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Come explore Regency London with Carla Kelly This collection features four stories that will warm your heart with Christmas cheer “The Christmas Ornament” “Make a Joyful Noise” “An Object of Charity” and “The Three Kings” Filled with romance and a touch of humor these stories are sure to find a place in your heart and remind you that Christmas is a time for love

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    I was digging around in the depths of my Kindle last night for something Christmas themed and not too demanding of my brain which was recuperating from hosting a luncheon and book club discussion at my house yesterday I landed on this set of four short Christmas novellas from Carla Kelly one of the thoughtful and realistic writers of Regency era romances I read these about 4 years ago but didn't remember much at all about them so it was almost like reading them brand new Yay for bad memories? This set is only 303 on Kindle and worth picking up if you like the thought provoking type of historical romances Carla Kelly writes heartfelt stories about realistic people those who have gone through trials in life She's interested in naval captains doctors soldiers women who wish for the right to go to universities women who don't fit into high society or are poor relations than the Incomparables at Almacks or dukes And she has a nice sense of humorThe sound of incredible perfect harmony exploded in the church booming from wall to wall with all the majesty the hymnist must have intended but which had never before been even remotely achieved at St Phil’s By the end of the first stanza the choirmaster was gripping the lectern his knuckles white At the completion of the chorus he waved the choir to a halt and staggered to a seat Or on a romantic noteHe knew what to do after that and he did it without any demur from the object of his admiration He would like to have done but the winged harpy of good manners clattered into the room and flopped down to roost on his shoulderThe four novellas in this collection “The Christmas Ornament” Two fathers decide to try to make a match between their shy studious children The son James Enders is definitely interested but he manages to put his foot in his mouth with Olivia Hannaford several times When Olivia's brother brings a suave diplomat friend who wants an intelligent wife home for Christmas to meet Olivia James despairs of his chances I really enjoyed reading the entire story from James' point of view and seeing how his view of Olivia evolves as he grows to understand her better“Make a Joyful Noise” Lord Peter Chard a widower with two young children gets entangled with his mother's efforts to help put together a choir for the three local churches' annual Christmas choir competition The problem is that their congregation's choir is terrible the despair of all Then Chard meets a young Welsh widow pregnant and living with her despicable in laws with a lovely voice but she's not at all in the class of ladies that he's supposed to be looking to marry from Chard's delightful children and his steadiness and kind heart are big pluses in this story“An Object of Charity” Captain Michael Lynch's ship is in repairs for several months While he's in Portsmouth trying to figure out what to do with himself he meets the destitute niece and nephew of his former first officer who died in a battle and ends up taking them with him to visit his long estranged family Lynch is a man with a good heart but damaged in his soul by his life's disappointments and he has a tendency to bark at people like an impatient captain and then regret his hasty words later This story has some good points to make about forgiveness“The Three Kings” Lady Sarah Comstock is in trouble she's in Spain during the Napoleonic wars in the front of the battles between the British and the French She and her brother are scholars researching Christopher Columbus' old papers and he's been unexpectedly killed Now it's up to Sarah to get Columbus' papers home She's given safe conduct papers by the French but somehow the journey ends up far dangerous than she expectedThe first two stories were my favorites but they're all worth reading

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    As always rating an anthology is problematic for me I'll include my story notes below but with one stand out and the rest average ish I think I'll go with three starsThe Christmas Ornament – 3Charming but neither were that engaging not my type James was too wishy washy and I wanted him to gain a backbone Olivia was better but a bit too willing to withdraw as well I get the feeling that both are the type to shrink from a challenge and that bodes ill for their future family I did like his growth arc and seeing himself in the odious Peter taught him a lesson I doubt he’ll soon forgetMake a Joyful Noise – 4Chard is sweet and honorable and faithful Indeed we see that his faith penetrates his soul and that he is a good and Christlike man We don’t have a very good read on Rose because she isn’t terribly present What we do see of her shows a kind and caring woman doing her best with a rotten hand They’ll make a great match of things and this story would have been truly outstanding if Chard hadn’t gone so passive in the last uarter His reluctance to act was weak and undermined all the rest telling us he was good and kind and thoughtful Rose’s situation is dire and she needs help and safety sooner than later Every day he wastes getting her out of that “home” is a blight on his soul And he takes monthsAn Object of Charity – 3½ A lot of internal dialogue by a man damaged by war make this a slow introspective read And Kelly crams in themes of forgiveness and charity and a couple moral lessons about rich and poor and overcoming adversity through cheerfulness and determination—which is a lot of ground to cover I wish we had had with Sally because all we really have here is a paragon in need of charity I do like how Kelly turns it around to illustrate that Michael is the one with the greater need and the attempt at showing the universal need for charity we all have But it the end it only kind of works mainly because Sally is too perfect and I felt that too many details were left dangling in the endThe Three Kings – 2Too short a time frame and too much going on and war torn Spain is depressing If you like your romance with a heaping helping of death hunger desperate soldiers and death then this might be your jam

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    175 stars average ratingThe Christmas Ornament 2 stars Short safe and sweet with decently developed MCs I could've done without the mention of the H's sexual past but at least it wasn't detailed or long Make a Joyful Noise 2 stars I liked the H in this one a lot I understand why some readers would be annoyed with him for being such a coward in love but it wasn't like the h was in danger or anything like that I'm not minimizing how disgusting her dead husband's family was to her but I understand why it took the H over a month and a half to come to his senses Safe and very tenderAn Object of Charity 125 stars Short and sweet but simply not that compelling The character development wasn’t as good in this one as the previous two The Three Kings 15 stars This was a safe story with no steam It had a well developed setting and plot for a short but the wartime theme didn't appeal to me Also the suddenness of the declaration was a little too sudden even for these shorts

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    Oh dear It's happened already After reading just three books from her rather extensive backlist I've become a Carla Kelly fangirlShe has such a marvelous way of creating heroes and heroines who are fully human people who are flawed who struggle to comprehend their emotions but who are basically good and decent people doing the best they can in life As I read each one of the four novellas in this collection I became completely absorbed in their fates as well as the everyday small details of their lives I put off other tasks including going to sleep for just a few pages I slowed my pace to savor Kelly's writing and the richness of the emotions evoked by her stories and at the end of each tale I sighed with happiness content with the hopeful heartfelt endingSomehow Kelly does all that to me without ever becoming trite or overly sentimental These four romances previously printed in Signet Regency Christmas anthologies offer a little something for everyone with varying degrees of light and shade The Christmas Ornament a tale of two awkward studious individuals who fall in love is funny playful and heartfelt With humor and insight Kelly examines the plight of a young woman denied the education she so passionately desires and explores whether a young man steeped in the prejudices of his times could ever accept a female as an intellectual eualMake a Joyful Noise starts with a humorous premise A widowed maruis gets stuck with the task of recruiting a Christmas choir from a neighborhood of people who cannot carry a tune From that beginning Kelly weaves a tale of two people hurt then abandoned in love who through their growing feelings for one another find the courage to love again When Peter Chard hears Rosie Weatherby a lovely Welshwoman sing in church he remembers the talents of the Welsh Fusiliers he served with in battle in India He recruits Welsh servants and farmhands to his estate to join the choir while growing attached to Rosie newly widowed heavily pregnant and rejected by her husband's familyA darker brooding story An Object of Charity follows Captain Michael Lynch as he returns home for his first Christmas visit in 22 years His family turned him out at age 14 after a hotheaded youthful indiscretion leaving him to make his own way up the ranks of the British Navy During those years Lynch gained both esteem and riches but he can neither forgive nor forget his family's cruelty He takes with him the niece and nephew of his ship's first mate recently killed in action Sally and Thomas are homeless and destitute and Sally chafes at but must accept her status an object of charity The determined open hearted young woman helps Lynch realize how his grudge blights his own existence and prompts him to view his past in a new light as he ponders his life going forwardThe final story The Three Kings takes an unflinching look at the privations of war and the ability of people to do good even in the bleakest of circumstances After her brother is murdered by French troops advancing into Spain Sarah Comstock must seek safety with the British Army in Portugal She finds a camp of British stragglers and Army followers but after a French attack she falls under the protection of Colonel Luis Sotomayor a battle weary Spanish soldier With very little to eat in a countryside crawling with French enemies and suspicious Spanish villagers the two make their way toward the border forming an intense bond along the way Sarah not only finds the strength to face her own privations she summons compassion for those even hungrier and weaker than sheI could say so much about each of these stories which all packed at least a novel's worth of passion emotion and insight between their pages But it's best to let new readers discover these gems for themselves Enjoy

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    Carla Kelly is one of my favorite Regency authors because of the uniue perspective she offers by focusing on the lowermiddle class and military instead of the popular ton She has a subtle and sometimes dry sense of humor that brings a lightness to the often desperate circumstances of her characters The romance stands out because of the little details and mannerisms that make it endearing and so sweet I loved this collection of Christmas themed stories and will definitely be reading it again

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    If you like Carla Kelly's usual regencies you'll like these fifty page novelettes taken from various Christmas anthologies and republished here as wellShe always has the gift of interesting characters and situations and you can see this here as well I also totally love the design for the cover Kelly really got a gifted designer for her re releases vis Marian's Christmas Wish a standalone novel re release for Kindle “The Christmas Ornament we have a truly bright woman who most realistically for the times has no chance of finding a suitor who will accept her opinions and brightness except if he can mold her like Pygmalion and a very shy very bookish young aristocrat at Oxford who has never dared think about a family but would like to please his father and an old family friend The uestion is will he be able to seriously please the girl and manage to overcome his own preconceptions? “Make a Joyful Noise” this was just lovely and warm There's a maruis returned from war always earnest he has been working side by side with his tenants taking care of the crops and his two children His mother would like this year's choir competition to be decided in favour of their parish but there are no good singers in the local flock When an urgent call to her daughter's family leaves the choir competition in the hands of her son he uses his systematic approach to heavily salt the local parish with great singers acuiring further helpers for his lands how fortunate the Welsh fusiliers are mostly unemployed now the war is over and save a lovely and incredibly pregnant young widow from utter negligence by her dead husband's uppity family The hero is humble It totally works An Object of Charity is probably the darkest story in the anthology both hero and heroine are at the emotional end of their ropes and the way the hero got there makes him deeply suspicious of his family at Christmas time too There is a happy end for both of course but not an unualified one They and the heroine's younger brother will move to the USA maybe taking one other of the family along “The Three Kings” is of an escape caper across enemy lines in the Napoleonic Wars than anything else clearly showing the desperation of the times and the problem of negligence and prejudice among the soldiers A nice twist is that the Spanish are the heroes in this book and with the trial by fire heroine and hero go through it is believable that the two find a deep understanding and respect and tenderness for one another with the possibility to develop into the heroine certainly takes the gamble of returning to the hero in the midst of the war again after having reached safety herself

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    3 12 stars This is what I wrote about The Christmas Ornament when I originally read it in an anthology Kelly's stories are always the jewel in any collection This was an uniue tale about a shy intellectual who finds his perfect match but keeps cocking it up Eventually he realizes that the way to his lady's heart is through appreciating and understanding her as a person The entire story is told from his point of viewKelly's stories don't shine uite as much when collected together where their similarities stand out The first three of these four stories are all about men falling in love and screwing it up at first all told entirely from their points of view The uirkiness of her style also starts to seem a little repetitive There's still much to enjoy likable characters sweet romance original plots and a sense of the period

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    I love Carla's books They're filled with emotion tenderness and joy

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    I am a Carla Kelly fan It's true In this book you will find several short stories with a Regency setting I loved them all They were perfect little romantic stories that can be read straight through or one at a time if you are the kind of person that likes to draw things out to make them last Kind of like sucking on a piece of candy verses chomping them right away Guess what kind of candy eater I am? ChomperI'll admit I didn't take time to savor these I read one story after another almost straight through They were so sweet I just couldn't help myself The characters the settings and the Christmas feel all make these short stories feel so good I think my favorites were The Three Kings and An Object of Charity I think what I love about collections of short romance stories is that I get multiple happily ever after endings What's not to love about that?This would be the perfect holiday gift idea for Regency romance lovers Or clean romance lovers Or it would be the perfect way to give yourself a little indulgence think of your cozy reading place with your favorite cold weather beverageYou have the chance to win an ebook copy of this book on my blog thanks to the awesomeness of Cedar Fort Giveaway ends 10312013

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    The Christmas Ornament Very cute story about childhood friends who love each other as is 4 starsAn Object of Charity Another sweet story of love and reconciliation 5 stars I'm finding this author's booksstories to really be a nice sweet change to what I usually read