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I just finished this book and I know that the ending will stay with me for days to come It is one of those endings that completes the story whether or not you like it It ends the story as it is meant to be ended and yet still breaks your heart I love this book for everything that it stands for and for everything that people will learn from it Life is precious and yet you should always live life to its fullest Embrace heartache and love and pain and joy I recommend this book for those who loved the first one and for those who wish to know the end of the story I truly love this novel. This is a not so good book.The series wasn t that strong and it lack a lot of things It has a great potential but the author blew it.I couldn t feel the romance between Sebastian and Evie It s just difficult to follow It s like they were not really meant to be together What s annoying is that Evie is just so desperate to find answers and for me, it seems like she just used her sisters for her own benefit Seriously She didn t even consider others and she just want to make out with Sebastian Sebastian, on the other hand, was an annoying character I just couldn t get him It feels like he s still a stranger to me and I couldn t connect to any of the characters, including Evie Overall, the series was not my favorite and I didn t like it since I read other books that are better I also stopped at some point and read another book Hunger Games, which took me 2 days to read and I just had to force myself. their love become stronger even as evie, separated from sebastian, tried to find a cure for him reading the entries of sebastian s diary made me sad because he was dying and his last memory of her was fading, still he wanted to protect her i don t like josh he has no business butting into evie and sebastian s relationship it would have been better if he fall for sarah, who wanted his attention he and evie made a horrible pair in the end, evie and sebastian found out that agnes s real power was love and she sealed her love for sebastian away in the talisman the only cure for sebastian was death, but at least he and evie were able to spend one last day loving tears welling up i actually cried when sebastian died this is probably mean of me, but i want evie to stay loyal to sebastian forever instead of moving on to josh even though sebastian told evie to move on with life, have children and stuff, i still want evie to be loyal because that s the true definition of forever love. This was an okay book Nothing really happens throughout until the end Once we got there I was upset because it didn t go the way that I had hoped I had actually thought that Evie and Sebastian s story would have continued Sadly, that was not the case I will not continue the series Just not really my thing any. Summary Picking up where the first book ended, Evie and her friends attempt to find a way to free Sebastian from the pact he made over a century ago As Evie struggles to learn the secrets of the Mystic Way, Sebastian rapidly degenerates and begins to descend into darkness Complicating things for Evie is the evil sisterhood hoping to gain power through their bond with Sebastian Evie knows she must win this race against time, or lose Sebastian forever.Rating 3 1 2 starsReview In some ways this sequel is a definite improvement over the first book, Immortal I had written in my review for Immortal that I had trouble connecting with Evie Those problems were mostly gone in the second book While Evie does not manage to fully attach herself to my heart, she has developed into a character I enjoy reading about I was rooting for her as she tried to save Sebastian, and I felt for her when she ran across problems and uncomfortable situations.Unfortunately, as Evie strengthened as a character, Sebastian and Evie s friends weakened Agnes, perhaps my favorite character from the first book, wasn t even in this second book Helen and Sarah, two characters I liked very much in the first book, were both far less developed in Betrayal They read a lotlike interchangeable lackeys than the strong and likable girls they were in the first book I was disappointed with this, as I really did like both of them in Immortal Sebastian was an even bigger disappointment for me In the first book he was charming, but also kind of scary He had a reckless madness about himself and he always seemed to be balancing on a tightrope of morality, poised to tip off at any moment He was the perfect Byronic character and truly embodied Gothic fiction This dangerousness was exciting and made him an interesting character to read about In Betrayal, Sebastian is a specter of himself He s lost his edge Part of my disappointment stems from my own expectations, which perhaps isn t entirely fair to the author I ll explain.To me, the setup to Betrayal seemed to hint at, well, betrayal I guess that s a littlethan a hint The cover is filled with fire, the title is betrayal of all things, and the tag line reads, Your heart tells you to trust, your head tells you to run The plot has Sebastian sliding into madness, temptation, and the dark side I was totally expecting and hoping for an impassioned madman who would be truly dangerous to Evie I was looking forward to reading about them sparring and trying to outwit one another I wanted to see the dark side of Sebastian and the strength of Evie as she faced off against him and battled for his soul Basically, I wanted Sebastian to go bad think Angel when he turns into Angelus and delights in messing with Buffy s head Yeah, I m a gigantic Buffy dork.Instead I got a neutered Sebastian Crippled, crying, and entirely too good His slips into cruelty are fleeting and they re treatedlike how you would look at a beloved elderly person who suffers from dementia and sometimes lashes out at you Yeah, it hurts, but you can t and don t blame them You pity them, and that s exactly what Sebastian was Pitiful He wasn t even charming or attractive like he was in the first book I was totally disappointed, but again, that is probably in large part due to my own hopes and expectations and not the author s writing.The plot also suffered in comparison to the first book A lothappened in Immortal, plus the mysteries and slow exploration of the secrets of the past were a lotexciting In Betrayal, the mysteries and villains were predictable and easily overcome, so this book lacked much of the tension of the first I did still enjoy this plot, just not as much as the first book.My other complaint is with the writing In both this book and the first, Shields evokes a heavy, florid style designed to take the reader to the wild and emotional moors of Gothic fiction I love this style, and Shields does a good job at transporting the reader she s even better in the second book This is the case, at least, until one of her characters says something completely modern like Yeah or Dad as opposed to Yes or Father Whenever this happens, I find myself jarred out of the atmosphere she had so elegantly created This seems especially unnatural because the characters will mix a very modern style of speaking with a very 1800s style of speech and so it sounds pretty unbelievable.Still, despite all that, there s something about this series I like a lot It s hard for me to put my finger on why, but despite all the flaws, I still find myself craving the series I m caught up in the Gothic whirlwind of danger, secrets, magic, and romance I want to go back to Wyldcliffe and roam its halls with Evie, dodging and spying on the evil teachers I want to listen in as Evie unlocks the mysteries of the Talisman and the Mystic Way Even with all my complaints, I m excitedly awaiting the third book in the series, set for publication in August of 2011. Trust me, stick to the first one All Evie and Sebastian talk about is how much they miss and love each other for 3 4ths of the book It s annoying I still don t like Sebastian, the cute stable guy is muchlikeable Sebastian does a 180 followed by a 360 in his personality Skip his private letters they repeated what Evie has already said All the flaws in the first book, become maddening in the sequel I strongly dislike this book When Evie returns to Wyldcliffe Abbey School for Young Ladies for another term full of magic and danger, all she wants to do is save Sebastian, her love, from the fate he has brought on himself On the way back, she meets Harriet, a young girl who clings to Evie innocently except for her flashes of temper and dangerous sleepwalking habits The Coven of Sisters, who are Sebastian s followers and helped him earn with his fate, are determined to secure immortality, at any cost Evie must suffer through danger, destruction, lost love and betrayal in order to save Sebastian Considering how unimpressed I was by Immortal, I really enjoyed Betrayal I found the storyline to be much better The fact that Sebastian and Evie were apart for most of the book made their love muchinteresting, since it gave Evie something to strive for aside from pleasing him As I also mentioned in my review of Immortal, I didn t think the way the teenagers spoke was very realistic however, I found that theI read it, the easier the language would flow, since I became used to it It no longer distracted me from the storyline These things combined added up to a very compelling sequel A new character was introduced in this book Harriet, a new student in the younger division of Wyldcliffe At first Harriet appears to be the pathetic, tag along group member nobody wants to hang out with However, as the story advances, Harriet s actions started to get increasingly disturbing This character actually began to creep me out When I finally found out what was going on with her, I was very surprised I had suspicions and assumptions about Harriet, but not all or even many turned out to be correct As I ve said before, I like surprises and dislike predictability, so this was my type of character seemingly innocent but secretly devious I found that this book got better the farther into it I read Not all of a sudden, eithergradual and indistinct The beginning was slightly boring, what with all the introductions and explanations that had to be said, but once those were over with, Harriet was introduced, and Evie was back at Wyldcliffe, it began to capture my interestI found this storyline to be muchinteresting than that of immortal It haddrama,realistic romance now that Evie was no longer pining after Sebastian like a lost puppy every day as she waited for the night when she could see him , anddanger This combination created a better book than the first in this series This novel captured my interest muchthan the first in the Immortal series I found every part of this book except for the slightly boring beginning to be better Therefore, I will give this book a better rating as well four stars Overall, I found it difficult to put this book down I would recommend this book to anyone looking for curses, fate, and betrayal. There Are The Small Betrayals The Unkind Word, The Petty Lies And There Are The Betrayals That Break Hearts, Destroy Worlds, And Turn The Strong Sweet Light Of Day Into Bitter Dust When Evie Johnson Started At Wyldcliffe Abbey School For Young Ladies, Her Life Changed In Ways She Couldn T Possibly Have Envisioned The Discovery Of Her Link With Lady Agnes, Her Special Bond With Helen And Sarah, And Their Sisterhood In The Astonishing Secrets Of The Mystic Way Above All, Evie S Love For Sebastian Has Turned Her World Upside Down Now Evie Returns To Wyldcliffe For Another Term And Danger Surrounded By Enemies, She Lives Every Day In Fear That Sebastian Will Fall Into The Darkness Of Servitude To The Unconquered Lords The Wyldcliffe Coven Is Plotting To Destroy Evie And Use Sebastian To Secure Their Own Immortality Evie And Her Sisters Must Master The Power Of The Talisman Before It Is Too Late But Could It Be Sebastian Himself Who Will Ultimately Betray Evie In This Companion To Gillian Shields S Dazzling Immortal, Magic And Sweeping Romance Cross The Bounds Of Time To Deliver Heart Stopping Emotion And Suspense Betrayal is better than Immortal I think I might give Betrayal a raise ever since Gillian Shields killed off Oh Sorry Spoilers But if you do want to know, then read the next paragraph in parentheses If not, then skip the paragraph Spoilers are never kind on the soul or heart Or the mind The mind always tend to remember the most annoying things of all details Sebastian dies Can we open the bottle yet After that wonderful plot twist, I think I can relax now However, I still remain disappointed in the author s abilities to pull off an Allegiant We all know that Evie needs to die Now or later But somewhere in the book, please She is really killing me And I m not killing How she doesn t see things is a bit of a question for me So much is so obvious, and she doesn t even Gosh I don t understand how Evie is so stupid and such an idiot I can easily tell the bad guys from the good, and things are so obvious that I can probably play pinball ten times over while waiting for Evie to finally understand what is going on Or for Evie to go through the plot Okay, that sentence didn t make any sense.The plot is irritatingly slow Slow for me Fast for Evie, apparently Already, I didn t like it when Sebastian disappeared and started doing weird things in Evie s dreams That is one level of creepiness You don t enter a girl s dream space without her permission Especially if you claim to be wanting to die or fade away And Sebastian s character is annoying, too The guy isbipolar than most of the lunatics in rehab First, he wants to die Then he changes his mind and doesn t want to die Then he accepts his death THEN he demands Evie to save him THEN can t you believe this he wants to die And finally, he accepts his death and rests peacefully I know this is a huge amount of spoilers, but seriously I m really angry just by thinking about him And Evie The writing is okay Nothing to complain about over there It is just Okay.Overall, Betrayal is better than Immortal, because of the surprising plot twist What did I give Immortal A One out of Five A Two out of Five I don t remember It would probably be interesting to those readers, who rarely read But to me, the foreshadowing is too obvious and I still can t figure out where Wyldcliffe is probably because I wasn t paying any attention to the school in Immortal Betrayal should only be for teens Then again, I wouldn t recommend it to teens Boys like Sebastian shouldn t exist, but they do Even if you meet them, you should never be friends with them Stay far, far, far away from them Like twenty leagues under the sea far Just stay away Just pretend he has some ugly STD Just stay away Bad book boyfriend Rating Two out of Five I read the first book a lllloooonnnngggg time ago, way before I was a blogger I liked it and when Waldenbooks AKA Borders went out of business, I end up picking up this book I hoped that since the first book fell a little flat for me, the sequel will pick up.Plot This plot remains the same as the first with a few differences Evie is back at the border school, picking up what is left of her life We all know that in a border school no secrets stay hidden And before you know it, Evie is back into the same mess she was before, this time alone I think the plot follows what most people will enjoy It has that border school feel, with drama and lots of mystery The beginning felt a bit slow since Evie was recapping what happened in the first book but once you hit mid middle, things starts to pick up.Love I found this love to be really strange He is supposedly dead but not quite Not sure if that makes any sense, but he gives her clues and helps Evie gain the tools she needs to fight evil at the school The story also switches pov of both Evie and Sebastian I found Sebastions pov kind of pointless He pretty much said the same things over and over I do however, like that his love for Evie help me stay strong.End The ending has a bittersweet moment in which Evie has to face loss all over again There are few minor characters that peaked my interest and I m anxious to see what roles they will play in the next book.Overall, indeed this book did pick up some This story does give the reader a bitmeat to chew We learnhistory on the school and why the evil resides there Betrayal bringsemotions to the readers anddepth to the story Betrayal is good.