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Just imagine the perfect wedding and then everything that could go wrongViscount Camden Beckinworth had lived the life of a devil may care rake until his parents’ untimely death He cast aside his personal life returned home to save the crumbling family business and decided to re enter Society five years later By then the pesky little sister of his two best childhood friends had grown into a lovely womanAfter two disastrous London seasons Susanna Lorican accepted a marriage proposal from a neighborhood friend and while she had adored him since childhood she never expected the man of her dreams to reciprocate her feelings She planned the perfect Christmas Eve wedding but she didn’t expect a snowstorm to barrel through the English countryside on the morning ofDoes social peril and uncontrollable weather keep the lovebirds from the altar or do they find their happily ever after in the midst of a disastrous wedding day?

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    Susanna Lorican wanted nothing than to finally marry the love of her life one Viscount Camden Beckinworth Only nature and fate don't seem to be on her side With the winter snow piling up everything seems to be put on pause from the arrival of her guests and dress to the courtyard that she'd initially wanted to utilize The obstacles just keep coming but come hell or high water their love will persevere and the wedding will take place if Susanna has anything to say about it Overall this was a well paced short story about love and dedication The writing was fluid and well described and in the sweltering heat of Illinois in July it made me miss the chilly winter season I know that others can't stand the snow but winter is my favorite time of year I normally don't fancy historical fiction but thought the characters seemed likable enough and I have to admire Susanna's tenacity I probably would have just delayed the wedding after the first or second snag in the plansThank you to author Amber Daulton for my copy of this novella This review can also be found on my blog Bitches n Prose

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    I feel like I missed the first half of a book and this was the last bit of itWhen we meet our leads they’re already in love engaged and have slept togetherIt was short and sweet but I felt dropped into it

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    My Rating ❤❤❤❤ VERY GOOD The characteristics of a 4 star book include a great story; I loved the characters; and there was an interesting plot and uniue story elements; there may have been a few odd things kept the story from being amazing I would read it again and I would recommend it to a friend Initial Reaction I don't typically enjoy historical romances but color me surprised when I enjoyed this short and sweet tale Rating's Breakdown uality of writing GoodPace Even and easyCharacters For a short story I thought they were well thought as were their motivations Plot development Good and conciseStory line Clever and well thought outEnjoyability Very enjoyable My Thoughts This book was provided by the author for an honest reviewForever Winter opens with Susanna Lorican daughter of Baron Alban and Lady Marie Lorican preparing for her wedding supposedly occurring later in the day But fate with her fickle ways puts several obstacles in Susanna and her fiancé's Lord Camden Beckinworth way A snow storm An absent wedding gown A hurt reverend As each obstacle presents itself Susanna drowns deeper and deeper in despair It is only Camden's presence and reassurance that buoys her spirits and allows her to press on despite the obstacles However Susanna's greatest obstacle comes in the form of a nefarious family member who threatens to destroy her on her most precious day But thankfully love does indeed conuer allAs I mentioned in my initial reaction I don't typically read historical romances unless a hunky kilt wearing Highlander is involved However I really enjoyed this short story Although it was set during England's Victorian era it was not heavily laden with the speech of the period Readers like me will enjoy Forever Winter because of Daulton's easy writing styleI also appreciated the characters and their personalities Although Susanna initially came across as spoiled and entitled her caring heart shines through in her concern for the servant's children and the reverend's well being And who wouldn't love a reformed rake like Camden le sigh I was pleased with the family dynamic that was woven throughout the story Susanna with her parents and her siblings and Camden with her parents Sadly Susanna never did repair her broken relationship with her oldest sister Deandra but it was nice to see her forge a closer bond with her sister Beatrix And the epiloguejust too sweet for words Visit The BookChick Blog

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    Better to laugh then cry such a lovely uote that fits this coupleSusanna is a kind hearted strong young women with a touch of a temper On her wedding day when one thing after another is going wrong she still holds it together With everything she faces my heart goes out to her I really like her as a women Camden seems to be a really great guy A friend of her brothers and already like a son to Susanna's parents it's crazy sweet how he fits in with everyone This is a short sweet romance with a little mystery mixed in It flows nicely and at one point I wanted to reach out and strangle her brother in law because I was drawn into the story by the wonderful characters and Amber's writing

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    My first true love was historical romance It has been awhile since I had the pleasure of reading one and was delighted that I had this opportunity Nothing in the world is beautiful than winter Throw in a winter wedding and you have the makings of a beautiful love story Except this story has anything and everything that can go wrong Susanna and Camden are a wonderfully described couple and I have to give Amber amazing credit for how well developed they are in this short storyI am one of those people that would have seriously considered postponing the wedding after all the mishaps these two came under but their love would not be deniedWonderful story and I am looking forward to from this lovely author

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    Forever Winter started off with a relatively minor mishap and continued on into what I am sure would have been any bride's nightmare For a short story it had some great characters and a plot that fit the length without it feeling like the story needed a lot It was relatively light but real enough to make it feel like you could know and relate to the characters Susanna Camden were an adorable couple and fit each other really well While I would've liked getting to know these two and their family even better I was pleased with this short glimpse into the beginning of their shared lives together as well as the epilogue which wrapped things up nicely A sweet and entertaining read 35 Stars

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    Most helpful customer reviews50 out of 5 stars Beautiful Story Aug 17 2013By Angela FordFormatKindle Edition| Verified PurchaseA sweet historical romance well crafted with believable characters A magical wedding despite the obstacles at a magical time of the year Christmas EveDaulton's easy writing style carried through beautifullyOne disaster strikes after another on the day of their wedding Susanna is emotional but strong Camden is loving and devoted I loved the story line and the characters I kept turning one page after another cheering for Susanna and Camden I had to see them through each obstacle hoping they would be blessed with their magical weddingA story to treasure A definite read that leaves you wanting to read of Amber Daulton's work

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    This was a great little Historial romance It's nice to see a family willing to go along with marriage for love and not title There was drama and sweetness The only thing I didn't like is that it was so short I think with some development the author could build on the turmoil and drama that's already there and turn it into a full length novel Not that it takes away from the read If you want a uick happy story to read on your lunch break pick this up

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    Of the many things that could go wrong am just so happy the wedding pulled through I thought the theme of the wedding was amazing The experience of it snowing would make for an exceptional experience Camden was just the best man understanding supportive and great To be honest Susanna Beckinworth was indeed lucky I enjoyed this short read and would recommend anyone to take it up

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    What a delightful and charming wedding story I loved the characters and felt like I was right there living through the traumas of this horrible wedding day Loved the story and the author's voice I will look for from this talented new to me author