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In the 21st century the glittering Neo Tokyo has risen from the rubble of a Tokyo destroyed by an apocalyptic telekinetic blast from a young boy called Akira the subject of a covert government experiment gone wrong now imprisoned in frozen stasis But Tetsuo an angry young man with immense and rapidly growing psychic abilities has done the unthinkable he has released Akira and set into motion a chain of events that could once destroy the city and drag the world to the brink of Armageddon Resistance agents and an armada of government forces race against the clock to find the child with godlike powers before his unthinkable destructive abilities are unleashed One of the true international classics of graphic fiction and unavailable for nearly a decade in America Akira has once again taken America by storm its first Dark Horse volume selling out almost overnight in comic shops and bookstores across the country

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    Do you remember those scenes in Scooby Doo where Scoobs The Gang and the monsters would be escaping chasing each other through multiple doors in a hallway often leading to some comical switcheroos? The first 75% of this volume was pretty much that but for an hour with automatic rifles one tank TWO coups d’etat and several magic nuclear children with bowl cuts 27 starsThe final 25% or so meanwhile features one of the most stunningly beautiful and tragic events ever to be rendered in the graphic novel medium 43 stars

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    I was seriously ready to give this volume of Akira three stars Akira's political elements these huge government experiment gone wrong cover up and opposition vs terrorist stuff has been a staple for super soldier themed sci fi stories So yeah just three stars But then it became so exceedingly good in the homestretch Man that was some crazy sht It isn't that unexpected from the story perspective this view spoilerAkira unleashing that black sphere of hell in Neo Tokyo hide spoiler

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    Sakakithe future looks bleakeven I cannot stand against destiny Lady MiyakoThe graphic novel continues in the moment the previous novel ended Tetsuo stands at the site of the first destruction WWIII has just walked out of the underground facility with Akira and a satellite sends a missile directly into him Kei and Kaneda escape with Akira who has not come into full consciousness The plot focuses on possessing Akira a struggle of four forces aiming to take him 1 Kei and Kaneda and Ryu although not with them 2 Lady Miyako and her trained girls Sakaki Miki and Mozu 3 Nezu and soldiers a servant of Lady Miyako she calls him little mouse who betrays her to obtain Akira 4 The Colonel and military backing and the old looking kids from the first two novelsLady Miyako's kids also have special powers such as flight and pyrokinesis The government restricts the citizens to their homes under martial law and spider like metal robots kill those who resist peace in the streets including noncompliance to obey Kei and Kaneda include another character into the action Chiyoko a massive fighting woman with huge weapons and runs around in an apron As in the first two the action doesn't stop however the plot lacks in this one The book serves as a link and doesn't stand alone For this reason I enjoyed the first two than the third In the crisis all parties come together and fight to obtain Akira SPOILER BELOWThe novel climaxes when Akira recognizes Takashi an old friend he had known within the organization headed by the Colonel Nezu shoots at Akira but misses blowing a hole in Takashi's head This breaks Akira's mind who has just come out of hibernation and has not awoken The moment stirs his power complete destruction annihilation a repeat of Tokyo's destruction In the end only the slab and Akira remain The kids save the protagonists with their special abilities particularly flight and telekinesis Walking on the water a young boy with tattered clothes approaches stands by Akira on the slab The return of Tetsuo We aren't supposed to like villains but I like this guy I missed him He makes the story a thrilling read I'm glad he came back He may be one of my favorite villains The reason may be his turn from friendship and sanity to darkness a betrayal an old friend It makes good fiction The last panel shows two blurred dots flying into the air far above the slab and floods

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    SUPER FAST REVIEW “This whole thing just keeps on getting complicated” While true I’m still into it and it keeps getting crazier As with the previous volumes the story is still awesome while being insanely weird and intense This series manages to include storytelling within nonstop action which is incredible The artwork is pretty sweet as well There’s a bit of comic relief and lots of suspenseI have nothing bad to say about this series so far y’all should read it55

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    I’m mildly confused but I’m having a good time

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    The chase for Akira continues This was my least favorite issue so far despite it still being a page turner As a little recap Tetsuo with his newly discovered paranormal powers has released Akira and set in motion a chain of events that is dominating this volume Different parties are all looking for the child that has the power to destroy the city and drag the world to the brink of Armageddon The first three uarters of the issue were fast paced and still full of action but sort of just of what we already had plenty of We're being made aware of how urgent it is to find Akira and how powerful he is but I feel like it wasn't necessary to get that point across over 200 pages On the bright side we finally get to see a tiny bit of Neo Tokyo that doesn't look that different from current Tokyo though maybe a bit industrial and run downI'm a little disappointed how little characterization there is in the whole narrative I still don't know much about the characters and while I have been sort of told who is good and who is bad I am not entirely sure about anyone's motifs which does not make me feel very attached to anyone in particular However the built up lead to an intense and impactful ending that wasn't only beautifully illustrated but also wonderfully told Because of that I am still keen to see what is going to happen next as I am hopeful in terms of a bit of a change in narrative

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    1010 HOLY SHIT The scale of the destruction and the way it’s shown in the last chapter of this volume is INSANE I love it

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    Comics Canon ReviewWith the exception of an incredible concluding seuence in this volume’s final 30 pages or so a seuence with complex and hyper detailed drawings of multiple city blocks being leveled there isn’t much to this volume A bit of plot exposition a lot of foot chases and that’s about it Yes Otomo is great with action but it all moves at the same pace throughout and gets a bit exhausting and one note

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    Lessons learnedDo not put a tank in the hands of a bunch of kidsAnd don’t make Akira angryThis volume was underwhelming for the most part Before it got totally insane in the last forty pages and it just managed to get away with a three star rating

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    that ending tho