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    You just cannot put this book down Akira's second volume is pure non stop action from start to end I love how Katsuhiro Otomo brings in all the characters and play their part without making the reading experience overcrowded Even without the film as a reference this book is oozing with cinematic appeal Now I can really say that there's a huge difference between the manga and the movie Again both still follow the main plot points but the smaller details are very different I can even go as far as saying that view spoilerexcept for the huge Tetsuo monster thing and the big explosion in the movie hide spoiler

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    39 starsFor fans of The Men Who Stare at Goats; Dennis the Menace; Dragon Ball Z; The Curious Case of Benjamin ButtonAvoid if you’re a member of the Neo Tokyo military

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    What can I say?PerfectionI liked Kaneda better in this version Plus that whole side plot where Kei has superpowers was really awesome I loved the teleportation scene when Kaneda had his handcuffed arms draped around Kei pretending to be cool Then they teleport and he starts freaking out anyway good book

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    SUPER FAST REVIEWOkay so this volume is insaneIt’s a cool story the action is basically nonstop in this volume the characters are fairly interesting and the art is awesomeThat ending too Shit’s about to get even REALNot sure what else to say except READ THIS MANGA It’s insane and bad ass55

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    Just like the first one this is filled to the brim with actionThe run for Akira starts almost immediately and the narrative moves relentlessly from one action seuence to the other as the characters clash with one another time and againI love that cinematic style It is uite different from my usual reading experience and is a lot of fun Never have 300 pages flown by as fast as they did hereThe characters are a little less annoying than in the first one So that's a plus But unfortunately the plot doesn't progress muchAt least we finally meet Akira And it will be interesting to see what that means for the next volume since a lot of people are mightily afraid of the guyGood popcorn fun Just barely missing out on four stars

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    AKIRA AWAKENS Wow the way the artwork of the underground base futuristic urban landscapes spacecrafts and helicopters is done is truly stunning I’m loving this

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    I have had a dreamI dreamed of disasterA great disasterone that will alter the world None of us can stop it Because destiny cannot be avertedIt is fate Akira is the pawn as are we all The day of his awakening draws even closer Already events have been set in motion For you for your entire people's party this will be the turning point It must not catch you unawares Lady MiyakoThe second of six volumes I found it an overwhelming pleasure The series has become known as the first Cyberpunk in history I see the punk but I'm still waiting for the cyber Perhaps it will unfold in later volumes Otomo masters the art of plot revelation It makes for excitement and intensity I suspect this intensity excitement and pleasure will increase by increments in later volumes a building of what the world has come to know as epic Otomo also mixes the excitement with humor particularly from the two main protagonists Kaneda and Kei The two met in the first volume caught in a plot for world destruction high fantasy elements in a science fiction world Kaneda a womanizer tries his tactics with Kei but she won't let him through The dialogue the sarcasm the ruthless attitude in the face of domination and authority provide a basis for moments of humor perhaps comic relief from tension Tetsuo a former friend now an archenemy with superpowers has grown out of control At the end of the first book he surrenders to the organization led by the Colonel only to rebel and dominate and take it further by pursuing Akira where the super being hides The book reveals who what Akira is The rest of the series will move according to the revelation provided so I plan to spoil it hereAkira is a little boy frozen underground for the last thirty years encased in a dome of mechanical precision The story reveals a Japanese Oracle see picture below Some pictures in color come from the animation The book has the same images but they show in black and white Lady Miyako knows things the future She escaped from the group of gathered children now an old woman living in hiding Her number imprinted in her palm 19 She can see things that are presently happening and paths into the future that could happen depending on present outcomes Need I mention my thoughts about The Matrix movie?The kids in the program look like relatives of Fitzgerald's Benjamin Button They all have wrinkles and shriveled skin but no explanation has yet been provided They all have various supernatural powers and all have an addiction to certain pills provided by the controlling organization They live in a children's center where they sleep and play within the government building The kids know something terrible will soon take place that Tetsuo will cause mass destruction to the planet and somehow awaken Akira Kiyoko a little girl in a medical crib has powers similar to Lady Miyako She can see the future unfolding from the present She helps Kei escape from the prison in the same building by taking over her mind and transferring her power to transport She runs into Kaneda also recently having escaped Kaneda puts his arms around her attempting to flirt in spite of a life and death situation and they both disappear Kei will not talk to him He doesn't realize she has been taken over by Kiyoko another humorous moment as he freaks out in confusion The Colonel catches Kiyoko and the others in their pursuits to use mental powers to help the escapees but they explain they have the motive of stopping world destruction stopping Tetsuo and the awakening of Akira Too late Tetsuo thrashes them all and although Kiyoko leads them to the children's center to help they save the kids but Tetsuo escapes and heads to the hiding place of Akira under the stadium of Neo Tokyo where the next Olympic site has been under construction where the bomb that ended Tokyo in WWIII had impactedNow the fate of the world rests in the hands of Kaneda and Kei again a high fantasy type situationKiyoko picture below We must tryto control the futureThere isn't just one path For now the future is out of our hands What happens next is up to the two of themI imagined how teens and kids would react to the revelation of Akira his release the reaction of the adults the colonel I understand the target audience Scenario important adults foundation of government security terrified of a child with overwhelming power From that perspective seeing what Otomo attempted to accomplish it came across melodramatic until I resigned to the suspended disbelief Fun trumps critical analysis sometimes Otomo's world captures you when you give in to it Constant action alarms blaring through a government facility dramatic music in the subconscious a massive screen surrounding you and enveloping your every sense Tetsuo takes a massive elevator underground for a long stretch while being attacked by mercenaries on flying jets Explosions cause heating to warm the cooling system underground threatening a release of deadly freezing temperatures The drama and build up overwhelmed me Otomo has built an exemplary world with exemplary characters and a phenomenal original plot line Drama Danger Desire Danger crazy mean kid with superpowers freezing temperature release a sub plot of vengeance among two individuals main protagonists running from military into deeper danger to stop Tetsuo exploding heat and AKIRA Desire WE WANT TO SEE AKIRA Excellent execution of literary techniue In the end explosions ensue a satellite from space honing in and sending missiles to destroy the new world threats The two have caused an alert higher than that of a nuclear crisis The series increases my pleasure and desire for manga and graphic novels What wonderful work I anticipate the next four and plan to read them over the next four weekends Otomo may become a top author for me up there by TolkienAAkira The fool has awakened AkiraThis is just the beginning Akira hasn't even used his powers yetWe're going to need missilesFighter planes Call for every weapon available Colonel Shikishima

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    The second volume of Akira sees Tetsuo No 41 go in search of Akira No 28; with Kaneda Kei and Ryo not too far behind What do the numbers mean? Read the series to find out A bit of an improvement on the first volume with clear emerging of the conspiracy theme 7 out of 12Reread less than a week later Collecting Akira # 7 11 in glorious colour and reading of how Tetsuo's obsession with Akira leads everyone else to Akira's prison where the worse possible could happen Now 8 out of 12

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    You can find my review on my blog by clicking hereThe post apocalyptic world of Akira is one that has allowed Katsuhiro Otomo to revolutionize the manga and anime industry with his visionary and artistic style With six volumes that have been loved and praised by many the story remains iconic no matter its flaws and without a doubt holds plenty of reread value As my adventure in this universe continues in its manga form before tackling the masterpiece that is the anime movie my mind resolves to interrogate the direction it is all taking and the goal of this story that this mangaka wishes to offer his readers Although it is science fiction a lot of its subplots are heavy in mystery and the themes remain fuzzy in the bigger scheme of things Does the second volume have what it needs to propel this series in the right direction or will we still be submerged with uestions than answers as the hunt for Akira develops in this volume?Akira Vol 2 pursues the story where it was left off in the first volume with the mystery behind Akira remaining the center of attention Set in the 21st century Neo Tokyo is born from the ashes caused by the psychokinetic destructive power of Akira As Tetsuo uickly discovers his hidden powers and learns to harness his full potential he now discovers the existence of Akira and pursues his newly acuired uest to meet this legendary source of destruction Although he might be the only person capable to control Akira’s powers he is also on a dark and mysterious path that could amount to another chaotic incident that could mean the end of everything once again With his obsession blindly driving him to meet Akira he is also hunted down by a clandestine resistance group who look to stop him before any potential threat could be unleashed It is now only a race against timeThere isn’t a manga out there that knows how to keep you glued to its pages like Akira With the mystery behind the identity of Akira at the center stage of this story mangaka Katsuhiro Otomo continuously teases its reveal with hints that not only invite you to guess what kind of chaos will ensue but also solicit your imagination into determining the authenticity of this threat that originates from Akira On top of stretching this suspense to the brink of destruction the story also slowly teases new magical elements to further develop its world and establish the science fiction premise on which the story is built upon While the story is indubitably addictive and doesn’t let you go till the very last panel it remains that the second volume doesn’t progress the story very much and barely scratched the surface on what’s going on and where it’s all headed In fact uestions of motive still arise in me with characters like Tetsuo and it makes you realize that there is a lot of character development that is put aside for pure adrenaline funKatsuhiro Otomo’s visual direction continues to be strong in this second volume with some of the most consistent and clear artwork yet While there are moments where you’re not too sure what is going on in certain adjacent panels during action seuences where huge explosions occur for the most part it is easy to understand the ongoing events and to be uickly caught in the torrent as Akira remains an extremely dialogue light story The lack of dialogues also allows Katsuhiro Otomo to capitalize on his artistic talents and to let the drawings speak for themselves After all the incredible attention to detail in each panel is staggering at times and often reminds you why he was always meant to be a visual director who can perfectly control the motion and pacing of events The mere fact that he was able to draw out an event in such a thick volume while barely progressing the story is proof that he always had a knack for visual story tellingAkira Vol 2 is an addictive installment that teases the arrival of a dangerous and powerful being without advancing the plot effectively or too significantlyYours trulyLashaan | Blogger and Book ReviewerOfficial blog

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    I read Akira in one huge go over a weekend so I will be cutting and pasting this review for all 6 volumes Akira is an epic work of science fiction seuential art The storyline is complex and consistent There is social commentary ethical musing and morality woven through an action packed storyline of science gone wrong The romance portion of the story is believable as well The two characters are drawn to one another over time and the world doesn't stop for them to wallow in their newfound twitterpatednessThe art is beautiful especially the detailed cityscapes and technical drawings The main characters were easy to recognize regardless of their circumstances or outfits which is not true of many mangaMy complaints about the work are small The placement of speech bubbles particularly when characters are shouting was not always clear The foreign characters were really just Japanese with funny hats on The difference between Akira and Tetsuo at the height of their powers is never really explainedI first became aware of the manga because I was a fan of the anime The manga is far complex and satisfying