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What wouldn't a guy do to get the girl? How will garage band front man Duncan ever get the attention of his goddess like classmate Carly who's so busy trying to save the world that she won't even look in his direction? An idea hits him literally when Duncan accidentally bruises himself Carly wants to know who punched him and vows to take care of poor widdle Dunky But as his black eye fades so does Carly's devotion Duncan needs a plan He needs impending danger He needs a BULLY The search is on This hilarious novel plays with the certainty that teenage boys will do just about anything to get a girl's attention

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    Rachel WiThe book Beauty and the Bully by Andy Behrens is a realistic fiction novel that is trying to teach it's readers to be their self It's about a boy named Duncan who has a huge crush on a save the world type of girl named Carly Garfield He thinks she is the most perfect girl in the world the only problem is she barely knows that he exists That all changes when one day Duncan gets in an accident in his garage involving some of his band equipment he is left with cuts and bruises all over his face Carly stops promoting her TARTS Teens Against Rodent Test Studies organization just long enough to believe that he got beaten up and begins to take care of him Any attention at all from Carly makes Duncan happy but as his bruises fade so does Carly's interest in him Duncan's plan to keep Carly is to hire a bully to pretend to beast him up just enough so that Carly will stick around His scheme works great and he even joins TARTS to spend as much time with her as possible This means less time that he spends at band practice with his best friends Stew and Jess Duncan's life is being taken over by Carly which is great until it becomes such a problem to his friends They are getting really angry with him Will Duncan be able to choose between his best friends or the love of his life?Over all this book had an interesting plot but it could be much better The character development wasn't quite in depth enough to make them feel like real people Especially Carly she isn't created enough through the author’s descriptions of her In addition to this some of her actions were a bit out of character The plot is easy to follow but there are no details on the setting of the story One thing I particularly liked about this novel was the voice that was used The book is written from Duncan's perspective and the writing expresses modern language of a teenage boy's thoughts and speech What I didn't like about this story is that it didn't give enough details to make me feel like I was in the story watching the plot fold out in front of me Over all the main plot was excellent but the writing itself has a lot of room for improvement