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Her şeye karşı duran karşı çıkan karşı olan bir adam Aylak Adam Bir adı bile yok C diyor Yusuf Atılgan kısacaİnsan her şeye bunca karşıyken kendine de karşı olmadan nasıl sürdürebilir bir karşı yaşamı?C sıradanlığa tekdüzeliğe alışılmışın kolaycılığına hiç mi hiç katlanamıyor Hem farklıyı hem doğru olanı arıyor Çabasının boşuna olduğunun da farkında üstelik Zor bir karakter zor bir yaşam yalın bir roman

10 thoughts on “Aylak Adam

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    In story there is interesting and a bit strange man but actually he is not so far to us we can see everywhere this kind of people in our life His thoughts his life style his loves and his feelings are familiar for all person I think book and story is so book

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    Since I read the book I look name of street when I walking on the street You should read then you will understand me and you will look name of street like me

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    The greatest book I've ever read It's very meaningful It maybe looks very complicated to the reader but despite its supposed complexity it is not incomprehensible While I was reading it I felt the change in my mindActually every book does it to me but do they really change my mind? That has looked unknown to me for years it still stays unknown Even while I wasn't reading the book I was thinking about it I mean the messages that the book gave to me were keeping themselves alive in my heart I must tell you that this book is changing my life and it will keep changing I've so much found myself in the main character I honestly can say that the main character is the one I wanna be or is the one who I am right now I will read it many times

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    Aylak defines a person who has no purpose in life other than short termism This definition holds throughout the story Atilgan has a great talent to use words rather than sentences so this book does not make you tired Ps There is a cafe in Ankara named after this book called Aylak Madam Aylak Lady

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    Language Turkish

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    its about search for meaning the author tells us that the aylak adam lived in all four seasons this book is my second favourite book in turkish books

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    Tarzı Vedat Türkali'yi anımsattı yolları bi dönem askeri okulda kesişmiş aynı çevrelerde bulunmuşlar belki bundandır Karmaşık cümle atlamadan dikkatli okunması gereken bir kitap Kısa ancak pek çok kalın kitaptan daha doyurucuAtılgan has a style that shares lots of traits with another of my favorite writers Vedat Türkali C the protagonist is a middle aged man who does not have to work for a living He defines himself with his idleness and finds almost everything in life shallow and meaningless

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    One of the weirdest best books I've ever had the pleasure of reading A novel of infinite small details

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    One of the cult books i've ever read