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Punished for sins not her own can a mortal claim her vampire mate?The world of immortals must unite to save both themselves and the mortals they co exist with from an ancient evilFor Bede MacTaggert this means trusting in the warrior sent for her sister—a man of mystery of power and one who could easily sweep her into a world she's destined to be part ofAn imperial guard to the king of vampires Gawain has always tuned out the needs of the flesh Dedicating himself to the service of the royals he's lived on the fringes of his people for centuries Now he's forced from the shadows and into the arms of a woman who will awaken his heart and body to a passion uneualedContent Warning sexy alpha vampire explicit sex violence

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    Forsaken Heart was provided to me for free in exchange for a review'The world of immortals must unite to save both themselves and the mortals they co exist with from an ancient evil'Forsaken Heart caters to an audience who loves their males dominant their women spunky and their sex hot and plentiful It's what you'd expect from paranormal romanceerotica but has a few twists that make it fresh and original and sets it apart from the genreThe vampires of has one of the most best concepts I've heard of in a while Forsaken Heart borrows from Greek Mythology for the conception of this worlds vampires I found the mythology behind the vampires with Selene the moon goddess being the mother of all vampires an awesome spin on vampire lore as it makes so much sense and I can't believe that this hasn't been done beforeThere is stuff here I did really love and enjoy The hero Gawain has taken a vow of chastity and my god is that ever a glorious thing to read This is seriously something that I've never seen written about much in a lot of the stuff I read whether it be contemporary erotica or a straight up harleuin romance novels It's the woman who's the blushing inexperienced virgin and her virginity is placed up on this pedestal and the 'virginwhore' trope is milked for all it's worth Sure Bede is a virgin too but it's no where near as hyped up as her love interests Considering Gawain is written as a 'sexy alpha vampire' having him abstain from sex is fascinating It's established why he's chaste and upon finding his mate it doesn't take long for the two to get it on with a couple fantasy scenes before the actual deed is done And there is plenty 'getting it on' Both the characters really have fairly intriguing pasts and it's interesting seeing them interact with the mortals and immortals around themThe only nit pick I have is that there were times where it felt like the pacing was a bit off and it felt a little rushed to get from Point A to Point B and it affected the world building for me somewhat The latter part of Forsaken Heart was defiantly stronger and it did get better over the course of the book and it left me wanting from this series as first books often make me feel As a side note I know that romance and sex isn't for everyone and this book does have a lot of sex in it That's not a bad thing and it clearly advertises itself having the content but if heavy romance and descriptive sex isn't your thing Forsaken Heart may not be for youForsaken Heart was very enjoyable despite the few nitpicks that I can forgive as it's the first book in a series While it may not be for everyone it definitely shines in the Paranormal Romance genre where it's strengths lie in interesting characters lore that's original and sex that's hot

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    I‘ve received the book in exchange for a review The story is very interesting and I will keep reading the next books to find out the whole story You will not find all answers in the first book to your uestions 😉 It was not always to keep up with the story from time to time there were some jumps in the storyline But I really like the two MC Bede and Gawain and their sweet but also hot lovestory

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    Wow An amazing read I got the chills so many times in this book It completely blew my mind It surpassed my expectations Completely took me in after only a few lines

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    This book is the first in a four part series and I must say the first one is a really great read It starts off with Bede and her sister being sold to a slaver Her father eagerly parts with them for a pouch of gold Bede calms her sister's fears and thinks of this as an opportunity to get away from their abusive parent Since the death of her mother everything has fallen onto Bede's shoulders She loves her sister than anything and would willingly die for her They do not even make it to their new home before their master is demanding a taste of the goods Bede is fighting him off with all she has and her sister jumps on his back to try to stop him But Bede's ultimate savior is a shock He is like no one she has ever seen before except of course in her nightmaresGawain is set to a task he does not relish His king bides him to seek a child that is full of prophecy and bring her to him Gawain carries the guilt of his former ueen's murder as a burden He has held tight to his vow of chastity and seeks to redeem himself for failing the ueen even though the burden is not his to carry As a vampire immortal he has suffered a very long time As he begins his journey into the mortal realm he is beset by the sound of a child screaming as soon as he steps through the portal Fury surges through him Humans can be savage than any immortal known Making haste to lend aid he kills the slaver before he is able to rape Bede Gawain is unprepared for the rapid flow of emotions that she brings aboutThis book dips into Greek mythology which is one of my favorites by making Selene the moon goddess the mother of the vampires This is one of my favorite things about this book It is an unbelievably awesome concept The moon goddess being the creator of vampires who can only live at night? It actual makes sense It is called the Forsaken series because the vampire king threw all of the other races into the mortal realm when his ueen was killed These immortals were forsaken and forgotten about There were many and the descriptions make me anxious to dive into the second book Gawain was modeled after his role in King Author's Court Bede remains a bit of a mystery as to what exactly she is because even though she has fangs she can call fire This interesting twist was added at the end Very Very good read I can't wait for the second book

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    Gawain is sent for Bede and her sister and Bede must trust him to take them to safety Gawain has never given in to his personal desires and he lives to serve his royals Now he can barely keep his vampire side from drinking Bede dryWhen Bede's sister goes missing she has to trust Gawain to bring her back She finds herself still falling for Gawain even though he shies away from her at almost every opportunity She can't help herself and she just hopes that the both of them will be able to focus long enough to find her little sister When I originally saw this cover I thought that it was going to be one of those highlander romances I am a bit wishy washy with those so I was excited to learn that it was actually a vampire alpha romance The majority of this story focuses on Bede's romance with Gawain and not the actual world This was not necessarily a good thing as sometimes it felt as if most of the story had been suished in between their freuent sex scenes I did get the gist of the main plot but I believe it could have been expanded upon a bit Nevertheless I understand that this is a romance series so each book might end up focusing on the romance of the main characters and then build the world on the side throughout the novels I did like the character development Gawain was used to only looking out for himself and putting all of his effort into serving the royals so having another person to care about was actually rather strange for him He did his best not to give in to his physical desire for Bede but in the end his instincts just overtook him The only thing that I didn't really understand by the end of the story was the whole Punished for sins not her own part of the synopsis I didn't feel like this had been fully explained throughout the novel and if I didn't see it in the synopsis I would not have been expecting it This is why I unusually don't like to focus too much on the synopsis and instead choose to let the book tell its own story The plot flowed fairly smoothly albeit uickly and there were no grammar errors that I noticed For a short romance story it was actually written pretty well There weren't any of the random plot holes that are usually left in short stories I would recommend this to lovers of adult romance novels I received a copy of this book and this is my voluntary review 

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    I've always loved vampire stories and movies and basically anything to do with vampires But this book is about than just vampires There are other creatures witches goddesses and gross dads It flips between the perspective of Bede and Gawain There is plenty of sex talk as well so it borders on paranormal erotic maybe? Just my thoughts lol but I'm not against finding new books to read that merge genres I also liked that the action picked up from the beginning of the story I didn't have to keep reading to get hooked I'm interested to see what else will happen in the next books as this was the first in the series Disclaimer I was offered a free copy of Forsaken Heart in exchange for my honest review of this book

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    Worst piece of garbage I have read in a while Mess of a story where it is like you are reading the third book in as series despite this being the first as names places and world knowledge is spewed out left and right from the first chapter with no sensible explanation 1 day after meeting the male protagonist of the story our female protagonist who believes him to be another bad guy is suddenly so overcome with lust that everything even close to a story line is long forgotten and Bede suddenly gains vampiric super powers and fighting abilities And then somehow loses them again? And do not even get me started on the last final battle or the ridiculousness of the ending

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    Forsaken Heart is the first book in the four part series and is an interesting read The story starts with Bede and her sister being sold by their father for a bag of gold to a slaver Bede is smart and starts thing of an escape plan They both get an opportunity to run away Bede is like a mother to her younger sister and the bond between the two sisters is really strongRead the complete review on my blog

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    DNF 59% Promising I got this free for a review but I’m a bit disappointed I tried but I couldn’t any The story seems all over the show it’s a bit too rushed and confusing and I couldn’t keep up

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    it was confusing but it worked in the end