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The new and revised edition of Betty Crocker's Cookbook was developed especially for the new you Easier than ever to use it's organized just he way you plan your meals with meats and main dishes first It's packed with know how show how and how to More than 1500 recipes 299 full color photographs cooking hints shopping tips charts line drawings

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    this is my mom's cookbook when i was little i would spend hours playing with it while she cooked and pretending her little spice jars were people having adventures but mostly reading this and admiring the pictures i left it behind in my moving out of brooklyn haste years ago and i came across it at a used bookshop sunday so even though it is not her copy and it doesn't have all of the great handwritten notes i can still sit here on the floor with it and play with my spices and pretend i am having superfun spicy adventures plus i think this is her meatloaf recipe and it had better be because i haven't found a good recipe for meatloaf that reminds me of home

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    I have a dozens cookbooks but I have to say that this one is the one that gets pulled out most often It's tried true and a dear friend to me in the kitchen I will keep it until it has to be pried from my cold dead hands

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    This is a must have cookbook for every kitchen I collect cookbooks but this is the only one I actually use semi regularly I like cooking but I just don't do it all that much with my scheduleIt has the basic recipes that will get a novice started I use the Scones recipe on page 40 but I add dried cherries or blueberries I also use this to make gumbo with a few modifications I also learned to make Chicken Pot Pie using this cookbookI can't give this five stars because the food tends to come out somewhat under seasoned for my and my family's tastebooks and it's not very ethnically diverse Mainly Traditional American standards It won't do you much good if you are looking for MexicanAsianIndian etc recipies I always advise to season to taste when using recipes in this book But it's a great starting point and it will come in handy for the basics My copy is getting a little frayed around page 40 heheIf you have kids that you are about to send out into the world send them out with a copy of this oneHere's a Danielle Seasoning to Taste TipAlways have these seasoning mixes handy1Seasoning Salt2Old Bay Seasoning 3Taco Seasoning4Chili Powder5Garlic Powder6Italian Seasoning7Ginger8Parsley9Black Pepper10SaltKosher Salt11CuminYou can modify or jazz up just about any recipe to taste if you have these seasonings handy Of course they would depend on the ethnic flavor you're going for But I put some of these in about every dish I don't cook with a lot of salt and I don't have to if I use Seasoning Salt or Old Bay Seasoning

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    My very first cookbook all my own I was recovering from head injuries sustained from a mild riding accident followed by a way serious one which landed me in the hospital Two concussions in ten days not good plus torn muscles in my back I was not allowed to do my normal activities for the rest of that summer so I started to learn to cook and bake I made my first apple pie many cakes and cookies I still use this cookbook many years later and it shows Highly recommended

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    Although I wouldn't recommend this book for general every day reading unless you're fond of lists and instructions this is my go to cookbook for absolutely everything All the recipes that I cook regularly are from this cookbook and all my family favourites are from here as well Perfect for all the original homestyle cooking recipes If you're looking for something a little adventurous in your cooking this book probably isn't for you but if you want a good general cookbook this is the best of the best

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    Almost everything I know about cooking I learned from this book years ago I still use it often It is the best cookbook I own and I own over 240 cookbooks

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    This was one of the first cookbooks I ever really looked at with any scrutiny I think my Grandma had two copies and she let me take one I used to just take it down and read it it was so dated looking Avocado and orange to say nothing of the instructions every man takes his eggs in a different way and it behooves a good wife to learn how to cook them the way her husband likes best Something like that There are lots of great recipes in here they hold up well because they're incredibly basic The techniues are important and useful But the book is just sort of awesome it tells you a lot and you have a fun time flipping through it even if you don't wind up making a thing from it Although I did try the Petit Fours and Intergalactic cookies both are great

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    The beauty of this book is that there truly is something for everyoneIf you are a beginner you will find everything you need to know even if you start out knowing absolutely nothingIf you have been cooking for sometime you will review things you hadn't used for so long you'd forgotten them If you have been cooking for many years it's just like an old friend who shares her best recipes with you Trust me as one of those that have been cooking for a good many years if it isn't in this book you don't need it anyway

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    A much recent update of Betty Crocker's Picture Cookbook this was a gift from my grandmother when I moved into my first apartment It has a number of recipes for artisanal breads that are fantastic Overall I've enjoyed most of the things I've made from it but it does not uite hold up to its predecessors in my opinion

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    You can't go wrong with a Betty Crocker cookbook My mom taught me how to cook and bake using an earlier version of this cookbook several decades ago It may not contain the healthiest recipes but I know from experience that many of them are 'good eats' This version contains some amended and new recipes that my older version didn't have I love my earlier cookbook with its stains and pencil marks but appreciate having a newer edition with other information Be prepared to jot down notes and check off what your family loves to eat