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epub pdf Child of Earth (Sea of Grass, #1)Author David Gerrold –

Book One Of The Sea Of Grass TrilogyWant To Visit Another World It Might Not Be As Easy As You ThinkWhen Kaer S Extended Family Signs Up To Emigrate To Linnea, A Planet Known For Horses As Large As Houses And Dangerously Mistrustful Natives, Kaer Is Certain The Move Will Bring The Divided Household Closer Together What None Of Them Are Prepared For Is The Grueling Emigration Training In The Linnean Dome, A Makeshift Environment Designed To Be Like Linnea In Every Possible Way, From The Long, Brutally Harsh Winters To The Deadly Kacks Wolf Like Creatures As Tall As MenThe Training Is Tough, But Kaer S Family Is Up To The Challenge Soon They Begin Working Like Linneans, Thinking Like Linneans, Even Accepting Linnean Gods As Their Own The Family S Emigration Seems To Be Just Around The CornerBut Then, A Disaster On Linnea Itself Changes Everything

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    While I love both fantasy and sci fi equally, for some reason I read very little sci fi Every time I read a sci fi book, I always tell myself I need to read of it Child of Earth was no exception.Set in the future, scientists have found not only that parallel worlds exist, but how to cross over to them Each one is a version of Earth with some small change however, sometimes those small changes happened thousands or millions of years ago, so it could lead to very big changes No moons, two moons, worlds where dinosaurs never died off, worlds with a totally different atmosphere as many differences as you can imagine.In addition, the gate technology that connects to those other worlds can sometimes by mistake or on purpose force a time slip , so time happens on the parallel world than on ours This was useful for places they wanted to terraform One character compared it to cooking You add an ingredient, then let it simmer a while, then take a taste and add something else You could get thousands of years of terraforming done in months or years.The book centers around Kaer a preteen girl and her extended family getting ready to go to one of those worlds In the future, family has become something bigger than it is now There tended to be family groups made up of a couple couples, or one husband wife and many husbands wives Gender was very much fluid as well, people can and did decide to be male or female, then could change again if they wanted The world they were training for, Linnean, was made up of mostly grasslands grass than twice as tall as the tallest men Because of the size of the grass and the lower gravity, the world was populated by megafauna.The science end of things was wonderfully interesting, and David Gerrold is one of those authors whose world building is so interesting that I would be 100% fine if the book had zero plot Which is good, as nothing happened through the first 80% of the book But the lack of things happening was no down side at all The book was so amazingly interesting, all the things these modern people had to learn about to live on the no technology world of Linnean.The plot conflict came from the native human population on Linnean Due to one of those time slips, some scientists techs explorers got trapped over there, and the gate couldn t be established for thousands of years long enough for them to have long since forgotten Earth ever existed.Unfortunately the book does do the one thing I hate Ends in the middle of the story Seriously, it s like story for this trilogy was just cut into thirds with no attempt at all to make this book self contained at all I hate that so much Luckily I have the second book already, and will be reading it next, but the third book isn t published yet and I can t see the second book ending any better.Not only do I recommend Child of Earth, I intend to read many things by him I can t say everything he s written, because he s been a writer for a long, long time he wrote the Trouble with Tribbles Star Trek ep and he s very prolific, but I m fully intending to read a lot of his work.

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    I d give it 3 stars if it had an ending.This is an idea book, which means it s about 80% info dump Still, what story there is is good It s well written, and the characters are interesting The language jumps back and forth a bit, between somewhat advanced for a ten year old narrator, and perfectly appropriate The culture and the world Gerrold is creating are good ones, worth exploring, though possibly not in quite so much detail It s a bit heavy on the religious themes, and tends to hit one over the head with its ideas I found the story, particularly as it left off, intriguing enough to go looking for the next one Unfortunately, in spite of having a May 2014 pub date, the book lists as out of print and isn t available in my library system That paired with the apparent increase in both religion and head hitting per the synopsis on leaves me less inclined to bother.Not to mention I d only then have to wait for book 3 Given 9 years between 1 and 2, assuming 2 actually exists, I don t hold out much hope for a conclusion to this story.

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    This is the story of a family who decides to train to be shipped through a gate to settle in an alternate world called the Horse World Otherwise very similar to the world we know, it s gravity is slightly less and so the creatures there have evolved to be in many cases larger Here terraforming had been started when a bubble in spacetime caused the alternate world to experience time than the home world Human society originating from the original exploration crew has since adapted to the environment and must be treated gentry as they no longer believe in Earth the original home world.I am really picky about the fact that my science fiction has to be at least self consistent, but so much the better if it really explores the consequences of the differences in its setting from the world we know I am happy to say that this book was really satisfying on both accounts I immediately went to add the next book in the series to my wishlist, only to discover that it is not even on yet to pre order I will be awaiting it impatiently.

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    This is the start of a really promising trilogy The idea of having to move an entire family to a new world with the adoption of the native culture and the subjugation of the birth culture is told in a very realistic way The story moves at a nice pace and most of the chapters are short I am looking forward to the rest of the books Now the bad news David Gerrold is a very frustrating author to follow He has a tendency to start a series of books and then never finish them The War of Chtorr books were started in 1983, 5 of 7 was supposed to be published in 2000 In reality nothing has been published since 1993 This book was published in 2005 and there are no books The man isn t getting any younger and I am certain that he will not be finishing all of these story lines that he has started It s such a problem that had I known there were no books, I would not have read this.

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    Highly recommended I don t say this carelessly, but this is as good as anything Heinlein wrote This book is well worth the time and money

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    Recommended to me as an good example of anthropological SF, I highly enjoyed this book It was full of ideas and had great world building Not really similar to either of these author s oeuvres, but it made me think of Madeline L Engle and Sheri S Tepper Later Oh, how frustrating This book ends on a cliff hanger, and a chapter of the next book is given as well as a title And a very intriguing plot teaser it is HOWEVER, there seems to be no sequel Yet If ever.This book is self published so who knows why But be warned, you will be left dangling wondering what happens to Kaer and co.

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    Wanted things to move just a bit faster, but it had a great ending and a nice set up for the rest of the series