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Theres No Way Fifteen Year Old Milo Wright Could Win The Election For President Of The United States Of America Is There But What If Milo Could Get The Teenage Vote What Happens When The Media Starts Promoting His Candidacy What Have Milo And His Campaign Manager And Classmate Eden James Got Up Their Sleeves Running A Race Against All Odds Will Make Readers Laugh And Cheer And Think About The Unbelievable Possibility Summary This book is about a boy who is 15 and is a freshman in high school at sage high His name is Milo He and his friends had the fantastic idea of running for president even though he is only a freshman in high school His friend Eden James was his vice and his campaign manager Together their names went on the ballot for voting for president.While running for president they ran into some trouble He and his friends didnt have any experiance on how to rule the country He and his friends also did not have all the money to campaign as much as the want They did not have as much money as the rest of the canidates did Milo did alot of free campagning at parades, fairs, and at school functions Milo spent lots of time mowing lawns in order to advertise him self as running for president I rated this book a 4 star because i liked all the creativity in Milo running for president.I would recomend this book to people who like non fiction books I would also recomend this book to any one who loves a little bit of adventure. When I first heard about the premise of this book, a freshman in high school runs for president of the United States, I had my doubts about my ability to like it After all, the Constitution provides that you have to be at least 35 years old to be president Luckily, the book resolves this issue rather quickly I don t think you can run for president unless you re a lot older, said Jack Don t you have to be forty or something Thirty five, said Paige, who, in spite of her rather unimpressive report card, was probably one of the smartest kids in their grade.Eden sounded impatient You can t actually be president unless you re thirty five But I don t think there s any rule against running for president I ll look into it I still think this is insane, Jack said Milo ignored him.A few moments later Eden was back from the computer I was right There s no rule in the Constitution against running for president It just says that you can t be eligible to that office unless you re thirty five And so Milo Wright, with the support of his three closest friends Eden, Paige, and Jack , decides to run for president of the United States as a write in candidate And the campaign Write In Wright is born Milo s campaign was not particularly a bid to win, but rather a device to raise awareness about issues facing teenagers.Despite this somewhat odd setup, I was really impressed with Condie s writing She managed to make the characters real and interesting, while still having them sound and act like the teenagers they are And the story had some nice twists and subplots.Anyway, the short of it is that I ll definitely be watching for work from Ally Condie especially her new book Matched, which will come out in November and is getting huge buzz already. It s been a while since I ve read a squeeky clean charming book by an LDS author that didn t make me want to gag I survived this one with no dry heaves If I were a middleschooler I would totally like give it a like a 5 star review It s just the kind of book I would have loved back then Of course I enjoyed it as a cute read, but some of my innocience has been lost and thus my bias has become subjective Milo is a courageous presidential candidate However if I were his mother now a days no amount of Prozac would make it okay for him to leave the kitchen a crazy chaotic campaign headquartering mess The underling theme of this book touches on adolesence insecurities and the desire to be noticed Running for president is a bit drastic but when isn t life as a teenager drastic. I waffled between giving this book three or four stars I give it 3.5 After reading the prologue, I almost didn t read the book I recommend starting with chapter 1 Instead, I came here and read some reviews I decided to give it a shot, and I m glad I did While the premise is fantastical, Ally Condie does a good job of making it believable The characters are well rounded and the book manages to deal with teenage depression as well I m going to have my tween daughter read it, because it teaches that you can do anything you set your mind to do, and whether or not life turns out the way you plan, you can make your own happiness by the way you react to your obstacles.