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İnsanları çaresiz bırak iç organlarından roket yaparlarSiz bu cümleyi okurken bir yerlerde insanlar ülkelerindeki savaş açlık ve yoksulluktan kaçmak için sonu zifiri bir yolculuğa çıkmaya hazırlanıyor Ancak bu hikâye o kaçak göçmenlerle değil onları kaçıranlardan biriyle ilgili Adı Gazâ Babası bir insan kaçakçısı Gazâ da onun çırağı Henüz 9 yaşında Yani hayata ve insana dair öğrenmemesi gereken ne varsa hepsini öğrenecek yaşta“Doğu ile Batı arasındaki fark Türkiye’dir Hangisinden hangisini çıkarınca geriye Türkiye kalır bilmiyorum ama aralarındaki mesafe Türkiye kadar ondan eminim Ve biz orada yaşıyorduk Her gün politikacıların televizyonlara çıkıp jeopolitik öneminden söz ettiği bir ülkede Önceleri çözemezdim ne anlama geldiğini Meğer jeopolitik önem içi kapkaranlık ve farları fal taşı gibi otobüslerin sırf yol üstünde diye gecenin ortasında mola verdiği kırık dökük bir binanın ada ve parsel numaralarıyla yapılan çıkar hesapları demekmiş 1565 km uzunluğunda koca bir Boğaz Köprüsü anlamına geliyormuş Ülkede yaşayanların boğazlarının içinden geçen dev bir köprü Çıplak ayağı Doğu’da ayakkabılı olanı Batı’da ve üzerinden yasadışı ne varsa geçip giden yaşlı bir köprü Kursağımızdan geçiyordu hepsi Özellikle de kaçak denilen insanlar Elimizden geleni yapıyorduk Boğazımıza takılmasınlar diye Yutkunup gönderiyorduk hepsini Nereye gideceklerse oraya Sınırdan sınıra ticaret Duvardan duvara”

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    Trigger warnings basically everything Certainly rape violence incest death murder human trafficking refugee stories drug abuse death of a child death of a parent drowning possibly animal cruelty and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember because there were SO MANY TRIGGERS IN THIS BOOK I was super intrigued when I stumbled across this at my local library It's translated from Turkish It's largely set in Turkey And it was described as a bildungsroman about a young boy whose father is a people smuggler a story that's one of the firs tto deal with the current refugee crisis All of which ticked boxes I was interested in Unfortunately this was mostly just brutal Gaza is a fairly intolerable character for the majority of the story The story ishorrifying a lot of the time Gaza barely sees the refugees as people instead seeing them as objects that he can manipulate and abuse at his whim And while his own story is just as brutal as the stories of the people they're smuggling into Europe it doesn't excuse any of his behaviour In short this book was depressing af and it sent me into a reading slump

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    Gaza is not a nice guy who lacks compassion and empathy Enlisted into his father's people trafficking business at the age of nine They transfer people from Afghan and Syria through Turkey into Greece He is a victim of a rape becomes a rapist is threatened by his father and manipulates people in weird experiments for his own pleasure He carries a ghost of one Afghan refugee who he caused the death of Murder corruption and extortion are all part of his worldAfter a road accident where he spends 13 days trapped under the bodies of the people they were trafficking Gaza spirals into mental disarray drugs and institutionsThe only people who show any kindness are the refugees who cling to hope and their possessions in a plastic bag This difference between those who are escaping and those who profit for them is the essence of this dark novel

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    Wow I've just finished reading the critically acclaimed More A Novel by Turkish author Hakan Günday and throughout my entire time reading it I was absolutely dumbstruck – with shock disgust and wonder I barely know how to rate it let alone write a review More is an absolutely brutal novel pretty much every crime torment and horror you can imagine is visited upon or inflicted by various characters This is not a book for the faint of heart; if you are sensitive or easily triggered I cannot in good conscience recommend it to you In fact I'm kind of on the fence about it even if you think you're not because it's just that disturbing Unfortunately I'm unable to disclose about the aforementioned travesties as they'd spoil too much of the plotAm I glad I read it? Yes It's one of those books that stays with you and the time passes the the subtle layers of meaning and metaphor in this most decidedly unsubtle work reveal themselves But those layers just delve into the bleak and devastating truths living on the surface so reader bewareHowever since the reality of the refugee crisis going on in the world actually is bleak and devastating then there is benefit in facing it head on It isn't easy but it will open your heart if you let it I received finished copies of this book at no cost from the publisher Skyhorse via Goodreads Giveaways

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    At what point in your life being raised by a monster who trains you to take on his vocation do you become a monster yourself? Gaza whose mother died in childbirth enters his father's refugee transport business when he is 9 They help to move people within Turkey people who are destined mostly for the slave trade not for a better life far from their country of birthIs he a monster at 10 when he has a childish tantrum against his father that leads to a serious conseuence for one of the refugees? Is he a monster at 15 when he abuses and manipulates refugees to satisfy both adolescent urges and his thwarted dreams of higher education in sociology? Can he ever atone?It is these uestions that haunt Gaza himself in this disturbingly detailed novel A few pages ramble with his inner thoughts and others describe things so awful I contemplated putting the book down for good Overall the book is well done and uniue in its particulars if not its theme I alternated between pity and contempt for the main character but ultimately found the story inside his head worth sticking around for

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    I received this book from GoodreadsI've been avoiding reviewing More because I don't want to review it There I said itI can't describe this book as anything other than a hot mess 'Hot' because everyone seems to love this book and everyone else wants to get their hands on it and 'mess' because that's exactly what this book isMore is a messMy grievances has nothing to do with the brittle topic this book is about The topic is fine I think it should be discussed and understood better Not ignored like it is nowadaysNo it's the writingI will only complain about grammar writing and writing style if it interferes with the reading process In this case it does Big timeI had to take my time and learn to read the style while my brain rearranged the words into an order I could better understand the information in The style is very different than anything I've come across and I had to relearn it every time I picked the book back up It was slow going and irritatingTo add fuel to my irritation this book is full of long droning run on sentences They go on and on and on And almost always ends in an exclamation pointI have never seen so many exclamation points in my life all in one book Reading More nearly made me sick of themAnd the most frustrating thing of all is that I'm not sure if I can be rightly angry about any of that It was translated from Turkish Was the terrible writing the translators fault? Gaza is definitely mentally ill Was it written in a crazy way like that to define Gaza's illness?Rating More turned into a uestion of morals The Refugee Crises is a very sensitive topic How could I rate this book so low? Don't I understand what the topic is about? That's like giving a Holocaust memoir a low ratingThis book is based off of the very real happenings of today but it is still fiction I stand by my two stars

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    I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway listed by Skyhorse Publishing And I am glad I did Holy Moly this book It was relentless brutal and epic I loved every minute of it Hakan Günday does not let the reader off the hook He will dig into the most difficult of scenes and describe those scenes in a way that will make you suirm You want those scenes to end but he keeps going It's like he's sticking a finger on a bruise Even though you're wincing the story is too well written to push away On top of this Günday devilishly endears you to the main character to a point where you feel like you are him and this is your story The problem is you don't realize until it's too late that you're on the side of a psychopath The story is a saga that will weasel itself into being YOUR saga In the end after all the angst you will feel perfectly satiated I'm almost positive this will be my favorite book of 2017 because it's my favorite book in many many years I wish everyone knew about it

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    I am reviewing the English language kindle version of Hakan Gunday's 'More A Novel' which is the translation of the Turkish language original 'Daha'This is a book that people seem to love or hate but whichever way the opinion falls it's not a book that you'll forget in a hurry It tells of a teen aged boy Gaza whose mother died giving birth to him or did she? and whose father is a murderer Gaza is smart and has done well at school but his father won't let him leave to get an education He has to stay and support the family business smuggling desperate people mostly Afghans into EuropeThe book moves in several phases The first examines the depravity of the people trafficking trade Gaza and his father have a large underground reservoir where they 'store' their 'goods' prior to export Left alone to look after 30 something prisoners Gaza experiments on them exploring power and corruption with his human ratsThe second phase particularly icky sees Gaza trapped under a pile of dead and decaying bodies you'll have to read to find out how and why the third sees him in a children's home preparing for a great future the fourth sees him falling apart and becoming an addict until the final part brings him opportunities to either spread his evil or to redeem himselfGaza is fascinating He has moments of what can only be considered evil but also times of deep regret and introspection He is a self made monster who holds nothing back from the readers There's layer upon layer of depravity to wade through in 'More' and yet a part of me still wanted things to work out for him What chance would any kid have being brought up the way he was? Why wouldn't he have built a hard shell of self protection after all he's lived through But that doesn't make him a nice personThere are some errors in the book The bridge across the Bosphorus is said to be 1000 times longer than it actually is and there's a character whose name fluctuates between Maxime and Maxine multiple times But honestly does any of that matter?I had assumed incorrectly that the book was set during the recent immigration crisis in the Mediterranean but I was completely wrong There was no time available for Gaza to have grown up and developed if these events had been so recent It dawned slowly that this was all set around the war in Afghanistan and not the aftermath of the Syria crisisWhen Gaza mentions the destruction of the Afghan Buddhas of Bamiyan it hit home that this was a different conflict from which his father and his colleagues were profiting That said it makes the events no or less harrowing than if it had been recentIt's a very long time since I read either book but Gaza reminds me of Patrick Suskind's protagonist in 'Perfume' with shades of Bret Easton Elli's serial killer in 'American Psycho' both people you can't forget whilst being horrified by their activitiesDo I recommend it? Ouch tough uestion It's not an easy or a comfortable read at all but I think More pays back on the efforts that you make For about the first third I found myself thinking 'very clever but where is this really going?' as it just seemed to navel gaze for a long timeWatch out for Gaza's intriguing theory of spiral democracy Anybody who's ever worked for a company with a seriously dysfunctional management structure will find that absolutely fascinating

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    The story itself is interesting but the writing is just too dark I barely finished it without having an anxiety attack every 50 pages The beginning is really thought out but the end feels rushed

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    I was so excited to read this book since it has a promising subject human smuggling in the shore of Turkey narrated through the eyes of a 11 year old Unfortunately the book failed on so many levels that it ruined a rather interesting topic for meMajor problems Either the translator or the author has no style in writing The text was so obviously written by someone who doesn't know words enough to write a book The first person narrative from a young boy doesn't add any fresh perspective to the story It's a failed attempt Mere rambling in some chapters wo any contribution to the story or introduction of a general notion makes you wanna kill yourself while reading the book

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    I received this book through Good Reads This is a dark and disturbing novel dealing with human suffering both physical and psychological The author's talent magnifies the reader's discomfort while experiencing a uniue book It deals with the Refugee crisis addiction and mental illness among other topics This book is suitable for strong minded individuals willing to explore a uniue part of the world