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Send The Messengers For The Faery Courts This Is The End The Summer King Is Missing The Dark Court Is Bleeding And A Stranger Walks The Streets Of Huntsdale, His Presence Signifying The Deaths Of Powerful FeyAislinn Tends To The Summer Court, Searching For Her Absent King And Yearning For Seth Torn Between His New Queen And His Old Love, Keenan Works From Afar To Strengthen His Court Against The Coming War Donia Longs For Fiery Passion Even As She Coolly Readies The Winter Court For Battle And Seth, Sworn Brother Of The Dark King And Heir To The High Queen, Is About To Make A Mistake That Could Cost His LifeLove, Despair, And Betrayal Ignite The Faery Courts, And In The Final Conflict, Some Will Winand Some Will Lose EverythingThe Thrilling Conclusion To Melissa Marr S New York Times Bestselling Wicked Lovely Series Will Leave Readers Breathless Actual Rating 4.5 stars.All of the Faerie courts are in peril and both Keenan and Seth are missing Devoid of the experience and advantages of the other faery monarchs, Aislinn is doing her best to rule and prepare for the impending War being incited by the malevolent Bananach But without the Summer King and her newly turned faery lover at her side, how will she protect her already weakened court from destruction Apparently I d forgotten exactly how much I enjoy Melissa Marr s writing She has this way of writing that makes it almost impossible to put her novels down It seems like one minute you re on page 10 and the next you re already halfway through I will admit that this isn t my favorite faery series, but it has had its good moments I loved the first installment, the second confused the hell out of me, the third was disappointing, and, I realize that Radiant Shadows was a filler, but it was actually my favorite since the first novel, Wicked Lovely I m not sure why, but I really liked Devlin and Ani s story I thought it was a nice addition to an otherwise okay series So, for me, Radiant Shadows was an improvement But Darkest Mercy just blows all of that out of the water There s one thing I look for most in a series, and that is that I ll be able to re read it in future and not have to take a loss because I bought the whole series and ended up disliking it as a whole cough Vampire Academy cough Fortunately, the Wicked Lovely series is one that I ll be able to enjoy again In most areas, Darkest Mercy didn t disappoint me There are some things that I wish the author would ve done differently, like make the novel longer so that some of her characters endings wouldn t have been so rushed, but all in all I m still happy with the outcome Throughout this series my feelings toward Aislinn s character have alternated between liking her and hating her the latter especially in Fragile Eternity I think that s my least favorite of this series I strongly dislike heroines that are indecisive in their relationships In past installments it seemed as if she were forever leading Seth and Keenan along And yes, I know there s all of the ridiculous court rules and duties that Aislinn had to consider, but that didn t mean I had to like it.At the beginning of the series, Aislinn starts out as an average mortal girl with the gift of Sight the ability to see faeries whereas others cannot Initally, Aislinn fears and avoids faeries, but she ends up becoming one and ruling over an entire court of them So her character changes and evolves quite a bit over the course of the series And she definitely steps up to the plate in this as the Summer Queen and kicks some ass come battle time Gotta love a feisty heroine So, in the end, I m quite happy with her character.Donia has been my favorite character since book 1 She has a heart of gold that s been crushed by the King she loves, but through everything she still holds strong and takes on the role of the Winter Queen along with all of its duties.Like with Aislinn, I ve always kind of been on the fence with my feelings toward Keenan Somehow I never really took a liking to him as I did almost instantaneously with Seth this could very well have something to do with Seth s piercings But I m very happy to say that I LOVED Keenan in this He completely blew me away and I couldn t have been happier with his character in this.Seth sigh I can t say that I like what Marr did with his character in this Reasons being that he s not in this enough for my liking, and I think his character kind of got the shaft I still love him, but I think the way his story is wrapped up should ve been handled differently.I ll handle Niall and Irial s characters together since they belong together this is getting kind of long.Well, if you ve read Radiant Shadows then you know that Irial s character is stabbed by Bananach towards the end And so, in this, Niall s basically a complete mess.Let s just say that Marr surprised me big time and that I m VERY HAPPY with that outcome.FAVORITE QUOTES If it s between love and dutyShe still wanted love.And he was gone before she could think clearly enough to explain that her yes was a Yes, I ll marry you view spoiler Let me love you, please Tell me you re saying there s still a chance, Don hide spoiler So after 5 books, hundreds of pages, and many yearsit all comes down to an ultimatum If Keenan had just issued one in Wicked Lovely, it would ve saved a lot of time. These books have the most beautiful names, where does she get them Undoubtedly 5 Stars When I told you I wanted to try, I spoke the truth When I turned away, it was for my former court, and when I tried to make another faery love me, it was for that court I ve lived my whole life trying to bring the Summer Court back to the strength it once was In all those years, in centuries, I ve only wished myself free of duty because of one reason You Darkest Mercy was the perfect series finale for Wicked Lovely I am gushing right now because I loved this book TO.PIECES I could not have asked for anythingin terms of an ending for my favorite faery series I m actually very sad too that this journey is over, and I can only hope that Marr has some spinoffs in the making, not because everything wasn t tied up properly, but because I wantsimply just not ready to let these characters go yet It s no secret that my favorite character in this entire series is Keenan SQUEEEE and in this installment it just proves how much he s willing to sacrifice for his court and the ones he loves He HANDS DOWN gave up the most and fought the hardest to make sure the Summer, Winter and Dark court survived Bananach s reign of terror His final sacrifice made my heart drop I did not even phantom that was even possible Melissa Marr is an EVIL GENIUS She makes her characters fight, struggle, and sacrifice but not without their just rewards Gawd she s brilliant The final battle was EPIC I loved how throughout this final book Marr was adamant about one thing she is willing to spare characters to ensure the storyline progresses properly None of this mental battle bullsh t other authors use as a cop out Melissa Marr is fearless and she makes her characters earn their ending whether it be a happy one or simply what they deserve BRILLIANT I will stand behind my previous opinion on how Fragile Eternity and Radiant Shadows came off as filler books To be honest, this final installment does not need those two books to deliver this flawless ending What I do recommend is reading the novellas Stopping Time and Old Habits, so you can understand the relationship between Irial, Niall and Leslie Other than that, there is nothing I could have asked for that Marr didn t deliver in this final book for the Wicked Lovely series.I highly recommend fans of the first few books give this installment a try So worth it It s one I ll be re reading over and over again Loved it