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Koushun Takami's notorious high octane thriller envisions a nightmare scenario a class of junior high school students is taken to a deserted island where as part of a ruthless authoritarian program they are provided arms and forced to kill until only one survivor is left standing Criticized as violent exploitation when first published in Japan—where it became a runaway best seller—Battle Royale is a Lord of the Flies for the 21st century a potent allegory of what it means to be young and barely alive in a dog eat dog world

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    I came across this book after reading “Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins which was claimed to be a “Battle Royale” rip off Needless to say I was curiousI have to admit similarities between these two books are undeniable They both are based on the same idea of teenagers forced to participate in a deadly game where only one person wins and lives However at the same time these books are completely different I believe you can enjoy and appreciate them both eually If “Hunger Games” is of a personal story of survival from the POV of just one player “Battle Royale” is a complex story which follows all participants of the game It is much brutal violent and bloody than “Hunger Games” The book explores what makes regular kids turn on each other what in their pasts allows them to commit the ultimate crime or what stops them from participating in the killing game altogether I have to warn however about a couple of things First the book has a lot of Japanese names that sound and look very similar So in the beginning it can be hard to follow all characters but you get used to them eventually Another concern of mine is the uality of translation It could have definitely been better At times I felt something was lost in translation But I immensely enjoyed this book in spite of the flaws I would highly recommend this book to anybody who is not against gory and bloody reads

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    So unputdownable it's ridiculous Took a 4 hour plane ride i intended to sleep on and instead read all 624 pages of this; and while I'm a fast reader even I'm not THAT fast usuallyBasically as everyone else is saying it's a book about one class of Japanese junior high kids put on an island with a small bag of supplies a random weapon grenade? crossbow? Uzi? fork? an exploding tracking collar and orders to kill kill kill Nice fascist dystopia world you see around the edges of this place but it doesn't go into so much detail you're distracted from the good stuffAnd the good stuff is watching all the little petty relationships of being 15 suddenly twisted horribly by the extreme fear of knowing only one person will be allowed to live It's ridiculous and it's full of eye popping gut wrenching violence You keep getting thrown into the head of someone and given their whole mental landscape for maybe 1 or 2 chapters before they die in some completely awful way which means you root pretty hard for some people you know are doomed you find yourself almost applauding the death of some stuck up jerks and then feel bad about it and you watch helplessly as some real sociopaths mow down one kid after anotherMore than anything this is like watching a horribly violent low budget exploitation movie you see at midnight somewhere there's ZERO surprise it was almost instantly adapted into a movie It's pulp suared but like many things this aggressively pulpy it's got a message under there as well Great entertainment for people with a tolerance for high amounts of violence but also a really well done study of the psychology of extreme fear and some insights about totalitarianism as well

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    I first read this story in Manga form a few years ago one of only two manga series I've enjoyed and I uickly became addicted to these characters and their individual stories Whilst reading Battle Royale you go on an intense journey into the minds of nearly all 42 students and discover what it is about them that enables normal high school kids to kill their classmates or decide not toI'd recommend reading the manga before or instead of the novel for a few reasons For one it makes it a lot easier to keep up with all the similar sounding names when you have a face to put to it For another thing you don't have to struggle through a translation that isn't too smooth I felt there were times during the novel where the sentences were disjointed andor abrupt it wasn't a huge problem for me but I know it will annoy some other readers Though I appreciate that the violence in Battle Royale might make some readers ueasy I never found it to be gratuitous like a lot of other people did It's not unrealistic that when people are put into a situation of great fear and distrust they will go to any lengths to survive It's biological If you're in a kill or be killed situation then nine times out of ten you will choose your own life And if you're in a situation where someone with a gun may or may not be trying to kill you are you going to ask uestions first and risk getting your head blown off? Maybe But you're either braver or sillier than most thenI am going to compare this to The Hunger Games though not because I want to make a statement about how Collins plagiarised she probably didn't and even if she did no one's going to prove it either way Their similarities just make them good books to use for a comparison fight to the death teenagers isolated arena etc The Hunger Games as I'm sure you all know focuses on Katniss and her life the other characters both good and bad are seen solely through her eyes In Battle Royale the perspective changes freuently I liked it but it may infuriate some and looks at many different types of peopleThough both stories are considered dystopias I think The Hunger Games' world is developed and easier to picture as a reality I have a very clear idea in my mind of the Capitol and the districts I don't have such a vivid image of this oppressive Japanese state though I don't really think that's the point For me Battle Royale is a much psychological story it looks into the dark depths of the human mind and doesn't censor anything it finds I think it's frightening because of the collars that can be made to explode at any time because of the time limit set on the players and because all the participants are classmates I also felt there was a greater sense of urgencyOn the other hand I think The Hunger Games is a emotional read BR is an interesting exploration of the human mind I liked finding out why the students were able to do what they did but the only death that really filled me with regret was view spoilerShinji Mimura hide spoiler

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    Before reading this book I believe Ms Collins author of The Hunger Games had ripped off Battle Royale and after reading BR the novel I continue to believe THG is a rip off For example1 different bags of weapons and food given by the government2 the battle filed gets smaller everyday3view spoilertwo 'winners' in the end instead of just one hide spoiler

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    A busload of Japanese teenagers is kidnapped and dumped off on an island where they are forced to fight to the death until one student remains all in the name of The Program Which of the 42 students will survive?I remember hearing about the film version of Battle Royale ages ago but never managed to watch it Seeing that a lot of people compare The Hunger Games to Battle Royale I figured I should give it a shot and I'm uite glad I did Battle Royale is The Hunger Games with gore and without the annoying love triangleBattle Royale takes place in an alternate present where Japan is largely a totalitarian police state Every year a class is chosen for The Program a free for all that makes Thunderdome look like an episode of The Care Bears Each student is given a backpack and a weapon and turned loose one at a time To make things interesting there are forbidden zones on the island and anyone caught in one is killed instantly via the explosive collar they are all forced to wear Sound good?People are killed right off the bat and the book never lets up I had a pretty good idea who would survive based on who got the most time on screen but the journey was well worth it Kazuo and Mitsuko both needed their hash settled from the opening bellI mentioned gore earlier and this book has than its share of gruesome killings Hatchets to the face many many stabbings gunshots galore and lots of betrayal and deception on top of itThe writing was also pretty good Aside from a couple very minor hiccups I would never guess it was a translation In the afterword Takami mentions Stephen King and Robert Parker as his big influences and I think it shows in the text The explosive collars are straight out of the Running Man movie not from the novel The intro reminded me of the intro to Needful ThingsSince I'm only giving it a four I guess I'll complain about a couple things Shuya didn't have much personality enough though he was supposed to be the hero Kazuo was overly powerful and seemed to have unlimited ammo It was hard to keep track of who was who at times because of similar sounding names However all these were minor complaints and I found Battle Royale to be uite an enjoyable read Four out of five stars

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    I read the first hundred pages of Battle Royale and fell asleep That night I dreamt that I was in The Program I remember fleeing a pretty intense gunfight and thinking nonsensically dammit at least I'm getting good exerciseI hardly thought about it until the next evening when I began to read again and only finished as the sun rose You cannot know gunfights or car chases until you've read Battle RoyaleIt's fantastical it's pulpy and it's brilliant I wish it had been written with realism but you can't have everything Perhaps Koushun Takami will write another some day

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    There's this rumor that Suzanne Collins ripped off the idea for The Hunger Games from Battle Royale After reading the supposed original I could say that the plot for both books are pretty similar but Koushun Takami's novel is of an entirely different league it's uite incomparable Battle Royale does have a very colorful and well handled take on the the fight to the death premise than anything I have ever read before It's a book of mass slaughter than forty deaths and practically each one is described and a litany of brutality and betrayal that even in its many variations can be a bit of overkill Still for such a long book littered with so many bodies Takami manages to keep things moving and hold my interest There's constant tension and a few good surprises There are too many characters to really get much of a sense of many of them but the strongest point of the novel describes how some characters descend into madness while others keep their wits This psychological element is like a twisted reflection of high school life which can often seem this brutal sans the bloody conseuences In extreme situations true colours are shown and they're often surprising ones The narrative is uite riveting and there are a lot of moments when I want to throw up and cry and jump up and down at the same timeI have a few ualms though including the fact that the program is so enormous with fifty classes a year That's roughly 2000 students killed uite a huge casualty for even a large nation to take The purpose of the program is never really made clear either It's also important to note that the translation isn't as great as it should have been It doesn’t hinder the plot but a “him” is called a “her” every once in a while and some helpful adjectives are left outIn the end I could still say that Battle Royale is a perfectly fine thriller with a fun premise and a well drawn out story If you plan to read it I suggest that you pick up the graphic novels too they are visually stunning and just as riveting

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    For the last oh 200 pages of this book or so I kept thinking about what I'd say in my review I never know how I'll start a review but this time I kept thinking of possible opening lines But like Lays potato chips I couldn't stop at just one so here are my top 3 in no particular order 1 There once was a book of ellipses which occasionally had words in between them 2 I'll never read the phrase That's right the same way again 3 I see dead people Finally Like many people I assume I heard of Battle Royale through The Hunger Games as people like to claim that THG is derivative of Battle Royale and whatnot And so at a library sale last year I acuired a copy I was all excited about it too because it was super cheap it was bag day everything you can stuff into a grocery sized paper bag is 3 SCORE and because I love me some everybody dies and the world's fucked up dystopia Grim and gritty and violent? Awesome Only UGH In case you couldn't guess from the eleventy million ranty sarcastic status updates I didn't enjoy this book It was not awesome It was awful AWFUL It actually started out intriguing enough but when I hit the first instance of the Dramatic Ellipses Pause it caught me off guard like stepping off a curb that's about 3 inches higher than you expected and it made me furrow my brow and think That was awkward When I ran into the second one just a little bit later it was like walking into a spiderweb face first I should have seen it coming and now there's annoying shit in my face I should have known that things were only going to go downhill from there writing wise Not only because the Dramatic Ellipses Pause was such a flow killer but because it heralded all sorts of irksome uirks that were soon to come Now I know that this is a translation and not a very good one by all accounts And I know that Japanese culture is different from my own one of the big themes in the book actually and that their way of speaking and thinking and behaving is different from the way I would do it I have no problem with that I would like to state for the record that I never expected this book to read as though it was written by an American But I'm not going to just give all of the bad writing in this book a pass because it's poorly translated from Japanese Repetition is repetition in any language There are only so many times I can take being told the same things over and over and over again sometimes several times a page before I start losing my shit We're told repeatedly how smart certain characters are how well regarded they are by their peers or how poorly thought of they are or how this one is a star shortstop or that one is a star basketball freethrower guy or the other one is a star violinist or another one is a star evil bitch with an angelic smile Oh and in between this narration and whatever action happens to be going on we also have the character's inner dialogue going on I say dialogue not monologue because almost every time it's seriously like reading a two sided conversation they're having with themselves where they repeat many of the same things AGAIN because you know they've got to convince themselves of stuff or something Stupid annoying characters are stupid annoying characters in any language I get it They are kids and they are thrown into this horrifying situation of course it's natural to be shocked How the characters react is one of the reasons that people read books like this But at some point the characters have to get over that shit There's a line from The Shawshank Redemption that says it best It comes down to a simple choice get busy living or get busy dying So much of this book was spent on shock and disbelief that I was ready to start smashing skulls myself Again and again and again we're told how this character or that character or somesuch other character just couldn't believe that their class was chosen that their class was here that they were really playing that they were up for it and killing each other Again and again Every perspective change we have to go through the same 7 stage process Every conversation covers the same ground Does it make me a terrible person that I just wanted them to start killing each other already?? Just to stop the horrible repetition And they're supposed to be smart but they have NO common sense or sense of self preservation It's important that I discuss and explain my intricate plan that you aren't really going to understand anyway rather than think about the fact that someone could overhear it and that that would be bad Good going genius These kids grew up in this society where even misinterpreted comments about the government could get you thrown into a re education camp or worse killed and they think that a government sponsored run and meticulously tracked program is just going to stop listening to the 40 some people who now have the most reason to turn against them? And not only should these kids just straight up assume their every movement and sound is being recorded but you'd THINK they'd be wary of their own classmates overhearing them Apparently notThen there's the ridiculous romance aspects of the story Because 15 year olds are such noble romantic creatures that form lasting twu wuv bonds And yet again how many times do we need to see the Do you have a crush on someone? conversation played out? It was awkward the first time and the second time and the every fucking time It felt like a grown man was trying to write teenagers talking about their crushes That's right It was that Seriously I think that the author really has no idea what a crush is and thinks that it's either True Love Soulmate style or the most dedicated and creepy stalker behavior ever I'm not sure which but both were depicted in this book so maybe that's my answer It's sure as hell not depicted in any way that's realistic Hey you're cute and cool and I like sitting 3 rows behind you in math I'll write your initials and my initials together in a heart shape inside a notebook that I'll never show to another soul ever and I'll fantasize about what it would be like to go out with you But I'm not going to die for you or with you and if it looks like there's a chance you'll be attracting danger I'm abandoning you because I don't really fucking know you and this ain't Romeo and Juliet You're just kinda cute There are lots of kinda cute people out there SorryThen there are the semi apologies in advance I didn't tell you but here's an explanation of something that I had no reason to ever think to tell you previously because it's seriously irrelevant to anything but this exact situation right now and you didn't need to know it anyway But sorry I didn't tell you Or It might be disrespectful to say this but I am going to finish this sentence by saying something completely banal This one is probably a culture thing to be fair Or I don't know what to say but right now the words coming out of my mouth are going to be something appropriate to say in this situation which is the very thing I said I didn't know how to say when I started this sentenceThat's right I just remembered the thing that I had forgotten until right now which is that this kind of sentence occurred way too fucking often in this book That's right I've come to a conclusion That's right I just remembered to say the thing I just thought of to say That's right I just thought of a uestion Can I ask you a uestion? That's right the uestion would be right here That's right now I'm going to say things that I just remembered or decided to say That's right blah blah blah blah I think it's probably a good thing that I don't have this book in e book format because I'd be so tempted to search key words and phrases just to see how many times they're actually used I'm that annoyed with this book I want stats and numbers to uantify my suffering I have no idea why this book is so highly regarded except that it's reached cult classic status and therefore it MUST be amazing Oh dang it I just broke my sarcasm key sighEdited First to correct a typo and second to add some commentary about the point of this book which is from one of my posts in the discussion below I did actually get the point of this At the end it's put out there that having this kind of Program is useful for controlling the populace They the people don't know the rules and the details they just know of the Program and see it through the lens that the government wants them to They see it as a competition that people are ruthless and willing to kill or at least use others to protect themselves and that it's everyone for themselves This combined with the fear tactics that the government uses hauling people away to re education camps or just outright killing them makes the probability of someone gathering people together to fight against the government unlikely because nobody can really trust that the others aren't going to betray them It's actually effective and had this been less painful to read I'd probably have loved it But the writing got in the way of the message I think

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    This is like a 45 out of 5I loved this book so much Such an original twisted story I got a little confused over all the japanese names but luckily once they started to die off I got to grips with who a lot of them were I love books that have some short chapters and some long chaptersThe student count at the end of each chapterLoved shogo Also LOVED the end Even though I seen the movie years ago i had forgot what happenedBrillant

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    42 children forced to kill each other Around 15 year old children forced to become violent and merciless killers Only one can survive this brutal bloodbath It's all about strategy and being emotionless Who will prevail?The premise was not new to me but the execution was spectacular Not only did the author managed to impress me with the plot but he also managed to make me feel sympathy toward some of the characters I'll be honest and say that it would be impossible to feel sympathy toward all 42 of them but I still managed to feel a sense of connection toward a few of them The most impressive attribute of this novel would be the writing It was vivid Some would say too vivid but for me the violent the better This novel promised a battle royale among teenagers but what happened was not completely unbelievable If thrown in together with a bunch of your classmates and forced to kill each other some people tend to lose their minds The whole idea of it is not completely unlikely to happen but odds are it wouldn't The children here were brutal to the point that they had no hearts I'm not Japanese but I still think that Japanese people don't exude the violent characteristics that the author portrayed The defense though would be that this is a work of fiction It can be as absurd as it can be There are some work of fiction that tend to go overboard regarding the absurdity but for me this novel had the perfect amount It was believable and honestly I'm a bit terrified because of itThe amount of violence clearly exceeded the normal level I liked that I wanted the blood bath and I got it The Hunger Games in comparison was a lot mellow and teenager friendly but this one was gut wrenching awesome If you cannot stomach even a little amount of violence then stay away from this novel The fucking plot twist in the end I didn't see it Wait let me correct myself the plot twists Multiple plot twists simultaneously showed up and it was a mind fuck experience The author decided to wait for the last few chapters to make me feel like shit for not expecting the ending I really didn't expect that to happen at all He slowly gave the ending away near the end though so I actually did see some things happening but only when he started to hint them coming All throughout the novel I was fixating that view spoiler Shuya was going to win He was the Katniss Everdeen of the novel The author managed to shock me that Kawada betrayed them Then he shocked me again after the plot twist that it was all Kawada's plan and Shuya and Noriko were still alive They lived and Kawada died Kawada who was the one who hacked the neck collars before the whole thing even started His death was unjust but I'm glad Shuya and Noriko lived Now they're outlaws I don't know why I didn't see this coming Either I'm losing my sense of intuition or the author is just really good hide spoiler