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Audible Beauty and the Bully By Andy Behrens –

oh i loved it What Wouldn T A Guy Do To Get The Girl How Will Garage Band Front Man Duncan Ever Get The Attention Of His Goddess Like Classmate Carly, Who S So Busy Trying To Save The World That She Won T Even Look In His Direction An Idea Hits Him, Literally When Duncan Accidentally Bruises Himself, Carly Wants To Know Who Punched Him, And Vows To Take Care Of Poor Widdle Dunky But As His Black Eye Fades, So Does Carly S Devotion Duncan Needs A Plan He Needs Impending Danger He Needs A BULLY The Search Is On This Hilarious Novel Plays With The Certainty That Teenage Boys Will Do Just About Anything To Get A Girl S Attention Rachel Wi.The book Beauty and the Bully, by Andy Behrens, is a realistic fiction novel that is trying to teach it s readers to be their self It s about a boy named Duncan who has a huge crush on a save the world type of girl named Carly Garfield He thinks she is the most perfect girl in the world the only problem is she barely knows that he exists That all changes when one day Duncan gets in an accident in his garage involving some of his band equipment he is left with cuts and bruises all over his face Carly stops promoting her T.A.R.T.S Teens Against Rodent Test Studies organization, just long enough to believe that he got beaten up and begins to take care of him Any attention at all from Carly makes Duncan happy, but as his bruises fade, so does Carly s interest in him Duncan s plan to keep Carly is to hire a bully to pretend to beast him up just enough so that Carly will stick around His scheme works great and he even joins T.A.R.T.S to spend as much time with her as possible This means less time that he spends at band practice with his best friends, Stew and Jess Duncan s life is being taken over by Carly, which is great, until it becomes such a problem to his friends They are getting really angry with him Will Duncan be able to choose between his best friends or the love of his life Over all, this book had an interesting plot, but it could be much better The character development wasn t quite in depth enough to make them feel like real people Especially Carly, she isn t created enough through the author s descriptions of her In addition to this, some of her actions were a bit out of character The plot is easy to follow, but there are no details on the setting of the story One thing I particularly liked about this novel was the voice that was used The book is written from Duncan s perspective and the writing expresses modern language of a teenage boy s thoughts and speech What I didn t like about this story is that it didn t give enough details to make me feel like I was in the story, watching the plot fold out in front of me Over all, the main plot was excellent, but the writing itself has a lot of room for improvement. I thought this was an ok kinda book I found it in the bargin section of the 1 2 price bookstore so I wasn t expecting much Sometimes you can find jems in those bargin sections but sometimes you find just ok books The plot is right out of an episode of Happy Days or Three s Company These are 80 s TV for those wondering I liked that the perspective was from the boy instead of a girl s usual POV I used this book as a way to pass the time reading in a waiting room and when I was doing laundry so it wasn t too mind boggling I had to remove the book cover becuase it look too juvenile I m not a fan of the stock picture, model type of covers. This book is the definition of if you re at a bookstore, and you keep going back to the same book even though you re unsure about it, buy it for me For this book, I read the cover, set it back on the shelf and somehow would end up right back to that book countless amounts of times and i got it and ended up loving it Duncan Boone is whipped Completely and totally whipped Well, not at the beginning of this story You have to be under a woman s bootheels to quality for that designation and, when our tale begins, he s merely rocking out and mooning over his would be girlfriend from afar He s been drooling, obsessing, stalking, yearning and panting for Carly Garfield since freshman year and now he s a senior His time to make time with this special and spectacular girl is running out.If you re older and have survived adolescence, right now you re gagging, rolling your eyes or nodding in sympathy Perhaps you re recalling a high school crush and the ridiculous acts you committed to grab or escape attention Either way, Duncan s dilemma isn t unique His solution is The lengths Duncan goes to in order to snag his crush are hilarious, poignant and absurd Standing by him and rooting or laughing hysterically from the wings or his bosom chums Jess and Stewart They also happen to be members of his fledgling band Jess and Stewart are captivating individuals in their own right They are like a Greek chorus, commenting, criticizing, cheering or booing the action When Duncan s well made plans blow up in his face, they re there to help pick up the pieces or maybe not.Duncan s obsession with his girlfriend manqu has unforeseen consequences, too good or horrible to relate here Suffice it to say, the well laid plans of mice, men and dweebs can be horrendous.Winding its way through the novel are Duncan s journal entries which revolve around his crush naturally and his English teacher s assignment of reading and reviewing The Great Gatsby The latter is a surprise and the parallels between Fitzgerald s titular anti hero and Duncan s life provide a solid thread that weaves itself convincingly throughout this YA novel.Whether you re a Fitzgerald fan or not, Mr Behrens s foray into the agony and the ecstasy of a long time crush is solid reading. It s not a bad read at all, is it one I d buy No However, I might pick it up again at the library again The character development isn t quite there to really connect with the characters Specifically I mean Carly. Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadToo.comDuncan Boone is non existent as far as Carly Garfield is concerned Duncan has been pining over Carly for years He has even gone so far as to manage an intricate locker swap to wind up next to Carly But it isn t until his friend, Jess, throws something at him in his garage that causes stuff on the shelving unit above him to come crashing down on him, does Carly notice Duncan Carly likes causes Her current cause is TARTS Teens Against Rodent Test Studies and she s heading up a rally, the afternoon of Homecoming So when Duncan comes to school the next day, bloodied and battered, Carly drops everything to care for him She walks him to all his classes and has him sit at her lunch table When his bruises start to fade, so too does Carly s interest in Duncan Duncan, along with his friends Stew and Jess, devises a plan to renew Carly s interest They need to find a bully who is willing to rough up Duncan enough to keep Carly interested in him No one at their school is acceptable, and the meanest bully at Maple Grove, Sloth, isn t mean at alljust misunderstood With hope waning, enter Freddie Wambaugh Freddie is new at school, and just what they have been looking for At first Freddie says no to their proposal, but after thinking it over, Freddie agrees to bully Duncan, on the condition that Freddie s sister, Syd, can join Duncan s band Without clearing it with Stew and Jess, Duncan readily agrees Over the next few weeks, the bully plan works brilliantly At least it works on the Carly front The rest of Duncan s life isn t going so well Syd can t play the guitar His friends are angry at him His mom got Freddie suspended And, oh yeah, he somehow agreed to streak at the rally for Carly Andy Behrens writes a quirky novel of how far a guy will go to get the girl It was entertaining to read because usually these books are written from the perspective of the girl trying to get the guy Duncan gets in over his head quickly and with surprising outcomes Does he get the girl in the end You ll just have to read BEAUTY AND THE BULLY to find out This book was about an ordinary boy who fell in love with the school beauty The girl is not only beautiful but she s also inteligent and environmental activist The problem is just that this girl never notice him exist She never even remember his correct name However, one day they found the girl s soft spot She likes to play heroine helping the bullied and downtrodden So the guy and his friends devised a plan to make sure he looked liked being bullied an idiotic plan in my opinion The reason why I like this books is because it s funny the band members, the guy s family, the songs, and all the plans to get the girl However toward the end, it felt rather out of focus I mean when I reach the end, I was stupified Hah, that s it I thought the goal is to get the beauty Most of the characters are actually well defined except the beauty She was portrayed rather one dimensional and without depth which just not make any sense for me Somehow she was forced by the author to become the villain in this story I mean this girl is supposed to be beautiful, smart, and passionate about her environment organization She should have depth than what the story shows. I m going against the grain of most of the reviews to say that I really enjoyed this novel It had a lot of great things to speak for it Intelligent teenaged characters Witty dialogue Wierdly funny situations.Just think about the plot of the book Duncan hires Freddie to do him physical damage in order to win the affections of a girl At one point, Freddie, threatens not to beat him up in order to force Duncan to let his little sister into Duncan s rock band.Here s a little snippet of the edited conversation WaitAre you threatening to beat me up if I don t agree to let you beat me up Honestly, I don t see how I can lose this one Freddie was clearly irritated Just put my sister in your band, turd Or I ll not beat you up At all It ll be the worst nonbeating of your life And it ll s k In fact, I ll protect you Then no one will beat you up.