Sum all these elements up and you get an amazingly fun graphic novel It became my addiction and I m close to stalking the author in order to know the publishing date for the next one because I need to have of the gang Undoubtedly five stars

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    I had fun reading this story showcasing ghosts, pirates and homeschooling to name a few Ohh, plus the zombie Theatre Maggie is going from homeschooling into high school and she is a little nervous Will she meet friends or won t she I grew up in a smaller type of town in the south and homeschooling was outside the normal back then and they had a reputation, fair or not, of being a bit odd and different I didn t think so they were simply mature and knew how to behave like a person from my perspective at least the ones I met They got along with adults.I enjoyed learning about Maggie and seeing her journey through school She had a good family I did feel like there are a lot of threads hanging at the end Is there another issue Will the story be continued So much is not explored or given a reason.There is a lot of exploring who you are and dealing with insecurities here It is a coming of age tale It s a very interesting book Yeah, First Second.

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    What about you What s your brand of crazy Initial Final Page Thoughts.Um huh Is this a series But mostly fantastic.High Points Maggie Lucy Alistair The Brother s Brill New school New friends Alien Sigourney Weaver in a bikini Maritime Ghosts Maps Awesome Rebel Social Group Change Drinking the Kool Aid Awesome dad Graveyards Secret pasts Volleyball boys Friends you don t grow out of Low Points.I m not sure whether Ms Hicks plans to write a sequel or turn this story into a series or not but there were two major questions that were left unanswered I didn t really need to know the answers, but I would like to have I hope it s a series, though Heroine.Maggie Or Magsby to Daniel , oh my heart bled for you The thought of starting a new high school half way through a year turns my blood to ice.I loved how incredibly normal you are why is it that heroines in graphic novels are never angsty and dramatic and blaaah and your dry humour and how you just let your brothers get on with it.Not sure how I feel about you not knowing who Patti Smith is, but it s OK because between Lucy and I will give you an education Also, I loved that you re a super mad film geek and love Alien and think that Ms Ripley was put in the film purely for you which is true except she was also put in there for me too Brothers.I love my brother to bits and pieces but he s not a rough and tumble kind of guy He wouldn t have left me running through a graveyard because he would have been glued to his computer, while I sat on the spare spinny chair complaining that watching him play on computer games is boring and I demand attention NOW So it was great to see these brothers with their play fights, their banter and their realistic relationships between them, especially Zander and Lloyd who had me in stitches Love Interest ish.He s not really a love interest but I feel like I need to have a mini shout out for Alistair.Because I have a little crush on him.What He has a Mohawk, you guys.Best Friend.So Lucy and I are pretty much the same person so, naturally, she s boss Love for ghosties check.Love for museums check.Get scared at films and then say they weren t after they ve jumped so hard the people in the row behind at the cinema have popcorn everywhere check Ability to put foot in mouth at any possibility check Piercings check.Shaved head Um TBA Last of the Zombies A Musical Extravaganza Um Yeah that happens I know I know.It was like Will Grayson, Will Grayson.Except take away the ridiculous cheesy ending and add zombies Zombies.More YA books should have musicals theatre in them Books where the heroine gets chosen to be Juliet and a brooding boy who has a past hates women is a supernatural being gets cast as Romeo and then they have an intense, destiny altering snog backstage do not count and should be stricken from this earth Illustrations.Like I mentioned in my review for Blankets, I really love comic books that are in black, white and grey I don t know why maybe it s because I can pretend I m sophisticated.But anyway, Ms Hicks panels are absolutely brilliant They convey the emotions and the feelings of the characters so perfectly that when Maggie was starting school, I actually felt a bit panicked And the scenes where Maggie, Alistair and Lucy were in the cinema were just hysterical that s exactly what I m like I loved how even though it was a light hearted story, the panels are constructed and put together with so much thought Seriously, no detail is spared You can actually read this book online if you want to read it and can t wait for it to be published It s being put up on every week I think, that could be wrong but there s plenty of it up already Theme Tune.So I was going to choose a song that portrayed the difficulties of fitting in at school and how to find yourself and your identity and boys and brothers and all those sort of things.But then I realised that Lucy or well, Ms Hicks had provided me with the only true option for this book Dancing Barefoot by Patti Smith.Because well, like I need an excuse to use a Patti Smith song as my theme tune I can just imagine Maggie and Lucy having an impromptu dance party to this song while Alistair pretends to disapprove Sadness Scale 6 10 If those two unanswered questions were answered then this scale would have been hitched up a few notches But as it stands it s quite tame There are some bits which were a bit sad Poor Lucy but spooooilers Recommended For.People who love contemporary graphic novels with the occasional ghost People who always wonder what the deal with the bloke with Mohawk is People who always thought volleyball was for girls Hey, I went to an all girl s school, don t blame me People who can t watch Alien without declaring their undying love for Sigourney Weaver People who have seen Ghostbusters than 314 times People who can think of prosthetic limbs without also thinking of that bit in Monkey Island People who believe the most important things in life are science fiction and breakfast pastries People who would quite happily go to the Maritime Ghost Museum Is that a real thing Seriously I want to go I received an advanced copy of this book from the publishers.You can read this review and lots of other exciting things on my blog here.

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    It sucks to be Maggie She wants things to be the way they always were, staying at home with her three brothers, being home schooled by her mother But, mom has gone AWOL, and Maggie s headin out that door to school for the first time There she will encounter friends and enemies as she learns the ins and outs of being a typical high school freshman Oh, yeahand she keeps getting visits from the ghostly widow of a dead sea captain I loved Maggie s relationship with her brothers Affectionate and playful, yet not sappy That was totally believable The high school milieu was done to perfection with cliques and rivalries, old resentments and plenty of angstiness stirred into the mix.The ghost thing Not so much Does everything involving teenagers need a paranormal element I get that the ghost was supposed to serve as a substitute for mom, but she and Maggie never really connect That whole storyline dragged down the otherwise realistic tone of the book.Hicks artwork is top notch, and her depiction of the teenage world, delightful Next time I hope she leaves the spirits in the gym locker There s enough drama in being a teen without melancholy specters hanging around.

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    Wow, this is hardly at all like I expected.The title is a bit misleading With a widely used phrase like Friends with Boys, I expected a story focusing on that element of life, with some discussion of gender dynamics But this is really not that at all Granted, Maggie only has one friend who s a girl, but the story doesn t spend any time dwelling on the complexities of gendered life Between that and the mockup covers in the extra content in the back which mostly feature the title The Education of Maggie McKay , I suspect that the title was a quick change by the publisher Boo on that.When I got over my expectations, though, I mostly enjoyed this There s a little bit of Mean Girls without the girls , a little bit of ghost adventure, quite a bit of family drama I found myself wondering why Maggie found herself hanging out with the alternative crowd She herself didn t seem like much of an alternative personality and I never quite got why the people who befriended her did.And then there s the homeschool thing.I was homeschooled, and my family followed the unschooling method Most of my schooling happened out in the community I spent a lot of time in clubs on various topics shakespeare, creative writing, crafting , scouting, sports, religious activities, and music lessons So this idea of Maggie spending her entire childhood up to high school in her house with her mom feels a little off to me I believe that there are people who homeschool that way, and maybe it s a trait of relatively small towns like the ones in Nova Scotia But in my experience it s only the super religious types who believe that homeschooling should happen exclusively cloistered in the home So that was a little odd Especially for a family that seems relatively hip and progressive otherwise.But besides that sideswipe at something close to my heart, this is a fun, lightish comic book I enjoyed the Alien cameo and found the characters likeable and believable I would love to befriend the boys in this novel And maybe that s the point.

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    Graphic novels could be the longest on again off again still going love affair in my life Whichever form the tale takes, funny pages, comic book, web, or novel, the art has been a part of my reading life and love as a far back as I can stretch the ole memory Even before I could truly read, I was flipping through the funny papers with my father, trying to look all grown up, imitating his ruffle the paper grumpiness on Sunday mornings Sooo Nothing plays with my heartstrings and emotions while simultaneously pulling all of my senses into action with such force and fun better than the graphic novel style Friends With Boys by Faith Erin Hicks threw quite a surprising jab my way filled with mystery, spookiness, humor, friends, and family love IT S EASY TO LOSE YOUR SOUL IN HIGH SCHOOL After a childhood of homeschooling with her mother, Maggie s life is about to change in a hurry when she sets off for her first day of high school Life had always been centered at home with her family, but ever since her mother left, Maggie s life has been filled with change and uncertainty Armed with her warmth, innocence, humor, and three annoying yet sweet older brothers, Maggie reluctantly jumps into the high school life and halls brimming with new kids, pressures, loneliness, and tests of all kinds On top of ALL that, our Maggie is haunted Yes, haunted by a ghost from the local cemetery Haha Do you see why I love this book yet Can Maggie make friends, find her classes, and way in school all while trying to piece together the mystery and history of her ghost s reappearance and her mom s disappearance I loved Maggie from the first WHAP at her alarm clock How could I not The girl holds a deep love and admiration for badass Alien heroines, speaks and wears her heart on her sleeve for all to see, and projects such a vulnerability and honesty in her eyes that just pulled me in and made my heart ache Some of my favorite Maggie moments though were with her brothers The way she could communicate and share with each boy including her Dad in her life was adorable and heart warming Each brother added a new layer to the fun, story, and to Maggie The family dynamic truly was the heart beat of this tale for me I could feel their love, camaraderie, protectiveness and caring for each other on every page They made me very happy It was nice to be a part of their family for a bit I VE ALWAYS HAD MY BROTHERS, SO FOR AGES IT DIDN T FEEL LIKE I NEEDED ANY OTHER FRIENDS I cannot end this review without pointing out one of my favorite aspects of the graphic novel art form and one in which Ms Hicks kicks ass on The use of silence These pages and panels were filled with quiet moments between characters No words were spoken, but the art and illustrations said and projected so much emotion all by themselves I adored the awkward silences, tension, and love vibes thrown out there for readers to see and feel with glances, pauses, sighs, and those eyes so much emotion in the eyes Btw This book could hold my first graphic novel boy crush Alistair was pretty adorable in a beaming smile, mohawked, sad and lost but trying to find his path kind of way Pretty cute DAnywho I can t wait for from this gang Every character Maggie, Daniel, Lloyd, Zander, Lucy, Alistair, and added a smile, message, and ingredient to the story I will be following and rooting for all of them Now go, go meet Maggie and the gang Send my love

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    It s taken me so long to finally write a review on this one, mostly because it will be one of those reviews that I ll feel as though I ll never be able to capture how great this book really is That s always how it is with the good ones.The story could probably come off as another coming of age book, with our protagonist Maggie entering high school after years of being home schooled She has three older brothers who have already established themselves in school, making Maggie feel a bit out of her element as she adjusts to this new experience Lucy, an outcast girl, tries to befriend Maggie Pretty soon, Lucy and her brother Alistair, another outcast for mysterious reasons, are hanging tight with Maggie.Outside of school, Maggie has a loving father who is chief of police in town I loved the father He was everything a loving father should be Her older brother Daniel, who tries to give Maggie advice about school, is being bullied by one of the jocks for unknown reasons, contradicting the image Maggie had of him being popular in school Daniel also doesn t seem to like Maggie s new friendship with Alistair, which makes Maggie very curious about what happened to make Daniel dislike Alistair so much Maggie s other brothers are twins and they seem to be at each others throats, always competing against one another, yet their love and bond is evident This year however, seems to be a little different for them as they seem to be drifting apart due to outside influences and interests To top it off, Maggie is dealing with the disappearance of her mother and a ghost who follows her everywhere It is unclear whether Maggie s mom has abandoned the family, if she is AWOL on vacation taking a break from the stresses of family life, or if she has passed away It is clear to see that all this is taking a toll on Maggie as she shuts down and withdraws into herself Yet for all that may seem like many other books we ve read before, there s something new and refreshing about Friends With Boys Lucy practically steals the spotlight from Maggie, the main character Lucy is the kind of character you want to take under your wing and protect She s the kind of character that breaks your heart in two, and makes you want to cry for her if someone hurts her There s a scene where you see why her brother has become her shadow and only friend after he view spoiler calls Lucy a freak in front of everyone just to prove to the popular jocks that he fits in with them Lucy s face falls apart as you see the pain this dagger in her heart has caused her, and yet despite that she remains a happy spirit, her clean innocence untouched and her smile contagious to the reader hide spoiler

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    Sensitive, sympathetic coming of age drama that revolves around high school, peer pressure, angst, friendship, parties, popular culture and well, a ghost Not my favorite Hicks comic that would be The Adventures of Superhero Girl , but enjoyable enough.

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    Friends With Boys is probably one of the most interesting and realistic graphic novels I ve ever read, combining numerous elements and characters together to create an amazing coming of age tale.