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It Happened All The TimeJenneth Told Herself She Wasn T The Only Woman In The World To Have Been Let Down By The Man She Loved And Expected To MarryShe Knew People Went On To Rebuild Their Lives And Find Lasting Relationships So Why Couldn T She Put The Past Behind Her The Fact That She Still Loved Him Was Totally Irrelevant NowBut Luke Rathby Wasn T The Sort Of Man Who Was Easily Forgotten And When He Came Back Into Jenneth S Life, He Created Havoc All Over Again

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    Re Bitter Betrayal Penny Jordan s recent HP offerings in 1991 have been pretty mild There are the usual dithery h s who have their little frets, but for the most part the H s have been pretty decent guys with just a bit of HP brashness to keep them interesting.I can only imagine the conversation PJ must have had with her editor that ended up with this book In my imaginary gazing into the portal of the past, I tend to think the conversation went something like this.Editor PJ So happy to see you Gotta have a bit of a chat hun, those books you have published this year are just missing the mark a wee bit They don t seem to have to your patented PJ angst tho the sponging is great and you know our sales depend upon the punishing kisses and the angsty angst Look at how successful Lilian Peak and Anne Mather have been Your top spot as the best selling MB Diva is in danger Dear We need an angsty angstbuster of a book We have a Robyn Donald and Charlotte Lamb in the line up after you, and you know how those ladies just LOVE to punish and torment their h s Plus their H s are ALWAYS ready to really put the boot in where it will hurt the most PJ luv, your H s lately have just not been up to the usual abusive snuff So could you work on that hun Please, we need a chart buster here and you are always the lady we love to see do it PJ After staring at her Editor for a full minute in gobsmacked AWE You don t like my H s But they re kind, sneaky Alpha s pretending to be Beta s And they have the roofie kissing thing down pat I throw in extra sponging My h s are neurotic and tormented enough, surely you don t mean for me to EXACERBATE that with a vicious and cruel Alpha H My h s need to be loved and gently coaxed into taking the chance on the dangerous shoals of love Editor This is from the TOP MAN Mr Boon HIMSELF PJ Either you get cracking and resuscitate one of those hard nosed bullies from the 70 s or we will have to bring Margaret Pargeter out of retirement, it is never easy at the top and Pedestals can Fall PJ Well I NEVER You want Angsty Angst, Punishing Kisses and utter h TORMENTED misery I will give such Wrecki Angst Torment that even TURNIPS will weep And so we get Bitter Betrayal..This one starts with a wedding The h s very, very BFF is taking time out of her busy schedule of acting as a potential procuress for the jilted eight years previously h and done some man hunting for herself Be warned here folks, this woman is seriously skilled in the art of procurement She landed and tied up her man in a matter of a few months and is now importuning the h to come to the wedding, all the better to set the h up for the ultimate pimp out Note to the potential readers of this one This h is probably the MOST pimped out h ever Every Single Character in this book just cannot wait to hook this h up with the target H Usually I would only have a little quibble with that This is HPLandia after all and pimping our h is what secondary characters are FOR It is WHO they are pimping this h out to that causes the consternation in this one Cause our sad and somewhat stoic h has not only never heard of calcium, and there must have been a severe bone building mineral shortage in her immediate area, cause she literally oozes invertebrate wimpiness, she has had a very TRAGIC HEARTBREAK in her past Eight years before the BFF s wedding, the h was in love with and engaged to a fine local trainee doctor Flowers were in bloom, bees were buzzing and love was in the air The h, being a pure and virtuous sort of h, was desperately holding out against the H s raging lurve mojo passion in anticipation of that big white wedding and her ability to offer her chosen H a untouched, unknown by hand of man experience with her naive but eager body on her wedding night Guess she should have been a little less intent on virtuosity, cause she gets dumped hard by her darling beloved Since she wouldn t put out, thousands would, and one of them is preggers So the H is getting married to the babe who didn t say no to a little lovin and now has a bitty little bun cooking in her oven The h is heartbroken and resolves that men and relationships just aren t worth it She decides to focus on her mural painting and channel her passion into her wall designs instead Fortunately her parents decide to depart for a higher plane of existence at this point, so the h also has two teenage twin brothers to grow and get out of the house on the path to adulthood Finally, that day of twin departure is almost upon them and now maybe the h can have some time for herself for a while.Well that is what the h thinks anyhow But everyone, from her younger twin brothers, to her business partner, to her very BFF all think otherwise They KNOW the h needs to spend the next 20 to thirty years in wedding shackles and child raising, cause why on earth would such a spineless doormat even think she could have a break from the endless tasks of domestic engineering and enjoy herself for a while All who know her decide that independence and a child free existence aren t in her best interests and fortunately the man who originally broke her heart is now widowed and his lovers aren t mother material and his limpet plot moppet is desperate for a female parent, so the h is perfect candidate to volunteer as his domestic slave and unpaid nanny Even better, the BFF is the cousin of the man who dumped the h and married his pregger bit on the side She vehemently wants the h at the wedding cause it is the perfect place to shove the h back into his cheatin, lying arms and the h will be all the better for it His plot moppet with another woman is in dire need of a doormat mother to wipe her feet upon and no one else would really be willing to take the domestic load off a busy surgeon with baggage and limited time, so the h with her inherent inability to even think of the word NO, is ripe for the trodding upon Tho in the build up after the wedding ceremony the BFF is very careful to insist that the h loves the H, she wouldn t want to be too pushy if the h was considering one of the other many candidates that have presented themselves over the years that the BFF declared the h should love Everyone has also been very careful to ensure that the BFF s cousin, the cheatin H, knew all about the potential h grabbers and this has led to several H accusations that the h is pumpable than the local village communal air compressor Of course all this takes place whenever the H shows up to flaunt his wife and daughter over the years, especially when he deliberately seeks out the h to flaunt in front of.So the h is forced into the H s company by his limpet clinging plot moppet for the wedding The H, after overhearing the BFF tell the h that she still loves the H, decides that if the h hasn t been pumping anyone else, well she can just fulfill her jilted promise to him He sets about making that so in the most conniving and bullying manner since the last Lilian Peak book He gets the h s brothers to let him move into the h s house and volunteers the h for nanny surrogate mom duties to the plot moppet tho the moppet was doing a good job of sucking all the attention of the h on her own The h tries hard to resist the overwhelming home invasion of the H and the plot moppet But the dictatorial bullying of the H, combined with the flat out willing abandonment of his child with the h, only leads to increasing h thoughts of extreme bitterness and pain over how unlovable and unlustable the H must find her The H continues to make the h is a tart allegations and implies that his own past affairs have been much personal than the h s willingness to pump and dump So not only has the H been married, he has apparently continued sampling the lurvely lady buffet too, just like his daddy There are also plenty of punishing H kissing sessions to be inflicted upon the beleaguered h, which he dismisses as acts of charity to help the pathetic dear when she protests his treatment PJ does give us tidbits of the H s POV in this one, so while he is telling the h she is a charity pity pike event, his mental processes are indicating that this is a well thought out plan of battle to tie the h up in his misery permanently for some reason there is a hidden H truth he isn t revealing, cause he thinks it won t get him in the h in the end There is several chapters of this back and forth and inner h angsting with all local village gossips wandering in and branding the h and H as involved in a full fledged scarlet affair, before the h finally gets the right idear and gets herself good and drunk and willing to do the mattress bouncing rumble Unfortunately her choice of a partner isn t the local leather wearing bad boy with the devilish smile Nope she bounces right into drunken bed with the H and things are just starting to get really PERSONAL when the plot moppet has a tummy ache and wanders in Of course the H takes quick advantage of the situation and the h is pretty intoxicated, she is too drunk to protest when the H announces the pending wedding The h is too hung over the next morning to file a secondary protest when the h s brothers and the entire village decide to help with the quicky wedding arrangements.The h concludes that resistance is futile, she decides the H wants a permanent nanny and cook while he spreads his love around the land and does surgery at the local teaching hospital So with bitter resignation over the next few days, the h resigns herself to a lifetime of servitude and all the world is so eager to help The h wants a quicky ceremony at the registrar office, but of course everyone else has chosen otherwise and they are determined she will have the whole white wedding affair The h is so downtrodden by this time that she can only seethe in bitter anguish She is so gelatinized at this point, that even packing a bag and taking herself off on holiday is beyond the slippery grasp of her jelly mold hands I must confess I felt for the lady, even her BFF lets her down in the end Had my BFF said, I can t marry this guy ten minutes before the altar, I would have slipped her my car keys and gone to announce an unfortunate fake eyelash incident, necessitating a trip to the hospital This h s BFF only hands her a skimpy teddy and tells her to get into it Even the business partner, who knows full well the bitter, used feeling of the h, just tells her You love him as if that was supposed to ensure the h will happily spend the next forty years with a bona fide cheater So the wedding goes off, with the h and upset Apparently sneaking out a window and hitching a ride to Stowe for a garden tour, thus jilting the H at the altar, never occurred to the h as a suitable H comeuppance All the guests and friends are delighted The h is ready to burst into tears of sobbing hopelessness that is only exacerbated when the H stops the car to force the engagement ring back on her finger that he took when he rejected her years before The h tries to remove it, but it won t come off and the h can only berate the fact that even her engagement ring is a shopworn sloppy second But whaddaya know, recycling is fashionable even in HPlandia.The H and h get to the hotel and there IS a wedding night The h gets to express some of that pent up passion , but it quickly goes south as the h wonders who the H pretended she was in order to ensure wedded consummation She reacts violently to the suggestion that boudoir bouncing with the H might be in order and she does get a bit of her own back as she informs the H that she will never consummate with him again and would rather sleep on the gravel in the car park than share his bed so he has to get his own room for the duration of the honeymoon Back at the h s house, they do share a bedroom However the h is doing a great impersonation of an iceberg and the H is kept at a very circumspect 300 yard distance in every way but the physical Then the H s daughter gets sick and the h has to rush her to the hospital with possible meningitis It is the same hospital where the H is the chief surgeon and the h s tender heart is stirred when the H looks dramatically pale upon hearing the bad news Unfortunately the H has a complicated surgery of his own to perform and can t be with his daughter while the staff is checking her over The h is left in the waiting room, blaming herself for bad parenting by suggesting the limpet moppet make some village friends and getting the girl exposed to horrible diseases The news comes in that the plot moppet only has a bad case of food poisoning and will recover nicely, but the H is in a bad way cause his surgery was a big success and then his patient died The h takes him home to get him drunk, copious amounts of alcohol can make anything bearable, I resorted to it at several moments of reading this book, and the H takes the interruption free opportunity to tell the h that he loves her and she knows it The h protests that he said he only wanted a mother for his child and the H denies that is the case He has always loved her and the years of torment have been ENDLESS, cause he thought other men where poaching on his preserves while he was out hunting up new ones The h complains that HE rejected HER, then asks the fatal question Why then, did you give another woman your child and marry her The H realizes that now is the time to confess He takes a deep breath and declares My Mummy MADE Me Do It His Doctor father was a womanizer extraordinaire, and his mother lived for years in deliberate blind bliss, but she got seriously, fatally ill and her time was short The H s father had an affair with a young female patient and got her up the duff The girl s family was ultra conservative and words about perving Dr s being stricken from rolls and newspaper headlines of scandal were mentioned The girl s family wanted a husband father for the baby and any male would do So the H, to save his mother worry and pain in her final days, volunteered himself at the sacrificial marital altar He dumped the h, married his father s popsie and became a dad to his half sister Then tormented himself with guilt when the popsie died in a car wreck with HER bit on the side The H swears his mother knew that he loved the h, but she accepted that men are just made to cheat and the H did what he had to do and so she died at peace Of course the h is now completely and utterly relieved and worry free, she throws herself in the H s arms and demands some connubial physical bliss, declaring her love for the H to all and sundry for the big PJ HEA And PJ parcels up her manuscript and sends it to her editor by express post, sure and certain that this trainwreck of a tortured dramafest will keep her place in the firmament amongst the brightest of the angstiest Stars of HPlandia once again Cause it really doesn t get any wreckier or whackastickier than this.

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    Dear Abby,I m a successful surgeon with a daughter who is really my half sister I broke off my engagement to a great girl ten years ago because my father couldn t keep it in his pants and impregnated a young patient of his He was facing career ruin and my mother s health was bad, so I stepped up and married the knocked up girl and told everyone the child was mine.Luckily, my wife died while running away with another man I wanted to get my fiancee back right away but I found out that she had turned into a total slut after her parents were killed and she had sole responsibility of two younger brothers.Turns out that was wrong My bad She was just too proud to admit there was never another man I overheard her at my cousin s wedding saying she was still in love with me, but she thinks I m only interested because I m looking for a mother to my child half sister How can I win her back Especially since I ve been slut shaming her out of jealousy Signed,An HP heroDear HP hero,You are an idiot Luckily you re living in a small land that consists of 187 pages Start by enlisting the heroine s friends, brothers and your daughter half sister to encourage her to marry you Then get her drunk, take off all of her clothes as you re putting her to bed and then have your daughter half sister discover you in the middle of the night She ll be compromised and will have to marry you in church with all of your co conspirators as witness It s all falling action from there especially when you finally explain that bone headed move when you jilted her Good luck and don t ever make any major decisions.Regular readers know that this advice only works for HP heroes Don t try this at home.Abby

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    This romance aggravated me from here to Sunday, but was fun anyway, for some reason Jenneth has never been able to love again since being cruelly dumped by her fiance, who married another woman Now his wife is dead and he wants to get Jenneth back By telling her the bizarre truth about his marriage and asking for forgiveness Nah, by plotting and scheming to force himself on her against her will Oh Penny Jordan, why can t I quit you There are so many little annoyances in this The narration is primarily from the heroine s POV, with little glimpses of the hero s now and then I found this both jarring and narratively useless stick to one or give equal time And in classic PJ fashion, the presence of any man in the heroine s life, in any capacity whatsoever, is immediately interpreted by the hero to mean she s the Whore of Babylon which is particularly irksome in this case, when she is the injured party And even the brief glimpses we see of his POV do nothing to convince me that his scheming is necessary or useful He just comes off like a jerk, all around.Still drama Tears Heartache Reconciliation It s not the best Jordan I ve ever read, but manages to hit the spot.

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    Meh I think perhaps, I need to step away from the HPs for a bit My luck has been dismal of late.I realize that miscommunication is the glue that holds the HP universe together, but this was absurd Seriously this could have been cleared up with one 5 minute conversation The hero s machinations were like those overly elaborate murder plots concocted by a cartoon villain Just pull the trigger is what I always want to scream But no, that simply will never do Also, I cannot count the number of times the phone rang, someone walked in unannounced, knocked at a bad time, etc So aside from the overly elaborate, mentally cruel exercise the hero puts the heroine through, we also have a convenient interruption every time the truth even begins to surface.The point of view thing was weird as well It was 98% heroine, but now and again we d pop into someone else s POV Very uneven Also, for a novel so short I don t think the couple spent enough time together.And for those dying to be spoiled, I ll tell you the big secret although it was quite obvious to me from the beginning view spoiler The little girl was actually the hero s philandering father s child The hero only married the child s mother to save his own dying mother grief at the hands of his crappy dad hide spoiler

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    It s 1989 and the year of my first job something I disliked so much that once whilst complaining about it to a colleague, he gave me the following advice You could always take the baby option It was something that really depressed me at the time but this book embodies those attitudes from that time entirely.Yes, there s a distinct lack of feminism here as Jordan s heroine Jenneth allows herself to be coerced, manipulated and bullied into a reunion with a man who broke their engagement and her heart some years earlier The premise for the story is this Jenneth was madly in love with Luke and they got engaged however, just before the wedding Luke tells her he s got another girl pregnant and he s marrying her instead It breaks Jenneth s heart and leaves her unable to trust anyone again When her parents die in a tragic accident quelle surprise Jordan s heroines are nearly always rendered alone and unprotected via some tragic accident or other why else would they permit the heroes to bully and coerce them so much and she is left looking after her twin brothers, it s as if her life has been put on hold However, the twins grow up and decide she needs a husband virtually everyone in the book decides that Jenneth needs a husband and a load of kids, despite the fact that she s managed very well without these encumbrances in the past and they invite Luke to move in who else with the offspring from his previous marriage and volunteer her services as an unpaid nanny Now at this point, anybody else would tell the hero, in no uncertain terms, to sod off Not Jenneth though oh no Instead she just sucks it up and lets Luke and his horrible child with her horrible piping voice move in, despite the fact that it s the last thing she wants So depressed is she that she gets utterly drunk at a party and ends up in bed with the hero His daughter then finds her semi naked and with a raging hangover and with that same piping voice slicing through the hangover informs her that she is now her new mummy Again, anyone else would be running for the hills and again, no, not Jenneth She freely admits to the reader She was a puppet, with no will of her own, her movements dictated by others Kindle edition, Loc 1721 Before you can repeat to yourself the valuable life lesson never get pissed at parties , she s married with a step child whose irritating piping voice is destined to cut across any future hangovers or indeed, anything she tries to do for herself in the future This is a poor piece of work and a terrible, terrible affront to the women s liberation movement I m not particularly hardcore in terms of feminism, but even I can see this is offensive to female nature It was just too redolent of the things my mother used to tell me about how a woman needed a man to complete her, etc my mother grew up in the fifties, enough said The only bitter betrayal here is the one that Jordan is perpetrating against her fellow women and her readers A dreadful relic from the 80s and one best forgotten.

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    This was a hard one I just don t understand all these crazy tropes Who would marry his Father s side piece and not tell his fiancee why This is just plain stupid I felt very sorry for Jenneth, the h, but girl, get a life Waiting around for a guy that you thought cheated on you and married another woman Can you spell S T U P I D I sure can And then the constand misunderstandings about his intentions It was crazy And the little girl wanting a pretend Mummy Get that girl therapy Fast This was just a hodgepodge of unnecessary angst I gave it a three though because it kept me interested I had to see how this trainwreck would end And when I finished it, all I thought was what just happened I never understood why he didn t come back for her right away Or tell her the truth right away What was that word again S T U P I D And that might make me the same for continuing to read these Harlequins and hoping for a different outcome LOL

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    What did I just read HPs are definitely my guilty pleasure, but it s books like this one that usually send me off to take a two year hiatus What was PJ thinking I can deal with an arrogant asshat man whore who jumps to conclusions and slut shames innocent heroines I mean let s face it why else would you read an hp But, this guy takes the prize He cheats on the heroine while engaged to her, gets his side piece preggers, dumps the heroine, and years later has the nerve to come back into her life and call her a slut And instead of laughing in his face and letting him know that unfortunately, he still holds the title for slut of the century, she decides it s better to let him think that Probably that alone wouldn t be bad, but the heroine spends the entire book being led by the nose by everyone She allows her two young brothers to invite this piece of garbage into their house She allows a sniveling five year old to call every dance tune Her BFF and her business partner, both think it s okay to run the heroine s life and coerce her to marry this turd After all, barefoot and pregnant is so much better than being single with a vibrant successful career With friends like that who needs enemies.Honestly, I grew up in the eighties Trust me, it wasn t this bad This should never have gotten published.

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    This was my fist Penny Jordan and I didn t like it I cannot believe that an adult woman can be reduced that way What a doormat and him being a very a hole He accused her to be promiscuous and she didn t say anything And she did marry him, after all because SHE LOVED HIM grrrrrrr Not recommended I have some expectations for this author but maybe she s not my cup of tea

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    Incredible after so much and such varied sexual experience, you still manage to project that same air of virginal apprehension If there s one thing I regret about the past, it s possibly that I wasn t your first lover He wanted her to forgive him and be reunited with him he had adhered rigorously to her demand not to touch her, a promise given on the first night of their marriage when she had told him that she would rather sleep outside on the gravel of the hotel car park than share his bed.In fact, his ready acceptance of her demand that their marriage be non sexual only confirmed that the desire he had evinced earlier had not really been for her as a person at all OMG, PJ s heroines great wisdom and wits make me feel like M slim Baba fans who cuts themselves with razors while listening his songs In summary, so much potential but wasted somehow.

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    Gawd, Luke was so STUPID However, I still lapped this up for the brand of angst and passion Penny Jordan wrote so well Let s not forget the crazy, OTT plot which could have been pulled from an 80s soap opera view spoiler Luke s mother was dying and to spare her further pain he secretly agreed to marry his adulterous father s pregnant lover, Gwen, to get her out of the picture WTF He dumped Jenneth without telling her the truth because he wanted her to move on Note to Luke Believing the love of your life cheated on you isn t something one easily forgets Luke thought they would forget each other, and didn t think it was fair to ask her to wait for him Ugh hide spoiler