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When This Life Ends Does Another Begin Long Departed Patriarch Jonas Sloane Weaves A Timeless Narrative Of Intrigue, Love And Desires This Is The Story Of Family Blood And Chosen And The Ties That Bind The Long Awaited Sequel To Promises Guides Us Through The Past, Present And Into The Future Of Those Led Through The Darkness By A Pillar Of Fire

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    I could not put this book down I read and loved Promises and was so excited about the sequel I didn t expect it to be as good as Promises because sometimes sequels fall short.Well I was mistaken I finished Promises in a week The sequel, A Pillar of Fire Was completed in one day It is a page turner filled with mystery, romance, love and light, but also without giving too much away confronts family secrets, an eerie narrator and an ending that no one sees coming A must read for your 2019 book list.