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Features Over 900 new recipes 1200 in all reflect current eating habits and lifestyles; 500 new photographs over 700 in all including 60 percent of finished food than the last edition; Dozens of new recipes offer ethnic flavours fresh ingredients or vegetarian appeal; Many recipes feature make ahead directions or uick to the table meals; New chapter provides recipes for crockery cookers; Efficient easy to read format with recipes categorised into 21 chapters each thoroughly indexed for easy reference; Expanded chapter on cooking basics includes advice on food safety menu planning table setting and make ahead cooking plus a thorough glossary on ingredients and techniues; Appliance friendly recipes help cooks save time and creatively use new kitchen tools; Nutrition information with each recipe plus diabetic exchanges; Contemporary food photography attracts browsers and helps cooks discover new recipes to make; Icons identify low fat no fat fast and best loved recipes; Every recipe tested and perfected by the Better Homes and Gardens Test Kitchen; Revised and updated cooking charts ingredient photos emergency substitutions and euivalents; Respected reliable kitchen reference with hundreds of cooking terms tips and techniues

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    Hands down my most used cookbook It was the first cookbook I bought when I got my first apartment I was poor and opted for the mass market paperback version and over the past 30 years it has disintegrated I recently decided to replace it with a fancy shiny new spiral bound copy It looks pretty and it's okay but in my opinion it's not as good as my old one Many of my favorite recipes are missing so it sits on the shelf I take down my battered old faithful held together with packing tape and a rubber band and find the recipe I need A classic

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    I have finally decided to get rid of this book For the last month I've been using it to hold down the lid of my dog's dry food container so she won't get into it because the latch is broken I kept wanting this to be a good useful go to book like our old Good Housekeeping Illustrated Cookbook that we've had all my life and that got used so much it's completely falling apart but everytime I try to use this book I'm disappointed It's got good ideas but the recipes are NOT good imo So finally I'm tossing it or likely donating it to the Friend's of the Library

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    Best cookbook for beginners It has all the classic instructions and recipes that a new cook needs A MUST have in any kitchen The 3 ring binder version is by far the best

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    Yep this is the thoroughly stained bent cornered beloved classic that my mother in law provided me with the first year of marriage Thanks mom 3

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    I've found the majority of recipes in this new edition bland and flavorless totally unlike my mom's edition from the late 60's The low fat low salt movement has taken its toll on this classic kitchen staple For what it's worth I cook with as little salt as I can get away with but when you don't put any salt at all into a pie crust ewwMy suggestion is to search Goodwill or second hand book stores for one of those earlier editions You can always adjust the ingredients to suit a special dietAlso whatever happened to the ingredient substitutions list that was in the back cover?

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    I was going to purchase this cookbook for my son last year for his birthday because my copy has our family favourite Hot Milk Sponge Cake recipe in it a classic that Better Homes has had in its index since it began To my surprise I discovered that the recipe no longer was carried since 2008 Pity since it is super easy can be doubled and is a moist and lovely cake better than any boxed mix Cookbooks may try to revise to keep up with the times but editor judgement isn't necessarily a good cook

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    I think My Mom gave me this one as a graduation present It's not uite as good as having her in the kitchen with me but the recipes remind me of childhood 3 bean salad cowboy coffee cake corn chowder snickerdoodles spanish rice and all the candy and canning recipes My Mom has a knack for and I usually don't have the guts to try on my own I love how they keep coming out with new versions of the New Cookbook and this version is extra special because of the section with All Time Favorites It's like looking through some of My Mom's old editionsThe thing about the book is that all the things it's really good to know are in there from how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon 3 to what to substitute if your recipe calls for baking powder and you happen to be out The recipes are tried and true American Food and if you make one for a potluck it will get eaten Especially Black Beans and Corn with Salsa Dressing

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    I don't know if perhaps it's me but I there are a number of recipes in this book that I have had to tweak to make ahem BETTER I am not a chef but I do consider myself an amateur foodie of sorts I had to adjust the muffin recipe maybe I am just used to the super fabulousness of Gingerbread Muffin Company muffins but anyways I had to work on the pizza dough recipe to get it to rise just so and become the correct consistency of pizza dough and not so crunchy at it kept turning out with their recipeamong other things All in all it is a good cook book and it has tons of hints and great recipes The cinnamon buns are wonderful

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    This is my go to book for baking it has the best recipes for peanut butter cookies ginger snaps and fruit crisps It also is a great cook book to have if you don't want to have 10 cook books like I do and it has enough of a variety to be your only cookbook as these are tried and true recipes The one downfall is that it doesn't have many ethnic or alternative non meat recipes so you'll have to go elsewhere for that

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    I have had multiple copies of this book over the years occasionally changing editions for updated recipes It has always been a favorite