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We Have This One Chance, Brucius Told Sam If You Can Get Him, If You Can Locate And Extricate King Abdullah, Then We Can Punish Him Justice Will Be Served We Could Stop The Final World War Find Him, We Ll Try Him And Hang Him Don T, And We Ll Have To Retaliate The United States, Stunned By The Nuclear Detonation In Washington, DC And Further Crippled By The EMP Attack On The Whole Country, Is On The Brink Of Destruction The Unscrupulous Leaders Who Have Banded Together To Toss Out The Constitution And Divide The Ruling Of The World Between Themselves Have All But Achieved Their ObjectiveBut They Haven T Factored In One Thing They Haven T Considered The Chance, However Slight, That Good People Remain Who Will Continue Standing Up For What They Believe In A Daring Plot To Reinstate Brucius Marino To His Rightful Position As President Of The United States, With An Even Audacious Plan To Bring King Abdullah To Justice Everything Hinges On The Courage And Skill Of Sara And Sam Brighton And Their Friends The Thrilling Conclusion To The Great And Terrible Series Will Keep You Riveted To The Very End

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    The final book in this LDS fiction series The author seemed rushed and bit lazy in this one He leaves out many sceens that would be difficult to write letting the action play out behind the scenes There are also some big holes If you read this, I recommend doing it quickly Don t give yourself time to think and analyze along the way, or things will start to break down This series is not great literature by any stretch of the imagination However, I would still recommend reading it for the way in which it makes you evaluate how you think about certain things events in the last days, influences both good and evil outside of this world, etc.

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    A very exciting, suspenseful page turner Written well and not as disturbing as many of the earlier books of this series Delving into the depths of the lives of both the very righteous and very wicked, this book is motivating to choose the right way The following paragraph contains a tiny bit of potential Spoilers but not the paragraph after that.I had expected this series to end with the coming of Christ or even beyond that since it began in the premortal life So I was disappointed that it didn t wrap up the end of the world but simple got us closer towards it Therefore I think there should definitely be to the series I would like to see all the signs take place I would like to imagine life during the millennium through eyes of individuals I would like it to eventually go all the way through judgment day, the resurrection of the dead and living in the 3 degrees of glory Granted, these would be hard to write about, having to take some liberties and wouldn t be as exciting to read as was the first book of the series but I would read it.So, if the author wants to keep his series as popular as it is, he probably shouldn t go on But I would think it would be awesome It is so essential to faith that we know where we are going after this life Bringing characters we love into the scene, experiencing with them the parts of the plan that seem so distant and sometimes abstract would aid us in our search for truth and meaning in this life It would give us a better eternal perspective Truly eternal perspective is a gift from God that can only be given to us from the spirit, but reading such a story might ignite the desire to know and seek that perspective from God.

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    I didn t comment on every book in this series I read them last year, but just joined goodreads I loved this entire series and couldn t put them down until I had read the next one I recently met Chris Stewart at Time Out For Women in Ogden Utah He is an incredible author and person Very intelligent and knowledgeable about current affairs He is going to be writing having to do with this series my friends We all thought it was over, but not so That is coming straight from him.

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    Pretty good conclusion to a well crafted plot over these six novels, but the writing style is ruinous, as are the characterizations Most disturbing is the main characters fluctuations of personality few are consistent enough to remain recognizable from the others A person who is standing defiantly against evil one minute will the next minute be sitting despairingly on the ground staring blankly into space It just really was annoying But the military stuff was very well done, so if you re into that enjoy.

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    I absolutely LOVE this series, and I wish I could say the same for this book The whole thing felt like Oh, this is the last book so I have to wrap everything up and do it fast Very little character development, and a lot of skipping over events that would have been very important to that And it took three chapters to get to the storyline with the main characters Once it did get there, it was better.One of the things I love about Chris Stewart is his knowledge of the technical aspects of the military, etc But this time, it seemed like it was a crutch to lean on to avoid uncomfortable character events There would be several paragraphs on the detailed technical and mechanical information on equipment or procedure, and a few sentences about what the character actually did with it I felt this just bogged it down, and I skimmed a lot of paragraphs because of it.For instance, Luke and Ammon decide they re going to answer the call to go to Jackson County They are perhaps not THE main characters, but they re important, and all we get is that they arrived after 3 weeks of struggle and hunger Well, what happened And the entire Jackson County experience is only a couple paragraphs The next time we see them is at a funeral later in the book, with no explanation of how they got there or what they have been doing in the mean time There are other examples, but I don t want to give away the plot, etc.Overall, I wish I could give this a higher rating I had high hopes for this book, especially being the last in the series Instead, I feel unfulfilled and slightly gypped Sorry.I still recommend reading it to tie up loose ends left by the last book, but if you re hoping for major character development and learning events, then I m afraid you ll be disappointed.

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    This was the end of a series of 6 books They relate to today with corruption around the world, and those who have all the money they that want but now want all the power It tells of Satan and his followers whispering to us all, promising great power, wealth and happiness There are those in the story who stay true to who they were in the pre existence Those who fought on the side of light, free agency and who still believe in these things They are the ones who listen to the whisperings of the angels who are on the Lords side This relates so much to us today It makes me want to push away any thought that may be there from one of satans angels trying to pull me down or discourage me, and become in tune with that which is from the Lord.

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    I really enjoyed this series of books for many reasons The author s description of the nuclear attacks was compelling and the aftermath of the EMP was very thought provoking Makes me want to get a VERY generous supply of iodine tablets to purify water if needed The interaction between the forces on either side of the veil of mortality was well done The series didn t finish with the end of the world but it was close to the edge Reminds me of what I used to tell friends I grew up in Mud Lake, Idaho It s not the end of the world..but you CAN see it from there Seems the author left himself options for a sequel

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    Finally, the last book in the Great and Terrible series I loved it It wasn t without its faults, but I thought it was among the best of the series, and where the other books ended with cliffhangers, this one finally gave closure It was riveting, compelling, satisfying I even cried, dang it I hate it when a book does that It is very much a sequel, however It can stand on its own, but without knowing the backstory of the characters, the reader might find it hard to follow I recommend this entire series If you are cynical about the quality of LDS fiction as I am , this might change your mind.

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    This was a great series It really made me think about a lot of things, and while I realize it was fictional I appreciate the authors ideas of what may be going on around us daily that we can t see with our mortal eyes The series is incredibly intense, so much so that I had to take a year and a half break half way through Very glad I finished it though First book in the series is completely different than the rest, so if you don t like it, it s still worth sticking it out through book two before deciding whether or not to complete the series.

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    I really enjoyed the final book in this great series I am sad to see it end but I really felt like it gave you enough that you could see what was coming As a whole I felt that this series was very valuable and well worth reading