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MOBI pandora Ú An Enchanted Season Includes Psy Changeling #05; Murphy

Give readers a gift new stories from a bestselling lineup of romance authors It's the time of year when dreams come true miracles happen every day and love is the greatest gift of all The holidays always seem to bring out the best in everyone with heartfelt hugs for long missed friends sincere smiles in the spirit of the season and a feeling of magic in the air Here for the first time is a collection of paranormal romances celebrating the holidays as never before From a shape shifting leopardess who wants a packmate to be her soulmate to a snowstorm that brings a surprise gift these all new tales by Maggie Shayne Erin McCarthy Nalini Singh and Jean Johnson will stir your spirit in all the right places

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    This is one of those short story collections that really surprised me in a good way I expected to only enjoy the Nalini Singh but I liked or loved every story in the book In fact I might have liked three of them to the same degree as the Nalini Singh story Gasp Don't tell anyone I said thatI was really happy with the Erin McCarthy story It's about friends who both want to be but are afraid to take the first step And the great thing is it's love not lust They are a very cute couple and you root for them to get together It's good that the heroine's sister is than willing to meddle on their behalf The heroine comes from a witchy family but is in denial about her powers What happens to make her face her abilities is really funny I'm not going to spoil you but imagine what you might think about when your best friend who you're in love and lust with is above you on a ladder with his scrumptious rear in your face and you have abilities I'm sure you get the picture There is also some zipper manipulation involved That scene was a hoot and it set the tone for this great story I've heard good things about Erin McCarthy but I haven't taken the plunge I'm not really into the sexy modern romance stories because most of them are fling hookup stories But this story was up my alley It's about two friends who have a deep intense love for each other that has lasted years This story was HOT I mean seriously But it's traditional in the sense the they are in love and declare their love before they get naked Not long after there's a marriage proposal How refreshing I decided I might have to read some of her books I think my sister has some so I might have to borrow them I give this story 5 starsThe Maggie Shayne story was pretty cute It's about a man and a woman who are the exact opposite in their feelings about Christmas The heroine died along with her family for a few minutes in a car crash but her mother sent her back to earth because she was needed She and her aunt who has multiple sclerosis she takes custody of her niece vow to celebrate Christmas with the vivacity that her mother always did The heroine's a real believer in signs and signs tell her to go back to her family's house which has been abandoned for many years On the other side of this euation is the hero who hates Christmas since his father died the day of Thanksgiving leaving their family in a serious financial situation He goes out of his way to avoid the holidays He buys houses and fixes them up and decides to sueeze in a viewing before the reluctantly going to his sister's house for Christmas You can guess that the house he goes to look at is the heroine's family house They end up getting snowed in and the hero gets to realize the joy and meaning of Christmas with the infectiously sweet and joyful heroine This was a pretty good story I enjoyed it so I'd give it 4 starsThe Nalini Singh story is about Tamsin the healer for the DarkRiver feline shapeshifter pack and her mate Nate She comes home from training and is ready to continue her role as the healer for the pack She wants to continue the healing process from the attack that left several pack members dead including future alpha Lucas's mother who was the healer and his father in all ways She decides to encourage the pack to celebrate Christmas by inspiring them to decorate for Christmas The mating bond manifested itself very early between Tamsin and Nate when she was fifteen and Nate was twenty five Of course they could not act on it at that age Four years pass and Nate has put a strangehold on the mating bond leaving both of them with emotional deficits and pent up sexual desire as a result Tammy thinks that Nate does not want to be her mate but the mating bond is not something that can be rejected She decides to try to seduce him into making their mating real but Nate resists her at every turn He is afraid of staking his claim while she's so young She had to step up to the plate as healer at seventeen when their healer died during the attack by another shapeshifter pack He fears she has not been able to enjoy her youth and the demands of being his mate will be too much for her because of what happened with his parents because his parents mated young I could understand what his issues were but frankly Nate worked on my nerves He was being a macho butthead and trying to make decisions for Tammy instead of allowing them to work together and come together for their mutual benefit I wanted to knock some sense into him Of course he comes around in the end but not before I was ready to pull out my shovel to hit him with I realize that Tammy was young at 19 chronologically but it was clear that she knew what she wantedhim and she's very mature for her age Everyone in the pack knows she's really to fully be his mate He was being very hurtful inadvertently Since she was in contact with his former love that really rubbed things in for her She felt like he didn't find her desirable as a woman and couldn't love her It was kind of hard and frustrating to read I decided I was glad this was a short story because I would have gotten really tired of this had it been a full length story I had an issue with the epilogue too wondering why they had to wait FIFTEEN years to have kids Come on Anyway I would give this 45 stars I took off 05 stars for the annoyance factor It was a very good story because Ms Singh is a fantastic author despite the frustrations that Nate caused me Imagine how poor Tammy felt It was nice to see the beginning of a favorite paranormal series and to see Lucas and Dorian as young teenagers Worth the readThe last story was by a new to me author Jean Johnson I really liked this story It was a different spin on the Christmas story with the three wisemen except they were two women and one man and an affianced couple who has been weighted down with financial worries and other cares that they haven't had time to spend cherishing each other They get snowed in at the couple's inn along with three youths from town who came to remind them in a not so nice way that they owe money for their mortgage or they will lose their inn It just occurred to me that they were probably the shepherds from the Christmas story There was a dairy cow that was about to give birth a metaphor for Christ's birth I suppose I didn't like that she had a male which would end up being sold for veal I have some issues with veal so that was a downer for me This was a really meaningful story about love and how miracles really do occur Not to get religious on anyone but it had personal meaning for me It reminded me that God knows all my needs and he will meet then when they need meeting He's watching over me I shouldn't worry and lose my joy in the meantime This sweet story brought tears to my eyes because of the deep meaning and the way that everyone came together to help each other giving of themselves I'm a sucker for those kinds of stories What can I say? Although there was something about the narrative that was a little dry at times I still found this story very good I'd give it 45 starsAnd so I'm offering this simple review to kids from 17 to 92 and so it's been said many times many ways this was a great story collection to celebrate a Merry Christmas and I'm recommending it to youOverall rating 4550 stars

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    AN ENCHANTED SEASON 4 STARSThe reason that I bought this book was because of the Nalini Singh book as I am obsessed with the Psy Changeling series Naturally I read that story first but I couldn't not read the rest of the book So I started at the beginning reading it straight through Of course I read Singh's story again and I'm glad I bought it because I liked all the storiesMelting Frosty by Maggie Shayne 35 starsI've read a couple of novellas by Maggie Shayne before and I liked them and the same goes for this one I did like it I just thought it was kind of weird It started out really good had a lot of potential but it turned out odd I liked the characters but they were odd too so I couldn't really connect with them in any way However I really liked the travelling hat story how it went from Matt and found its way to Holly and then back to Matt and the ending was very cuteCharlotte's Web by Erin McCarthy 4 starsOkay this story was funny as hell from the first page; I was laughing my ass off while I was reading it Charlotte and Will were so damn cute and I loved them together I just wish that it was a full length novel because then their character and relationship could have been developed even and I know I would have loved that bookFavorite uote Okay so maybe she had entertained the idea once or nine hundred times of cupping his backside and giving a nice hard little sueeze but she would never act on it Probably She was pretty sure But definitely if she did she would know it Savor it Make it countPage 87Beat of Temptation by Nalini Singh 5 starsI want Nate's leopard babies Plain and simple Damn that Tamsyn for having them already shakes fistFor those of you whole have read the Psy Changeling series you know that Tamsyn and Nate are already mated for a lot of years in the books So this novella takes place eighteen years previously when they were younger I absolutely loved being able to see Nate and Tammy's story because I love them and wanted the story of their matingThis book was way emotional for me than any of the other stories I think I was almost constantly on the verge of tears at the pain and emotion in this book Nate was absolutely breaking my heart I understand why he held Tammy off because he wanted her to have some semblance of a life before being tied down for life but both of their pain killed me This story made me love them even though; they are so cute Tammy and Nate have always been two of my favorite characters but now they are even soI loved seeing all the other characters too It was awesome to see Oh God Dorian Lucas and Vaughn when they were younger Also the little cameo with Julian and Roman at the end was utterly adorableFavorite uote No Nathan no She wrapped his face in her hands I just need you all of you so much that I'm going crazy I need your laugh I need your company I need you to sleep beside me and I need you to wake when I wake I need you with everything in mePage 204 What about your freedom? he whispered in her ear over a minute later bracing his hands palms down on the wall beside her head He made no move to stop her as she stroked and petted every inch of that sinfully gorgeous chest all hard muscle and gleaming skin overlaid with silky rough strands of dark hairIdiot She nipped his jaw with her teeth The only freedom I ever wanted was the right to love youPage 232Gifts of the Magi by Jean Johnson 35 starsI don't know why but for most of this story I just kept thinking Wow This is so weird And I'm not even sure why It was a good story I liked it So I have no idea why I think it was weird That thought aside though I really liked the play on the Three Magi The only thing that was disappointing was that I wished it was a real romance Rachel and Steve were already engaged and I kind of wished it was one of those stories where they found each other instead of just refinding their loveFavorite uote Kinky was only okay if it didn't lead to a broken neck in his bookPage 315Shelves by george thats awesome Beat of Temptation high five that hymen baby Tamsyn in my harem Nate Tamsyn Will king of the harem Nate ueen of the harem Tamsyn series psy changeling Beat of Temptation mental monkey sex Nate come here baby so i can lick you Nate

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    I enjoyed Melting Frosty by Maggie Shayne Beat of Temptation by Nalini Singh was good of course but it had a little drama than I expected

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    This reviewrating is only for Beat of Temptation by Nalini SinghI’ll be honest I didn’t think much about Nate and Tamsyn They were just always there Both are an integral part of the Pack but they were always on the peripheral Tammy is the healer and Nate is a sentinel but Beat of Temptation gives us the chance to read their storyWow I absolutely loved their story to bits Tammy is just 19 years old while Nate is 29 The large age different plays a part in their relationship because Nate wants to make sure than Tammy gets the freedom she deserves As the healer of the Pack she has a lot of responsibilities for such a young age and Nate doesn’t want her to feel overwhelmed when the mating bond fully kicks in So he keeps her at a distance that is convenient for him while Tammy is suffering both physically and emotionally for Nate’s soothing touchThough it’s a short one it’s definitely worth the read Singh’s writing is great and the love between Nate and Tammy is romantic sensual and most of all enduring I loved itFavourite uoteHis hands tightened “And what are you going to do after getting yourself all heated up like this?” It was a half growled uestion but she knew him well enough to know that that roughness was an indication of need not angerShe titled her head looking up at him as he looked down “I bought a friend”He seemed to choke for a second “A friend?”“Uh huh He vibrates” It was a whisper meant to carry to his ears alone “I think I’ll try him out tonight”His fingers were pressing down so hard he was probably going to leave bruises She didn’t care

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    This story went from to And then and I fucking loved it “What about your freedom? he whispered in her ear over a minute later Idiot She nipped his jaw with her teeth The only freedom I ever wanted was the right to love you”

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    Overall Anthology 4 StarsI thought two of the stories in here were great I loved them but the other two not so much But I think likeing 50% is pretty good so I definately don't regret buying this anthologyMelting Frosty by Maggie Shayne 25 StarsHolly and Matthew both had tradegy strike when they were 12 years old around the Christmas holidays They both reacted completely differently though Matthew has become a Scrooge who hates everything about Christmas and Holly who loves it and sees it as a chance to celebrate her happy childhoodI didn't like this story that much I found Holly really irritating I don't like to think of myself as miserable but bloody hell I hate it when characters are all happy happy joy joy does it make me a bitch if it makes me wanna slap and tell them to stop smiling all the damn time? Matthew was okay he was meant to be ruthless and icy but he soon melted under the glare of all that Christmas cheer It was a uick read and it did have some funny and sweet moments but it just wasn't for meCharlottes Web by Erin McCarthy Murphy Sisters #1 5 StarsCharlotte has loved for 8 years 8 years of lusting and yearning for him But what she doesn't know is that Will loves her right back has done for years With a little bit of witchery will they finally get together this year?I LOVED this story I have never read Erin McCarthy before although I have had Flat Out Sexy on my TBR mountain for uite a while I think now that I have had a taste of EM's writing it is going to be bumped up a bit The story was funny sexy and a little mischevious and it definately left me gagging for Beat of Temptation by Nalini Singh Psy Changeling #35 5 StarsThis is novella is the reason I got this book and I am so glad I did It is about Tamsyn the DarkRiver packs healer and Nate one of the packs Senitals If you have read the Psy Changeling books you will recognize them they have been together for a long time and this book lets us see just how they got together Like all NS's book it was fabulous I loved both Nate and Tamsyn and I think together they make a great couple If you are a fan of the Psy Changeling series then this is a great little story about two of the recurring characters if Psy Changeling is new to you then this gives you a glimpse in to the amazingness of this seriesGifts of the Magi by Jean Johnston 25 StarsA couple are running a Bed Breakfast but it has hit hard times a mortgage payment is due and a massive snow storm has just started meaning that all the guests booked into the Inn for Christmas have had to cancel But when a Buddist a Jew and a Muslim yes I know the start of a bad joke lol unexpectedly walk through the door it all starts to look upA really sweet story about looking on the brightside and the virtues of hardwork It was nice it was cute but it wasn't for me I found it a little boring and there wasn't much of a story going on just a series of unfortunate events that turn in to a series of miracles It wasn't bad but maybe I would have apprciated it if I read it at Christmas time

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    This is a collection of 4 paranormal holiday stories by authors Maggie Shayne Erin McCarthy Nalini Singh and Jean Johnson All 4 are authors I've read and enjoyed so I'm very much looking forward to reading it I will post a review for each story individually as I go Melting Frosty by Maggie ShayneThe 2 main characters both lost someones when they were 12 however they both coped with it very differently Here they come together or clash together over their outcoming views of the holidays Shayne didn't fail to deliver on her characters I love her characters' tendencies to be uniue and uirky They almost always make me smile a few times during my readings with their interactions with each other 4 stars for Shayne Charlotte's Web by Erin McCarthyMcCarthy never fails to deliver the really truly HOT scenes Charlotte and Will are interesting characters as well ; I was especially interested by the fact that it seems like this story might be connected to another or 2 others Was it just me or did it seem as if there might be a story between Bree and the Chicago lawyer? Or even possibly down the road Abby and Brady? I'd be interested to find out and read if there are 3 12 stars for McCarthy Just wasn't as great for me as Shayne but still really good Beat of Temptation by Nalini SinghWow I knew I had read Nalini Singh before but it's obviously been a while because I forgot just how great her writing is Her characters really come to life for the reader even in a short mini story I felt Tasmyn's frustrations with her packmate Nathan her glee while extracting her revenge and her sorrow when he was a big dumb guy I think it's a testament to Singh that she could make her characters spring from the page so vividly and to do so in less than 100 pages I will definitely have to start reading her stories again 5 starsGifts of the Magi by Jean JohnsonI was surprised by the fact that I just didn't really care for this story The reason I was surprised is because I've read Jean Johnson before including her series about the 7 brothers and thoroughly enjoyed her books This one just was a touch too sappy for me I did enjoy the 3 Magi though and I'm pretty sure I've read a story with these 3 before but I don't remember if that's accurate Unfortunately the rest of the characters fell flat for me So only 3 stars here Overall I enjoyed the collection obviously judging by the ratings I think what made it even special was the facts that my house was uiet outdoors was a windy cold day and inside was deliciously warm with my living room fireplace burning Nothing like holiday stories with a tree in the corner and a fire blazing to set the mood Averaging out the stars for each story the end result is 388 But I'll round that up for the atmosphere I got to enjoy while indulging in my favorite pasttime 4 stars

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    only reading Beat of Temptation by Nalini SinghAfter reading Slave to Sensation I found out there was Nate and Tamsyn's story thanks to my great friend Leigh Thanks Leighu ROCK I'm so glad she told me I loved their story I don't think you can really appreciate them without reading this story The story is basically about Nate and Tamsyn wanting to complete their mating bond Nate is torn because he feels Tamsyn is young and needs her freedom and he wants to give her time Tamsyn doesn't want timeshe wants Nate Favorite lineIt was hard not to melt for a man who still saw her as an orchid kind of girl after all these years together

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    Reread April 12 2016I love Nate and TamsynReread July 8 2015I love that these two have been mated for so long It gives me all the feels Reread Jun 14 2014Gah it just makes so happy teary and swoony when I think about how Tammy and Nate have been mated for over 20 years they have family and they still love each other so much maybe even after being together for so many years I adore these two and the fact we had an opportunity to read their storyOriginally read Apr 17 2012Well I'm basically in love with Nalini Singh's writing Her heroes are just so unf I find myself actually liking her heroines as wellIt was no different for Tamsyn and Nate I really love Tammy I have ever since I read Slave to Sensation so I was so happy that we got to see her when she was younger and learnt of her story with Nate I found Tamsyn to be extremely relatable in this novella My heart broke for herNate is stubborn and dominant but I love him nonetheless He struggles with taking Tammy as her mate when she was only 19 not because he didn't love her far from it actually But because he wanted her to have her youth Though that was pretty much stolen away from her when Shayla died and she became the Pack's healer These two are just so beautiful together I love them so much It brings tears to my eyes twenty years later with two cubs they are still mated and so incredibly in love with each other

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    October 2013I have had uite a few of the Psy Changeling books for a long time now but they have never seemed to reach the top of the pile I had read some of NS's Harleuin books in the past and although I enjoyed them they never really wowed me and I honestly thought that she would struggle writing in the PNR genre and they wouldn't live up to expectations Anyway I had been seeing a lot of activity on them in the last month or so which reminded me that they had been sitting there gathering dust and thought I might as well jump in and join the bandwagon after all I already had the books so had nothing to lose Although it is a short story it pretty much grabs you right from the beginning and I honestly cannot believe how much I did enjoy it It just goes to show that perceived ideas can often be wrong and it can sometimes be well worth taking the risk in reading something you were unsure aboutNow I wanna carry on and see what happens with the rest of the pack July 2011Erin McCarthy story only 4 Stars