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The Wallflowers are four young ladies in London who banded together in their wild and wickedly wonderful searches for true love Now happily married they join together once again to help one of the world's most notorious rogues realize that happiness might be right under the mistletoeIt's Christmastime in London and Rafe Bowman has arrived from America for his arranged meeting with Natalie Blandford the very proper and beautiful daughter of Lady and Lord Blandford His chiseled good looks and imposing physiue are sure to impress the lady in waiting and if it weren't for his shocking American ways and wild reputation her hand would already be guaranteed Before the courtship can begin Rafe realizes he must learn the rules of London society But when four former Wallflowers try their hand at matchmaking no one knows what will happen And winning a bride turns out to be complicated than Rafe Bowman anticipated especially for a man accustomed to getting anything he wants However Christmas works in the most unexpected ways changing a cynic to a romantic and inspiring passion in the most timid of heartsLisa Kleypas's A Wallflower Christmas takes a trip to Victorian London under the mistletoe and on a journey of the heart With her trademark charm sensuality and unforgettable characters there's no one like Lisa Kleypas to make you believe in the magic of Christmas

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    Meh I might have liked it if our hero Rafe wasn't courting and kissing the heroine's cousin all the while falling in love and making out with the heroine Uh yeah I'm just not okay with that I did like seeing all the other wallflowers which is why I gave the book 2 stars instead of 1

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    455Absolutely wonderfulThis was a very lovely read I immensely enjoyed this love story of Raff and Hannah I swooned all over Raff and found Hannah really adorable Not only did we get the romance between this couple but also a little bit of the other four wallflowers and her men's sweet times togetherThere were many beautiful moments that made me feel light hearted and brought a big smile to my face And there were some heartbreaking ones as well Lisa Kleypas always delivers such great drama—so emotional and memorable The ending was slightly predictable but it left me truly satisfiedMy only complaint was that I only got a glimpse of Simon in this novella I loved this man and still want of himAll in all this was another great Christmas read and also a fantastic addition to the series Highly recommended to fans of historical romances

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    What can be said about this sweet passionate book that hasn't already been said? With over 150 reviews here at GR and over 1000 ratings Am I the last person on Earth to read this book? I'm sure just about every view has been expressed already But I might as well throw my two cents in too maybe I'll come up with something everyone else missed highly doubtfulFirst of all this is one of my favorite series ever I don't read a whole lot of historicals but I have been a fan of LK for a long time For the past couple of years I've been reading mostly contemporaries but with so many of my GR buddies praising this series I had to see what all the fuss was about Why oh why did I wait so long to join the Wallflowers fan club?I adored this book I love a good Cinderella story And I love a scandalous rake And I love Cinderella and a rake together I loved Hannah Appleton and dark and delicious Rafe his name just oozes sexiness Bowman their chemistry was out of this world I loved how Hannah got under Rafe's skin how she pierced his cool veneer how she caused him to want something like he never had before I loved their witty dialogue Hannah's put downs their passionate interludes and I loved how Hannah got Rafe to consider his happiness and his future I liked Hannah a lot She was a strong practical woman with a kind and gentle heart I wanted her to win Rafe's cynical heart I loved seeing Rafe struggling with his feelings for her as he fell under her spell The letter that he wrote to her expressing those feelings that was tossed in the fire but recovered by a maid holy smokes but that was hot And the little toy soldier that he gave her and the story behind it? It just about broke my heart It made me understand Rafe so much better And the jealousy he showed after hearing about Hannah's marriage proposal from another suitor and what he did about it hawt Oh yes and the 'first time' in the bachelor's house? WowWell enough about Hannah and Rafe They were perfect together and I loved them Another thing I loved about this book was that we got to see all the wallflowers and their sexy husbands again as they gather at Stony Cross manor for a Christmas celebration Lillian and Westcliff have prominent roles as expected since Rafe is Lillian's brother and could there be a crack in their happy marriage? Westcliff really? I think Lillian lost her mind for a moment there Annabelle and Simon Hunt are as passionate as ever Daisy and Matthew are going strong and Daisy the booklover has a new career and Evie is pining for St Vincent who is staying with his sickly father for a while When St Vincent finally arrives with the 'family jewels' and disappears with Evie for a few days behind closed bedroom doors sighah that made me happy Lucky lucky girlOnce again when the four wallflowers got together it was magic I love when they get to chatting because all kinds of topics come up I especially liked hearing Daisy's ideas about how to know when your man is cheating And I especially loved the aftermath when Lillian dared to suggest to Westcliff that he may be losing interest in herIf I have one minor complaint it was the length of the book Too short I thought LK coud've easily added at least another 50 pages I wanted The updates she related in the epilogue? I would have loved to read some actual scenes rather than been told what happened The wedding the birth of a baby the reconciliation in the Bowman familyoh that would've made for some good reading Too bad she had to end things so abruptlyNow I'm sad that I have to say goodbye to a bunch of characters who I regard as dear friends I know some of them pop up in LK's next series The Hathaways but somehow it won't be the same My wish is that one day LK visits these characters again aren't there Bowman brothers to write about? Oh well for now I'll have to move on and try to fall in love with the Hathaways So long Wallflowers I'm going to miss you 4 12 stars Rafe

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    Ah how does Lisa Kleypas do it? I think I have Lisa Kleypas romance receptors in my brain She always knows how to hit my satiety centers I had heard complaints that this was too short It was perfect for me I loved how we got updates and interludes with the Wallflowers we were able to see the incredible enduring friendships between Annabelle Lillian Evie and Daisy It was also great seeing the Wallflowers interact with their husbands and to see how deleriously happy each of them were in their marriages And I loved how they ended up adopting Hannah into their circle like she was the long lost addition to their uartet And the moments between St Vincent and Evie were sigh worthy I just adore this couple I love how their private relationship is so rich and their own but anyone can see that St Vincent than meets Evie's needs and gives her a deep uiet contentment and happinessAnd on top of that we were treated a brand new beautiful romance Rafe was such a bad boy I couldn't get over how outrageous he was kissing Hannah practically right after he met her And what a kiss The chemistry between them was simply outstanding I really liked Hannah She was practical intelligent kind loving loyal passionate and perceptive I could see why Rafe fell for her and I definitely saw Rafe's appeal He was simmering hot I was glad he did right by Hannah He had the power to break her heart into tiny little pieces; but despite his low opinion of himself and his reputation he wasn't a callous man He was capable of intense enduring love I was so glad that Hannah and Rafe got their happy endingAs usual Ms Kleypas's writing shines brightly She does the historical Victorian period so well so beautiful but authentic She has such wonderful humorous moments in her books This was a great book to read on Christmas Eve I buzzed through and ended it with a happy sigh Thanks for the Christmas gift Ms Kleypas

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    Meh I maybe should have uit after St Vincent's book because it went downhill from thereRafe Lillian's brother was supposed to be the hero of this book as he falls for Hannah the cousin of the girl he's betrothed to The problem was I didn't really like him I understand that he had a tough childhood and crappy parents but it doesn't excuse some of the things he did And it all happened too fast Insta love Victorian styleSo Rafe meets Hannah Lady Natalie's poor cousin so that he can get information about his betrothed Only the second he meets her he is in love He's rude to her and then he forces himself upon her on their first meeting He grabs her and kisses her but it's not cute or romantic it's basically assaulting this girl Of course she's feeling all these feels so it's okay I guess Except it's not Why is it romantic to physically restrain and force himself on this girl? And although he is courting her cousin he continues to strong arm Hannah into physical relations with him every time they are alone There was too much of an ick factor to me I like an alpha male as much as any girl but he didn't have the charm or appeal that it takes to pull off a good rake He came across like a bully to me

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    Heartwarming lovely romance with hero Rafe Bowman planning on marrying one girl Natalie but falling in love with another Hannah AppletonI thoroughly enjoyed this book I loved Rafe he was sexy handsome and charming He was Lillian and Daisy's brother from America The Bowman's made their fortune from a soap manufacturing business and it is being arranged by their families that Rafe marry Natalie Rafe's father is really pushing the marriage Rafe finds Natalie pleasing and thinks the marriage would be alright but while he spends a few weeks at Stony Cross Park in Hampshire for a few weeks visiting relatives for the Christmas holidays he finds himself falling for Natalie's cousinchaperone Hannah Appleton Hannah was a wonderful heroine sweet and outspoken at times She was also very warmhearted I liked when she read A Christmas Carol to the children in the library And I laughed at the part when she tried to help a distraught little boy retrieve Rafe's father's toupee out of the largetall Christmas treeThis was a short and sweet romance with a cute epilogue Another winner by Lisa Kleypas

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    uote Standing from the bath Evie dried herself and donned a velvet robe that buttoned along the front She heard the door open again Back to w warm the bed? she asked But the voice that answered wasn't the maid's As a matter of fact yes Evie stilled at the sound of the deep silky murmur I passed the maid on the stairs and told her she wouldn't be needed tonight he continued 'If there's one thing I do well' I told her 'it's warming my wife's bed'sigh St Vincent only appeared in three and a half pages of A Wallflower Christmas but they were three REALLY GOOD pages that gave me a much needed Devil in Winter fix Of course the Wallflowers made appearances as did their new husbands but a majority of the book was dedicated to Rafe Bowman Lily and Daisy's oldest brother Rafe is expected to take over the Bowman family soap business and propose to Lady Natalie Blandford on Christmas Eve at Lord Westcliff's manor However Lady Natalie's paid companion and cousin Hannah catches the eye of the handsome rake and he falls in love with her When Rafe attempts to write a love letter an incredible love letter that provokes emotion I might add the charred remains of the letter are found in a fireplace by a young maid and confusion ensuesI didn't care for Hannah very much at first but it didn't take long for me to warm up to her She was very sweet and endearing whereas Natalie was spoiled and too educated in worldly ways Hannah protected her cousin and cared for her even when she knew that the arranged marriage between Natalie and Rafe was to be announced The forbidden romance between Rafe and Natalie was sweet heart warming and heated an incredible combination written in true Kleypas style The dialogue between the Wallflowers is entertaining and the few glimpses we are given into their marriages are satisfying I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it if you have read the previous Wallflower books

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    Rafe Bowman has come all the way from America to England to spend Christmas at Stony Cross Park and to meet his future bride Lady Natalie Blanford The marriage was arranged by their parents but Rafe isn’t uite convinced that this method of finding one’s wife is the best of ideas There’s also the rub that his father has threatened to disinherit Rafe if he doesn’t agree to the match But still Rafe wants to meet her get to know her and then decide if the marriage is to his advantageLady Natalie Blanford is charming and beautiful and highly sought after She’s instantly attracted to the brash American and does everything in her power to encourage him to propose She’s convinced she has succeeded and is excitedly awaiting a Christmas Eve proposalIt should be a suitable arrangement but what do you do when you find that you want something than merely “suitable?” That’s what Rafe has to decide when he finds himself in love with Lady Natalie’s companion Hannah an opinionated young woman who believes Rafe Bowman to be entirely unsuitable marriage material for Lady Natalie but find herself caring far too deeply for himOne of my favorite things about this story is that we get to revisit the original 4 Wallflowers who have now been married for awhile It was a joy to watch them with their husbands and see how their relationships have progressed and how their love continues to flourishAs always Ms Kleypas has given us characters to love and to cheer for Her ability to bring the characters to life making them real people is what makes her one of my favorite authors A Wallflower Christmas is a story filled with humor hope and love These are men and women who have stayed with me over the months since I first met them and I know will stay with me for years to comeCan the magic of Christmas ensure everyone’s “happily ever after?” You’ll have to read the story to find out

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    Re read Oct'2019Loved revisiting the wonderful Wallflowers Original readreview Jun'20105 stars – Historical RomanceThis is a sweet charming and romantic conclusion to the wonderful enchanting Wallflowers series I just didn't want this series to ever end I really hope Lisa Kleypas revisits these beloved characters again someday

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    God I love Lisa KleypasRevisiting all the wallflowers was just perfect I loved this series and was utterly pleased with Rafe's story He was a sexy and smoldering beast of a man who hid behind his debauchery and I loved it I loved Hannah as well she was such a strong and soothing presence for Rafe and I was so glad that the girl behind the scenes stole his heart rather than that intended for himAs with all of LK's work she writes with passion and intelligence humor and precision Giving us Rafe's story but somehow reacuainting us with the couples of the other books was done seamlessly I loved seeing Westcliff and Lillian Evie and St Vincent Daisy and Matthew and of course Annabelle and Simon My favorite couples and their accompanying books were in Devil in Winter and Scandal in Spring The scene with Evie and St Vincent moved me I missed them so much Him and Matthew damn those men Sigh Another scene that had me was between Lillian and Westcliff in a stable no less HotThe letter Rafe wrote for Hannah brought tears to my eyes it was so powerful and so desperate with want I can't say enough about LK She writes so beautifully so elouently so evocatively that I miss her words as soon as I'm done And the way she writes her male characters? It's impressive to say the least They're testosterone filled sexy men She captures the male characterization like no other author and that goes for her contemporary romance as well This was a bittersweet farewell to a series that made me cry swoon laugh and sigh I literally can't wait for the expected last book in the Travises series and her anticipated HR with Avon books This is my FAVORITE author and everything by her is highly recommended Goodbye Wallflowers muaaahhh