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Is It Possible To Be Too Good A Friend Too Understanding, Too Always There, Too Much Like A Doormat Alice Has Always Been A Good Friend To Pamela And Liz, A Best Friend To Pamela And Liz But She S Starting To Wonder Where That Leaves Her What Am I An Ear For Listening An Arm Around The Shoulder And Then There S Patrick After Ending Their Relationship Two Years Ago, He S Suddenly Calling Again, And Wants To Take Her To His Senior Prom What Does That Mean As Alice Tries To Figure Out Who She Is In Relation To Her Friends, She Learns One Thing Sometimes Friends Need You Than They Let Onespecially When The Unthinkable Happens Always Honest, Brave, And True, The Alice Series Never Flinches From Big Issues, And Never Discounts The Small Ones

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    Yikes The unthinkable happens and when you think back to Alice in Lace, the irony is SO there but the resolution was really a cop out.I still think of Alice as the teen girl with a middle aged woman s brain She s so reasonable, sensible, practicalgreat example for teen girls, compared to the trash that s out there nowadays I know because I read the trash too , but sometimes funny when contrasted with the moments when she acts like a teenage girl Though I must admit that her relationship with her family is so creepily understanding and loving that any clashes they have are totally unbelievable.I love Alice I ve been reading about her since I was 8 or 9 years old, in 1992 I think she was 12 then Now she s 17, and I m 26 years old I have to admit I kind of hope Phyllis Reynolds Naylor is almost done writing about Alice s life because it s becoming mechanical.It seems like and I m sure this is probably accurate that Naylor has planned an outline for each book with a certain checklist of life experiences that Alice needs to hit So the plot, or what exists of it, is basically Alice careening through her life and hitting these little milestones, and dealing with them in her oddly mature way.Friend with terminal illness Check.Gay friend Check.Wild, promiscuous friend Check.Druggie acquaintances Check.Shy, conservative friend Check.Brilliant friend Check Ethnic friend Check.Meanwhile, Alice is kind of average and always says so herself.Break up Check.Boyfriends Check.Extracurriculars Check I m surprised Alice doesn t do at least one sport Pregnancy Check.Gay friend coming out Check.Fight with stepmom Check.Afterschool job Check.Bridal showers and weddings Check.Learning to drive Check.And so on.Some of the magic is kind of gone Alice was once this young girl who made all sorts of faux pas, had some personal flaws tone deaf , and wished she had a mom to help her while she was growing up hers passed away Through it all are her kindly dad, snarky but typical older brother, and the wonderful boyfriend Patrick for most of it Now reading about her life is seriously like hitting points on a checklist.I have to admit my life sounded a bit like that in high school though those were hectic days But Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, if you are reading this, please put some heart and soul back into Alice

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    Gad I m glad I m almost done with this series I mean, Naylor s got the gift, and I can t really pinpoint a problem, but I m just getting tired It s like she s phoning it in at this point, and the charm of the earlier books is missing Alice is too realistically self pitying, self absorbed.At least the school got smart about Valentine s Day About time they realize that school is for book learning not romance grumble

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    Alice is nearly 17 and is still trying to figure life out Between cheering on Pamela to get a part in the school musical, encouraging Elizabeth to have confidence, giving morale boosts to leukemia stricken Molly, taking life advice from brainy Gwen, and asking a senior to the Sadie Hawkins dance, Alice goes through a lot of growth her junior year of high school.Book takes place Spring semester of junior year.Alice s life lessons You ll discover new things about yourself as long as you live David s words.Best Alice moment s A forehead kiss Stupefyin Jones Elizabeth s basement fire Pamela s BIG problem Alice s promotion view spoiler Finally, a grown Alice book that is strong enough to be a standalone YA novel Alice doesn t go through the motions of learning about folding retail wear, or learning how to drink a Cosmo, she actually has substance She asks out a senior she has a crush on to a school dance, only to find out that he is a nice guy but not interested in her at all Her crush subsides Patrick is sort of back in the picture, but only on the periphery as he is getting ready to graduate early and is accepted to the summer semester at U of Chicago Pamela gets a part in the school musical as an understudy, but her sex life is the real drama She reveals to her best friends that she s lost her virginity to her boyfriend Tim, and then later on she finds out she is pregnant A miscarriage ends her misery, but I thought it was interesting how Pamela s middle school project from Alice in Lace of dealing with teen pregnancy reared its ugly head for Pamela in real life hide spoiler

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    Spring of her junior year, Alice goes to several dances view spoiler and rekindles her romance with Patrick hide spoiler

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    It is a book talking about the high school experience Prom is one of the great experience in High school Therefore I curious what would the prom look like It also talks about the relationship of Alice and her friends.At the beginning of the book Alice a boy who named Patrick to go to a dance party and happy to share all her friends this news later, Patrick told her to not wait for him then she tries to ask another guy for the party.Will she sucessful for asking for or will Patrick Change his mind Alice is really like Patrick will Alice and Patrick s story continue or they will live in their own way.In another side Alice s friend Pamela got pregnancy from her friend s boyfriend Alice gilve adervice to her friend to tell the boy friend and her mum Will her friend do what Alice tell her to do If yes, will the boyfriend do his responsibility to Alice s friend or will the mum forgive Pamela.Read it and find out the answer for all of those question Some interst part p22 You want to change the name No I said Acutally, I am calling to see if you d like to go with me Was it one second before he answered Three Five To the dance Ur sure he said Sounds fun Thanks.

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    I m so happy that Alice and Patrick seem to be getting back together Wow Pamela had a real scare there but luckily things worked out Alice is a little mature now, the new house addition is finally finished, and Liz gets even daring I m glad Alice finally got over her hopeless crush on Scott and I like that they got to go to the dance as friends, which made her realize that they re just friends Loved the part with Bill s mom on the sofa.Alice s stress over the PSAT, and the SAT to a lesser extent, will resemble my own I m taking the SAT next month Glad Alice is satisfied with her results.

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    Almost Alice was an okay book in my opinion At first it was a little hard to get into this book, but after reading a couple chapters the book got interesting Almost Alice is about a teenager named Alice who struggles with helping her friend go through a teen pregnancy, while Alice is trying to figure out who she really is I would recommend this book to any teenage girl that is over the age of 15 because it talks about things that young girls should not be learning until they get older.

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    February 2018 re read.I took three Alice books on vacation this year and read through them quickly I still love these stories, though the tone changed a bit when she left middle school for high school Still, love the embarrassing moments she hasn t quite grown out of and love the back n forth between Alice and Lester.

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    It was fun seeing Alice and Patrick hanging out together again Not sure if they are getting back together or not Guess I ll keep reading the series to find out And something happens to one of Alice s friends kind of had a feeling that would happen eventually Won t spoil what it was but I wasn t surprised.

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    I have been reading this series since 6th grade Its always a pleasure to dive back in and hang out with Alice I like how the series is starting to get a little mature and is dealing with serious real life situations 5 left in the series to read