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A tale of stunning passion reckless danger and the fierce will of a remarkable woman who can wield a sword as powerfully as any man–and who dares to fight for her most uninhibited desires Spirited iron willed Rhonwyn is the bastard child of the Prince of Wales raised boy than girl able to ride and fight with the best Against her wishes she is married off to an English lord Edward de Beaumont who is stunned to discover that his lovely gilt haired bride is a fiery wildcat with a mind of her own Slowly he wins her trust and her heart and she accompanies him on the Crusades to North Africa But when Edward falls ill Rhonwyn boldly leads his troops only to become a captive of the sensual Emir of Cinnebar a man who will teach her the ways of erotic love–passions that will be put to the test when she returns to England to battle once this time for the man who rules her heart

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    Five grateful stars to Bertrice Small who once again was able to lift me out of a seemingly unbreakable book slump Listen she is not for everybody but I love Her Good or bad her novels lift my spirit as they take me to fabulous journeys from the mischievous medieval courts of Europe to the sensual Harems of the Ottoman Empire A Memory of Love beautifully scratched the itch I had for a juicy medieval romance complete with a warrior heroine worthy of my admiration and a swoon worthy hero I love you Bertrice Small and I am sure wherever your spirit is it is as naughty rambunctious and utterly life loving as I feel it through your writings

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    Books like this make me wish we'd had standalones from Bertrice Small because Lady Small sure did know how to pack a single story with enough adventure drama history and romance to leave the reader with a memorable heroine who is than up to whatever life throws her Rhonwn definitely fits the bill Her journey from wild child to reluctant wife to warrior woman concubine and at last a woman in charge of her own destiny will keep readers turning pages As with many Bertrice Small novels Rhonwyn has than one love interest but hero who finally wins her heart is her perfect match

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    Excellent read My 1st book by Bertrice Small I will be reading Bertrice Small books

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    SENSATIONALThis story is so real to me and I loved it All of it I had not read anything recently by Ms Small I have no idea why however this story was captivating erotic sexy To have had two outstanding lovers in a lifetime is what dreams are made of Sign me up You go B you never ever let me down

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    A memory of good romanceI've been reading books from this author since I was a teenager forty years ago starting with Skye O'Malley series this is one I haven't gotten to yet Loved it Can't find a good sexy scene like this author writes that makes me melt If this storyline would have made me cry it would have five stars

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    I love this book This is probably the third or fourth time I’ve read it I think of it often the heroine truly makes this book and I love that it still has some historical facts sprinkled in

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    I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads A very interesting historically based novel I enjoyed reading it very much Rhonwyn is an excellent strong character and not many women are like her She triumphs over many difficulties and the acts that some condemn her for save the day in the end I really liked her aunt and Glynn But Rafe seemed to be the bad guy at the beginning but turned into the one? I had 2 totally different views of him by the end A very good read and one I would recommend

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    This book was refered to me by a good friend Charlie thanks Read it in one night It was also my second novel by Beatrice Small I'm a fan It captures you right from the start Its about Love lost and won Very good book

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    I love a strong heroin and I found one in Rhonwyn Beautiful and brave with a sharp tongue that gets her into as much trouble as it gets her out of Can't wait to get my hands on by Bertrice Small

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    I have read most of her novels and have read this one before and enjoyed it then as I do now