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Ten years ago Jarrett Brandt left home and abandoned everyone of importance After a hard reality check the irresponsible young man matured into a ballsy DEA agent with a kickass Harley Davidson and a million dollar bounty on his head Ordered by his superior officer to take refuge at a safe house just days before Christmas he headed back home to Washington State instead to make peace with his deceased brother’s memory Marissa Reinn Brandt never expected to see Jarrett again Best friends since childhood and lovers as teenagers immaturity over demanding parents and illicit drugs ripped them apart Now a successful chef at a posh restaurant the young widow and her son offered Jarrett a place to stay for the holiday Even though she expected nothing from her former lover—the twin brother of the man she married—fate intervened As Jarrett and Marissa rekindled the flames of love and lust that once bound them together an enemy from his past and a trusted mentor from his present vied their time in the snowy dark and threatened to destroy everyone he held dear Needing a Christmas miracle to save his family Jarrett needed the love of a good woman to save his battered heart His second chance with Marissa meant the world to him and nothing no one would stand in his way of cherishing her for all time

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    I finished this yesterday and enjoyed it There were a couple of glaring problems view spoilerit takes way longer than a half day to drive from north of Seattle to San Francisco And unless you are up in the mountains the weather in western Washington is not typically frigid At times sure but not all winter long hide spoiler

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    Jarrett goes from being a drug addict lost and confused to working undercover as a DEA agent When he pays his twin brother's grave a visit he runs into his mother and father who remind him he's the black sheep of the family His father is uick to remind him he's not welcome back into their life They don't know he's turned his life around and he's trying to lay low for an upcoming trial that will put away a drug lord he's helped to bring to justiceHe runs into an old flame who is now widowed and has a small son There's a twist her late husband was his twin brother This is a heartfelt story worth reading and I thoroughly enjoyed it I look forward to reading by Amber Daulton in the future

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    ARC 45 out of 5 Family Hero’s Returning What planned on being a drive through town turns into a crazy story of passion lust longing forgiveness and proving you are strong enough to let the truth out Jarrett has returned home after leaving his High School Sweetheart Marissa on curb holding her heart in her hands 10 years ago “Once you left I sat down on the curb and waited I expected you to drive for a few hours and then come to your senses but you didn’t return” Jarrett has always been the rebellious one and often considered the Black Sheep by his dad but he is home to see his brothers grave and pay respects to him He is hoping with all his heart he doesn’t see Marissa while there because he knows with just one look he will not be able to leave again It doesn’t take long for his Parents and Marissa to see he is home and for his dad to give him the cold shoulder and Marissa to let him know she is still in love with him and has married his brother as a replacement and as a result they had a son Jason As if his life couldn’t get any crazier with being sent into ProtectionHe goes home to his parents house that night and winds up leaving because his Father is always on his back and spends the night filled with Passionate Make up Sex with Marissait is the Holidays after all Jarrett Flexed his fists as air whizzed through his teeth He stepped away from her as if to leave but paused in mid step He turned stomped right up to her and jerked her into his arms He never wanted to bring his Life and the troubles involved with it to where his family is he was only planning on staying a few hours and wound up staying a few weeks Thanks to him his family is in danger and he might just lose the people who have learned who the Real Jarrett is and finally let the walls of disappointment down after 10 years of being gone

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    For a Christmas story A Hero's Heart sure has a lot of action The exciting kind and the sexy kind Jarrett left home 10 years ago to flee a strained relationship with his parents and to deal with his own drug addiction He learns that his twin brother died five years ago and he goes home to make peace with his brother's memory He finds that the love of his life who he left behind when he fled married his twin and had a child with him He and Marissa uickly realize that time and distance has not altered their intense feelings for one another Jarrett realizes that he would love nothing than to re connect with his family re connect with Marissa and take care of his nephew The reality is that after kicking his drug addiction he was recruited by the DEA and has been working deep undercover and now there are some powerful scary people after him and now also likely after the people he loves the most Watching Jarrett and Marissa re connect and see their passion for one another give them both what they very much need was really touching As was watching Jarrett and his very emotionally distant father find some common ground and forgive one another for the hurtful things they have said and done in the past Christmas is occurring in the background of this exciting and touching story 35 stars

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    I should be shot for ever reading such a ridiculously awful boring teenagerish stupid storyWhat can I say about this story? Other than it was pretty damn silly and read like it was written by a teenager And the sex was just stupid “He entered her tight moist hole” Really? HOLE? If I didn’t know better I’d swear that part was written by a man trying to write like a woman I lost interest when “hole” came into play There’s no way I would have even finished this if it hadn’t been such a short story I would definitely pass on reading anything else by this author It would have been better if it had just been about Jarrett and the DEA The love story was so sickeningly corny it wasn't even funny No one in real life would have talked to each other the way Jarrett and Marissa did over and over againYes there was silly sex in this and the F bomb was used 27 timesAs to the narration Horrible It would have been the same if there had been a robot reading the story No emotion and the women sounded just like men I’d have to pass on this narrator too

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    After ten year absent of his hometown and family Jarrett Brand has to return mysteriously When he run away broke Marissa’s heart she’s the only woman he ever has lovedHis twin brother died five years ago and Jarret just found out about it so he decides return his town and present his respects to his brother Marissa is now his sister in law and she has a little son his nephew His father’s reject is evident His mother has missed him so much Marissa and his son are so happy for his returnMarissa always has loved him and they get close each other very fast One hot night is all they need for revival their love But Jarred is keeping heavy secrets to everyone he has said so many lies and their family could be in danger with his returnWill Jarred leave behind all his lies and secrets? Will his enemies reach him and his family?I really love read and review this book because Jarrett’s story is about redemption after his mistakes he had the opportunity of improve his life He was an addict as he was in jail DEA proposed him a deal for clean his record Suddenly his life changed and he’s a Special Agent and work as undercover in a Mexican Drug CartelMarissa was married with Jarrett’s brother and she tried so hard loving him but she always love his twin“Damn you Jarrett I tried so fucking hard to get over you All I ever wanted was a man who loved me a man who would fight for us You left because things got too hard Joel wanted to work through our problems He wanted professional counseling not divorce and I agreed to try”And ten years later her love is stronger ever She sees his return as a chance of recovering their relationship“Make love to me Jarrett before I wake from this dream”He could be a dad for Jason a start together a happy family But she knows better he keeps a secret a heavy weight in his shoulders“I’m a bad person You should scurry away like a smart little mouse”I must to say I love both characters Jarred is a real hero he made mistakes like everybody but he turned his life in something much better he keeps clean in spite of he was so close to the drugs for years When he meets his nephew he loves and supports him but not like a substitute father“I must keep you safe even if I have to hurt you myself I will always treasure you and the words you just told me No one has ever accepted me unconditionally the way you do”Marissa is a strong woman she lost almost everything his aunt mother and husband but she was able get over all the bad things becoming in a lovely mother for her son Jason is a sweet boy his mind is so vivid and his dialogues were so funny Really love himThe storyline is so interesting; the author keeps the tension through the story It was so hard put the book downThe cherry of the cake? The sexy BDSM scene between Marissa and Jarrett I loved to read a sweet mother with a kinky side“Tell me what you want” Her moist center slid against his hard shaft “I won’t do a damn thing unless you tell me” Her wicked words reduced his intelligent thought patterns to mushHow many stars deserve this book? Let seeInteresting and intriguing story line? CheckWell written and described characters? CheckSensuous and badass hero? Hell yeah checkPowerful and vixen female character? Check Also She is a heroine you need to read the book and see itWell balanced plot? CheckSensual scenes? Oh yeah CheckBottom line? My rate is 45 desirables stars ‘cause this is a If you’re looking for a spicy love story this is the right choice Go purchase it and tell me what you think I’m so sure you’d love itFor reviews and news about books check out Good Books Good Coffee

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    I adored this story so much Here's a uickish review I did go on a bit than had planned it was such a nice story We'll be doing a combined review for this later on our blog The Booknatics so stay tuned for other thoughts we had on this Thrill Packed Christmas taleTen years after leaving his life behind lost amidst the troubles of crime and drugs a new and sober Jarrett Brandt has returned to his hometown to see his twin brother laid to rest at his grave and to lay his peace Unexpected emotions stagger him as he is greeted by his first real love the one he left behind so many years ago along with the rest of his family She had married Jarrett’s twin brother and much to Jarrett’s surprise had a child together The pang of jealousy struck him with guilt and regret for leaving Marissa behind especially in her time of family troubles while her mother let in a slew of horrible boyfriends but he uietly accepts that he can't change his dark past I could only imagine how much of a kick in the gut it was to hear his childhood love’s child call him Uncle when in his mind Marissa was always and always will be his that it should have been his child with her that he should have never left and gave into the mess he created so long ago His ex girlfriend was his dead brother’s wife he didn’t know what to make of it“He wanted her back—that much he knew but his life was a damn mess He couldn’t afford the distraction He’d fed with the wrong people and the price on his head was steep”After an invite to stay for Christmas by his nephew his family is reluctant to agree not even his own father ex cop who is severely disappointed by Jarrett and very unforgiving refuses to let him stay in his own childhood home So he stays with Marissa This is where things begin to really heat up Naughty naughty Christmas LOLThe end will have you applauding after a spiral of mystery and thrills that reveal a new hero but that’s about all I will say to avoid any error in spoiling the fun for YOU I can only safely advise that there are uite a few heroes that prove themselves by the end of this book A whirl of emotions and twists arise and will have your heart melting just about every other page Splendid Some of my other thoughts The little boy is so adorable as he cuddles up with Jarrett after dinner with the family and pours his little heart out about how the other kids at school call him a mama’s boy and say his dad is gone because he doesn’t love him Jarrett despite his manly self gushes with affection and great advice Melted my heart away and Marissa’s who was standing beside the door listening in d’awww Between the small Nephew and Jarret “Let’s eat Knowing your grandma she’ll refuse to let us have dessert until we finish what’s already on our plates” “She does that It’s so frustrating” I had to giggle at that Typical kiddo remark haha

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    I'm ready for the movie version of this book likeNOWAfter being MIA for 10 years the hero of the book Jarrett finally returns to his hometown Only he doesn't receive a heart warming welcome home party from anyoneespecially his father uite the opposite in fact and from what you read about Jarrett’s past you can't blame them He was on a self destructive path led by drugs who ran away from home like a coward But the Jarrett we come to learn about now in the present is no drugged up coward at all Fans Self After Jarrett finds out a week ago that his twin brother has been dead for 5 years he returns home to pay his respects at the cemetery on the 5th anniversary without thinking that his family would be there paying their respects as well As well as his old flame Marissa who married and had a son with Jarrett's twin brother Joel OopsAll I could think was awkward Poor Jarrett You could tell that he still had feelings for Marissa and she for him as well Sooo after she simply asks him to stay have lunch and talk with her he uickly accepts her offer Then that offer turns into her son Jason – his nephew – inviting him to stay over at their house during the Christmas holiday since Jason doesn't want his new favorite uncle to be alone on Christmas morningAnd what a Merry Christmas Marissa and Jarrett had Snickers Without giving away too much from the book I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed it and really loved what Jarrett ended up doing with his life instead of continuing down the drugged up path that would have eventually killed him I liked the way that the characters meshed with each other and that Marissa wasn't a “girly girl” if you will but a strong minded woman I liked her character a lot Jason was adorable as well Some lines that I loved from the book “Who said I was good?” He stepped back and fired the gun at Bill's leg – ThatWasAwesome LOL“Make love to me Jarrett before I wake from this dream” – Marissa to Jarrett

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    This story A Hero's Heart is Amber Daulton's opus While not my favorite of her romance stories it is definitely her strongest The protagonist Jarrett Brandt is a brooding troubled young man who has had a criminal past with drugs and rather than face stiff punishment he ends up working a stint with the DEA His hard ass father a retired cop never really appreciated Jarret favoring his twin brother who passed on five years ago So the emotional baggage that he carries with him makes him all the troubled It was his past with drugs and the overbearing nature of his father that tore him from his teenage sweetheart Marissa As a result the young man left town so Marissa devastated and alone eventually married Jarret's brother and birthed a son The emotional weight of the brother's death weighs heavily on the characters and by extension the readerNow that Jarret has returned for the Christmas season the feelings in both of these characters stir Emotions run high with Jarret's parents and good old fashioned human drama ensues But what no one realizes is that Jarret is also working a case in this town Action ensues The story is well paced and the characterization is amazing I firmly believe that Jarret Brandt is one of the strongest characterized protagonists in all the romance fiction of today If you like a holiday story full of hard action plenty of drama and romance pick this up These are characters that will stick with you

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    Jarrett left home when he was a teenager trying to get away from his family leaving behind Marissa Out in the world Jarrett became addicted Years later he returns back to his hometown when he finds out his twin brother has died He reconnects with Marissa but she had fallen for his brother while Jarrett was gone Can after all this time and hurt be able to reconnect and fix old hurts from Jarrett leaving? The book was beautifully detailed and engaging I felt anger sadness and empathy for Jarrett as he tried to deal with the people he left behind His feelings for Marissa are the one bright spot in his mind his heart that saves him Yes I would recommend this book