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The former violin teacher in me really liked this book because it introduces all the parts of the violin This book is not published by a major publisher and suffers from poor font choice and lack of professional polish, but overall I would recommend this book, especially to children who are learning to play stringed instruments The story is cute and my kids liked it. Mayra Calvani combines the curiosity and playfulness of Frederico the mouse with the history and genius of Antonio Stradivari, the famous violin maker, to tell a delightful story of kindness and friendship Children will learn music vocabulary and the parts of the violin as they follow Frederico s nightly escapades Curious Frederico peeked into the f hole and looked inside the violin This is the secret, magical place where sound comes out he squeaked.The realistic, yet whimsical, illustrations by K C Snider add to the fun The surprise ending of Frederico the Mouse Violinist will fill your heart with warm fuzzies It may just inspire you to follow your dreams.As a retired teacher, I would recommend this book as a fantastic way to introduce stringed instruments into the classroom A biography of Stradivari and his accomplishments are included in the back of the book The activity pages will reinforce the new vocabulary introduced in the book as well.Reviewed by author educator Kathy StemkeTo learn about Mayra Calvani and her books check out her blog Frederico Is A Tiny Mouse With A Big Dream He Wants To Become A Violinist Each Day He Watches As Stradivari Makes His Famous Violins Each Night, He Sneaks Into The Workshop To Play But The Violins Are Too Big Then, Unbeknown To Frederico, Stradivari Sees Him Playing And Begins Carving A Tiny Device Could It Be A Famous Strad Especially For Frederico Suggested Age For Readers Frederico, the Mouse ViolinistAuthor Mayra CalvaniIllustrator K.C SniderPublisher Guardian Angel Publishing Inc., 2010ISBN 13 978 1 61633 113 9 Hardcover ISBN 13 978 1 61633 114 6 Paperback ISBN 13 978 1 61633 125 2 eBook Reading level Ages 4 8Rating 5 starsReviewed by Wayne S WalkerFrederico, the Mouse Violinist published in 2010 by Guardian Angel Publishing Inc., 12430 Tesson Ferry Road 186, Saint Louis, Missouri 63128 Do you know where some of the best known and most expensive violins in the world were made Frederico is a little mouse who lives at Cremona, Italy, in the workshop of a famous violin maker, or luthier, named Antonio Stradivari Day after day he watches Stradivari work on violins and learns everything there is to know about them Night after night he practices playing on Stradivari s violins, but they are too big for him One night Stradivari notices Frederico playing a violin and soon begins working on a mysterious small device It looks just about the size of something for Frederico, but what could it be Related websites author , illustrator , publisher Mayra Calvani s charming picture book, Frederico, the Mouse Violinist, illustrated by K.C Snider, is a loving tribute to violinists, violins, and their makers, most especially the great Antionio Stradivarius This is a sweet story of a music loving mouse who lives in the workshop of Stradivarius and even learns how to play the violin In the end Frederico receives a unique gift one to fulfill his biggest dream.K.C Snider s beautiful artwork is one amazing painting after the other She puts you in Frederico s mouse world, which is also the world of Stradivarius We get a mouse sized view of the legendary violin maker in his workshop and are introduced to the process and language of violin making.Ms Calvani includes vocabulary words related to the violin and violin making Also included after the story is a brief biography of Antonio Stradivarius, a glossary of related violin words, and a word search puzzle This is a great introduction to the violin Highly recommended for ages 5 through 8. I have to say this is the most adorable book I ve seen in a long time It s interesting and attractive The illustrations are so cute, and the story itself is high quality I used to read a book called The Church Mouse over and over again when I was about seven because I loved the story and the pictures This is one of those kinds of books that a kid would ask to have read to them over and over again, or a kid would just look at because the pictures are so intriguing There is a lot a child can learn from reading this story as well, such as information about music, the Stradivarius guitar, creating an instrument, and just plain history about the Stradivarius guitar and its worth I loved how the parts of the violin were described at the end and a glossary is included in the book This story might even encourage a child to want to learn to play the violin My favorite picture in the story is the one of the mouse playing the tiny violin that the violin maker created for him and gave him as a gift So adorable This book is a keeper. Frederico the Mouse Violinist is a fascinating picture book about a mouse and a dream Living in the workshop of the famed violin designer Antonio Stradivari, Frederico watches the talented designer craft spectacular violins Wanting to learn , at night he explored and learned to play the instruments Little did he know, someone was watching and would surprise him with a special gift This was a heartwarming picture book to be enjoyed again and again I like how the educational components tied in with the story, yet didn t take away from it.Illustrator K.C Snider has done it again with colorful, engaging and realistic illustrations.This is an all around fantastic book If you love playing the violin you will love reading about Frederico the Mouse who watches as Antonio Stradivari the famous Italian violin maker skillfully work on a violin Author Mayra Calvani gave us a historical and educational background about Antonio Stradivari, the world s most famous violin maker and the name parts of a violin Also loved the seek and find words at the end of the story Great illustration by K C Snider I highly recommend this book. Frederico, the Mouse Violinist is an absolutely wonderful children s picture book Through a delightful story, the author teaches about the world s most famous violin maker, Antonio Stradivari, along with various parts of the violin.But, what has a mouse to do with Stradivari and violins Well, Calvani cleverly weaved a story that has Frederico living in the home where Stradivari creates his masterpieces Loving the violin, the mouse wished he could play At night while the master slept, Frederico would play among the violins and move the bow across the strings, making sweet sounds Hearing the music and seeing Frederico s appreciation for the violin, Stradivari created a special tiny violin for the mouse.Adding dimension to the story are full page illustrations that are vibrant and fanciful, making Frederico, the Mouse Violinist an engaging, kids will love it picture book The book also provides information on Stradivari a glossary for words related to the violin, such as bridge, peg, and scroll and two activity pages It is an enjoyable and fun tool that parents and teachers can use to introduce the violin to young children I happen to love the sound of the violin, cello, and other stringed instruments My appreciation for music came from my musical family, as well as school music education programs In 7th and 8th grades my school offered violin instruction which I happily accepted.Research from the 1950s through to today demonstrates the benefits music has for children and even societies Here are some of the benefits children can reap from music education Increases memorization capacity Improves reasoning capacity and comprehensionHelps children learn and or improve time management and organizational skillsHelps develop team skills, as well as math skillsHelps improve coordination and concentrationIs a universal language and encourages self expressionAside from the above mentioned benefits, you never know what will spark a child s appreciation and love for music, it could be hearing a song, seeing musicians play, or learning about various instruments and their creation Karen CioffiAuthor, Ghostwriter, Freelance writerKaren Cioffi Writing and Marketing I have a soft spot for String Instruments and when Frederico, the Mouse Violinist came out introducing kids to the wonder and beauty of the violin I had to ask my good friend Mayra if I could share it with my readers.Anyway, when I received Mayra s new Children s book I was really excited but that excitement grew as I read the book Frederico is a darling little mouse who lives in Stradivari s workshop and watches him carve beautiful violins.Mayra has very skillfully interwoven terms and definitions throughout the story and children will learn about the instrument as the story is read He turned a peg or two to tune the violin and make sure the sound came out right Your children will learn that by tightening or loosening the strings the pitch of the violin will become higher or lower He walked on a string he slid down the fingerboard and your children will continue to learn about the basic design of the instrument and the purpose of it.They will also learn who Antonio Stradavari is, what a luthier is and where the sound comes from Important words are in bold print and there is a glossary of terms and simple puzzles at the end of the book to reinforce what your child has learned in the story.I very highly recommend this book for ALL children 4 I d personally like to see a series created showing the various types of instruments there are the Woodwind, Percussion, BRASS, and of course the Strings instruments You can order HERE on for 10.95 paperback and 17.85 hardback both are largeprints.Mayra has written several children s books and a book called The Slippery Art of Book Reviewing which has been nominated for an Global Ebook Award You can find out about Mayra Calvani HERE on her blog