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[Free Textbooks] Between Two SeasAuthor Marie-Louise Jensen –

It was sort of spoiled at the end with the marriage, as that was sort of predictable and it was so darn slow that I ended up lossing my page when I fell asleep, but it is a good book by her on all other accounts which I enjoyed. I enjoyed this book but it really isn t the adventure the blurb says it is It s a nice quiet book about finding and making your home I think I would have enjoyed itif I hadn t spent a majority of the book wondering when something dramatic was going to happen. I did not have art this term and we were doing our exams Art was last but I did not have to do it so I needed to do something for the hour My friend was doing the test and gave me this book to read I only read about 70 pages in the 1 hour but I found the book really interesting and I eant to read it as fast as possible I hope no one has reserved it and that she finishes reading it really quickly. i thought that this book was quite a gripping book but not quite enough so for me. This was the second book I read by Marie Louise Jensen and I really enjoyed it I really liked the originality of the story It follows a girl who travels overseas to find her father after her mother dies, but when she arrives at this foreign country, she finds out her father is dead She finds no point in returning back to her poor home in England, so she begins to work so she can save money and move But the longer she spends there, theshe feels like she belongs, and begins to fall in love with the scenery and one man Soon she has to decide whether to follow a painter to Paris to live her dream and get out of the dead end village or to stay where people care about her and love her.The only part I didn t like about the book was that you didn t see them fall in love You saw them struggle to get together but for me, the best part of a romance is the falling in love part That is my only critism Other than that the book is a very ennjoyable read with a huge twist at the end.. This is my go to book if I want a comfort read I ve read it over and over so many times and it s a book I hold close to my heart The plot twists are amazing and it grips you from the start. I fail to see what is so captivating about this book that warrants it high ratings This was the second Marie Louise Jensen book I read, the first being the Lady in the Tower A book I loved but this book seemed to have exactly the same characteristics as the first Loving devoted mother torn away from the girl, an unlikable father who fails to redeem himself at all The romance of this book failed to capture me, Peter seems like a brooding teenage boy of the 21st century, rather than a rustic teenage boy im sure Jensen was going for I found it easy to read, and got through it rather quickly, but the fact remains that this book is easy to forget because you never connected with the main character of Marianna, in fact I was rooting for her to do the complete opposite to what she was doing through the book Jensen wanted to portray a strong, independent girl, and I never felt that was the case. Bound By A Vow Made To Her Dying Mother, Marianne Sells Her Few Belongings And Leaves Grimsby Her Destination Denmark, Where She Will Search For Her Father, Lars Christensen The Golden Haired Fisherman Her Mother Fell In Love With Many Years Before Jensen s heroines seem to possess remarkable strength girls who really stand up for themselves and are comfortable with who they are Marianne does have some things to settle, like the mystery of her absentee father, but the small town she lands in works for her, and instead of whining and complaining she figures things out bit by bit The romance is cute, although quick I m not a huge fan of love at first sight, but it worked out alright I think the thing that made me rear back a bit was the climactic scene at the end withwell, I don t want to spoil it for you I just felt that this kind of character with her strength and growth from the past year would be aforgiving person even if it was just being too tired to stay upset any. I really liked this book The characters were fantastic and I had extreme opinions on them I came to love a lot of them I love how the story is just a diary for the mostpart, but nearer the end, that s where the fun really begins The SHOCK don t want to tell spoilers nearer the end was everything I hoped for, but I haden t expected it until just before it was actually written before my eyes I am really pleased with this book and shall read it plentytimes It s wonderful I d reccommend it I loved the story, the characters oh, and the ENDING Wonderful I put this book down, feeling as if I d just lost a friend I loved Marianne I loved it.