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Abbiamo ancora questa stupida e datata idea dell Africa come continente povero ed arretrato, spesso veicolata dalle pubblicit di onlus volenterose che sperano di arrivare al nostro portafogli grazie alle lacrime di qualche bambino.Grazie al cielo abbiamo questa nuova letteratura che ci presenta invece un continente vivace, giovane, volenteroso, dove cambia certo l ambientazione ma non le vicende di questi adolescenti I ragazzi sono ragazzi ovunque vogliono divertirsi, fare l a, sfuggire al controllo dei genitori che si contraddicono e alle restrizioni di tradizioni un po datate Aya diversa, la ragazza matura Vuole diventare medico, nonostante il padre ritenga che l educazione superiore sia destinata solo ai maschi All opposto sta l amica Adjoua, che ama i ragazzi e l a e rimane incinta, fortunatamente di un buon partito Belle anche le ultime pagine con un piccolo ricettario e alcuni dettagli della vita delle ragazze ivoriane. The standard narrative of any story set in Africa includes an empathy numbing array of horrors Child Soldiers wielding machetes and AK 47 s, famine, rape, AIDS, corruption, slavery The desire to call attention to this awfulness is understandable, important even Yet by having tragedy so omnipresent, it dehumanizes those dealing with that as a part of their life Marguerite Abouet s series Aya consciously bucks this trend The charming stories of family and community are startling in their lack of the tragic conventions inherent in most African stories Set in the Ivory Coast in the late 70 s, Aya and its sequels Aya of Yop City and Aya the Secrets Come Out play like an African sitcom Cute little vignettes of a middle class family Girls sneaking out at night to meet boys, Dads getting drunk and dancing at weddings, the goofy neighbor kid harboring a not so secret crush Scandals and secrets are revealed for comedic effect, lessons are learned, or not The title character is a beautiful and honorable teenager who works hard at school in hopes of becoming a doctor While her friends flutter about crying and delighting over the latest news about their newest boyfriends, Aya is the stalwart friend the whole community admires The kind of character you d name your daughter after I did.Clement Oubrerie s illustrations are vibrant and warm, evocative You can hear the chickens squawk, feel the dust on your skin, and hear the music at the nightclubs His talent is perfect for the book, complementing Abouet as if the two had lived in the Ivory Coast their entire lives.In the back of each book is the Ivorian bonus section where characters from the story give recipes, explain fashions, and teach you the Ivorian sayings and exclamations liberally used in the dialogue It s a nice touch that helps the reader feel like a part of this special little community.Which, ultimately, is what these books are about By bringing us into her childhood home, Abouet is sharing with us the love, humor, and fun present in African life And by sharing these treasures with us we get to feel something that s increasingly difficult to obtain in America, a true sense of community.Read if you are interested in Africa beyond the headlines you ve lived in the developing world, or would like to.Buy for World wise girlfriends who think comics are for teenage boys teenage girls who have the potential to be really cool. That S What I Wanted To Show In Aya An Africa Without The War And Famine, An Africa That Endures Despite Everything Because, As We Say Back Home, Life Goes On Marguerite AbouetIvory Coast, Family And Friends Gather At Aya S House Every Evening To Watch The Country S First Television Ad Campaign Promoting The Fortifying Effects Of Solibra, The Strong Man S Beer It S A Golden Time, And The Nation, Too An Oasis Of Affluence And Stability In West Africa Seems Fueled By Something WondrousWho S To Know That The Ivorian Miracle Is Nearing Its End In The Sun Warmed Streets Of Working Class Yopougon, Aka Yop City, Holidays Are Around The Corner, The Open Air Bars And Discos Are Starting To Fill Up, And Trouble Of A Different Kind Is About To Raise Eyebrows At Night, An Empty Table In The Market Square Under The Stars Is All The Privacy Young Lovers Can Hope For, And What Happens There Is Soon Everybody S Business Aya Tells The Story Of Its Nineteen Year Old Heroine, The Studious And Clear Sighted Aya, Her Easygoing Friends Adjoua And Bintou, And Their Meddling Relatives And Neighbors It S A Breezy And Wryly Funny Account Of The Desire For Joy And Freedom, And Of The Simple Pleasures And Private Troubles Of Everyday Life In Yop City An Unpretentious And Gently Humorous Story Of An Africa We Rarely See Spirited, Hopeful, And Resilient Aya Won The Award For Best First Album At The Angoul Me International Comics Festival Cl Ment Oubrerie S Warm Colors And Energetic, Playful Lines Connect Expressively With Marguerite Abouet S Vibrant Writing I am always trying to read graphic novels, because my students are obsessed with them Ivory Coast, 1978 Family and friends gather at Aya s house every evening to watch the country s first television ad campaign promoting the fortifying effects of Solibra, the strong man s beer It s a golden time, and the nation, too an oasis of affluence and stability in West Africa seems fueled by something wondrous Who s to know that the Ivorian miracle is nearing its end In the sun warmed streets of working class Yopougon, aka Yop City, holidays are around the corner, the open air bars and discos are starting to fill up, and trouble of a different kind is about to raise eyebrows At night, an empty table in the market square under the stars is all the privacy young lovers can hope for, and what happens there is soon everybody s business. A book about middle class living in Africa, written by Marguerite Abouet from the Ivory Coast The history lesson about the Ivory Coast and its economic development was much interesting than the insipid plot Aya is an independent young woman with dreams of a career, who does not want to become someone s wife or even worse, an unwed mother Sadly, with the exceptions of studying hard and telling her father, she does not really do much to achieve her goals instead, she watches her girlfriends and others living the wildlife, with one getting pregnant, not being sure of the father Unfortunately, it s really a comic book i.e., slight, brainless , not a graphic novel. Aya de Yopougon let s me kill two birds with one stone my goal of reading African writers and my goal of reading in French Oh, and getting back into graphic novels, of course, so technically three birds with one book Muahaha Aya is a series of six bande dessin e albums written by Marguerite Abouet and drawn by Cl ment Oubrerie Although not entirely autobiographical, the story is based on the author s life in C te d Ivoire.In the sun warmed streets of working class Yopougon, aka Yop City, holidays are around the corner, the open air bars and discos are starting to fill up, and trouble of a different kind is about to raise eyebrows At night, an empty table in the market square under the stars is all the privacy young lovers can hope for, and what happens there is soon everybody s business.Aya tells the story of its nineteen year old heroine, the studious and clear sighted Aya, her easygoing friends Adjoua and Bintou, and their meddling relatives and neighbors It s a breezy and wryly funny account of the desire for joy and freedom, and of the simple pleasures and private troubles of everyday life in Yop City An unpretentious and gently humorous story of an Africa we rarely see.The first volume of Aya read like a fun soap opera Abouet s voice isn t serious at all She doesn t cave into the perception that Westerners often have of Africa, one of starved children, poverty all around and miserable people Instead, Abouet tells it how it is or specifically how it was, for her growing up in a town similar to Yop City She shows us how silly, whimsical, full of life, love and laughter its people are Her husbands illustrations help bringing the story to life His play of warm and nurturing colors brings energy to the story and makes the reader buzz with excitement and anticipation Aya is such an endearing character, partly because she is somewhat sidelined in a story that bears her own name The first volume is pretty preoccupied with her two best friends Adjoua and Bintou, two girls on the verge of womanhood who relish in going out and hooking up with guys Aya, the always dutiful, stays at home to do her homework a whole mood tbh I m curious to see if and how Aya will break out of her shell, if she will be allowed to study medicine like she wants I would highly recommend checking out this series if you re looking for a super light hearted read that, albeit it s full of tropes, is full of charm and silliness the good kind If you re looking for something serious and in depth in regards to the social and political situation in the Ivory Coast , this comic book is not for you. Update Here s the full review I liked Aya It was Africa without the stereotypes of famine and poverty It s full of life and in Yopougon there is never a dull moment I m anxious to read part 2 to follow the stories of Aya, her friends and family I read this graphic novel in French but it is apparently available in English too I now own two versions of part 1 The movie book which I showed in my You Tube video and the smaller hardcover version which should look nice on a shelf when I have acquired all the volumes The artwork is well done and is alive with colour, with a lot of personality You ll laugh a little and if not it will definitely make you smile I was disappointed that I missed the movie here in France It came out on the 17th July and somehow I didn t here a thing about it Weird I guess I ll have to rent it Check it out because it is a change from most graphic novels that I m used to seeing and reading. There s no point in my shouting out about folks taking comics seriously sure there s Persepolis, Maus, etc but look A comedy of manners From AFRICA Who needs Jane Austen To hell with Britain There s a comment by the author where she wants to show Africa without the war and suffering To be honest, I can t help but think and worry about the characters fates in the troubles that would be coming down the pipe in Ivory Coast in a few years.This book is for the doubters If you want ammunition to prove the value of comics as literature, add Aya and its sequel to your belt. Aya is a book about a teen aged African girl living in the Ivory Coast during the seventies a relative boom time It s billed as being a graphic novel that shows that teens in Africa aren t so dissimilar to those in the U.S or teens in general, for that matter and attempts to break the stereotype of Africa as an impoverished nation where all the kids are starving and or in the midst of constant warfare.It focuses on Aya and her two friends, Adjoua and Bintou, as they live their lives in Yop City , a working class neighborhood of at the time prosperous Abidjan Aya has aspirations of going to school to become a doctor, while her two friends are interested in dancing and boys They secretly hook up with lovers on reserved tables in the market square at night aka the Thousand Star Hotel and dream about marrying someone who can set them up with a nice house or even a business I believe a beauty parlor was high on the list But all their hijinks yes, I just used the word hijinks don t turn out as planned.It s almost as much fun seeing them get into trouble as seeing how they then try to get out of it In fact, it s strangely fun while considering that some of the topics covered definitely border on the melancholy mainly needing a man to fulfill your dreams But this is where Aya comes into play, providing a stark contrast to her partying friends She doesn t judge them, but her character shows a modern viewpoint which contrasts against traditional gender roles.The glossary at the back isn t to be missed, explaining much of the slang used in the book Tassaba Ta Sa Ba slang, behind Move your tassaba as well as how to roll your tassaba in a way that makes men fall at your feet.The illustrations really bring life to the narrative The beautiful colors and expressive lines were so seamlessly interwoven with the text that I was surprised to realize that the writer and illustrator weren t one and the same.An interesting glimpse into one writer s perception of teen life in West Africa in the late 70s.